Moroccan Wedding Invitations

A truly luxurious style that’s packed with bright colours and bold patterns, Moroccan wedding invitations are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Whether you’re of Moroccan descent or just after an unusual wedding invitation design, Moroccan wedding invites can be easily personalised with unique elements to reflect your personal couple style in combination with lavish Middle Eastern designs. Here are some tips and inspiration for designing exquisite Moroccan wedding invitations with minimum effort.

Choosing a Colour Palette for Moroccan Wedding Invitations

Moroccan Wedding Invitations

Moroccan wedding invites usually favour deep, vibrant colour palettes that feature opulent shades of purple, deep reds, burgundy, teal, blue and deep orange along with striking gold. Once you choose a colour palette by integrating two or three  of these colours for your Moroccan wedding theme, it’ll be easier for you to translate these colours to really add an instant Moroccan vibe to your wedding invitation, decor and all other wedding elements.

Moroccan Wedding Invitation Designs Featuring Bold Patterns & Elements

Set the tone for your Moroccan wedding with bold, extravagant designs such as an Arabic inspired tile pattern or lavish brocade patterns. You can either combine these patterns with a luxe blue and gold colour palette for traditional Moroccan wedding  invitation or  even emphasise the beauty of this unique invitation design with a variety of other colour palettes such as fresh orange and turquoise or a warmer pink and purple theme.

Folded layered wedding invitations work well for a Moroccan inspired wedding and are great if you’re planning a destination wedding in Morocco and have a lot of wedding details to be included. Experiment with designer specialty wedding papers in popular Moroccan colours to create unique laser cut patterns to add a creative edge to your wedding invites. Integrate these laser cut designs into either layered wedding invites which can be held together using a simple gold cord with beads at the end or as pocket wedding invitation to keep  your wedding sheet inserts organised in a compact ensemble.

Transform generic wedding invites to capture the flavour of the Moroccan culture with DIY embellishments such as tassels, colourful stone or bead work and for a truly lavish touch, use gold script fonts for your invitation wording.

Look for inspiration just about anywhere when customising your wedding invitation with a Middle Eastern vibe. Anything from extravagant Moroccan rugs and henna designs to the beautiful Moroccan architecture offer great inspiration that will translate beautifully when creating exciting wedding invitations.

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