Organising Your Wedding Invitations

There are so many things you need to consider when planning your wedding, making sure everything is organised starting with your guest lists and to whom you will be sending out wedding invitations to, to the design of your invitations, and in some instances, sending out save the date cards in advance. These are all very important, so that you have everything ready and will not miss out on any of the details when doing things in a rush.

In this article, we share with you a timeline of how early you should work on your wedding invitations & stationery, amongst other related elements for your special day, as well as how you can go about achieving some form of organisation to the chaos wedding planning can sometimes be.

Initial Wedding Invitations & Stationery Game Plan

First things first, who will you be inviting to the most special day of your lives! That's one of the most important questions you will ask each other after you have settled on a date for the big day, and possibly even decided on a list of venues too. Family, extended family, friends, colleagues; you need to draft a guest list as early on during the wedding planning. It's this list that you will cut down to accommodate budget, seating availability at your venue, and so on.  If your engagement is a long one, this should be decided at least one year prior to the wedding date. Around this time, it would be best to sign up for bridal/wedding registries (the wedding gifts can be finalised at least 6 months beforehand). These details will be important and needed for your wedding invitations and accessories package, therefore keep this in mind.

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On the other hand, the only thing you really need when you send out your Save the Dates, which is usually 6 months before the wedding, would  be the date and venue, as well as a wedding invitations & stationery theme, if you are planning on tying in the save the dates into the same suite of design. Some couples opt for this option, while others opt to use a photographic save the date card (either from their engagement shoot, or a pre-wedding photo shoot) which will double up as a keepsake item of their celebrations!

Organising your Wedding Invitations & Accessories

By the time you come around to sending out your wedding invitations, which is usually 2 months or 6 weeks prior to your wedding, you will need to have booked the venue, finalised your guest list, registered for your bridal/wedding registry, and also sent out save the dates (especially if it's a destination wedding). By this point, you will have all the information in hand to accommodate the  arrangements for items that will be included in your wedding invitations accessories to be sent in the same wedding invitation envelope, such as the registry card, the accommodation and directions cards, you have to take care of along with the wedding invites.

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When it comes to the actual wedding invitations, the way you present the information within and the theme of style and design you want to convey, you need to sit down and think about it before you actually give the go ahead to print out a certain number of invitations. One such factor would be the invitation wording. That is, if you are opting for a traditional wedding, then stick to formal wedding etiquette and select a script font for the text in a crisp manner. If it's more modern, opt for san serif fonts and even typography with wedding etiquette being kept in mind. If your wedding day is more personal and casual, then you can word your own invitation wording, with some fun and wit.

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Make sure to keep the information short and sweet, and not crowd the card. Pocket wedding invitations tend to be easier for invitees, as well the bridal couple as it is more organised and just makes sense especially when you have wedding invite accessories such as the reply card, gift registry and wishing well card, directions & accommodations card to send in the invitation enclosure.

Stay tuned in to Wedding Ideas for more insight on weddings and wedding invitations trends, tips and advice!


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