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  • Bomboniere Boxes, Tags and Ideas

    Bonboniere are little gifts given to your guests in celebration thanks for attending your wedding and are usually left next to their place card on each table. Bonboniere is a French word meaning “bonbons”. It started in France about 300 years ago when the bride & Groom gave a small box of sweets to each guest in celebration of their special wedding day. The sugar represented wealth or riches.  Many variations have continued through out the world over the centuries. In Italy and Greece it has become popular to give 5 sugarcoated almonds, which they say represents happiness, health, children, wealth and long life. Use a clear box and tie in a attractive ribbon with a DreamDay Bonboniere gift tag attached, or surprise the guests by putting the gift into an opaque or cardboard box and sealing with a DreamDay Bonboniere sticker. All your Bonboniere packaging, boxes, ribbons and tags are available from DreamDay Invitations.

    Bonboniere card in Summer Sunshine Bonboniere card in Sentimental Moment Bonboniere card in Maui Dream

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  • Autumn Wedding Invites and Ideas

    Autumn is a fantastic magical time of the year to hold a wedding! The air is cooler, but not cold, the weather is more stable, the gardens are full of glorious rich autumn colours, your favourite venue options are more available, and you have a wider selection of wedding dress options, and choices for  menu’s and catering will be easy for a more moderate climate. Theme your wedding invitations to enhance an Autumn theme with beautiful rich colours like a splendid gold’s and bronze’s, a lush burgundy, rich reds and rust colours ,  succulent burnt orange or amber,  decadent chocolate browns and elegant plums or deep purples. DreamDay Invitations has a wide range of Invitation designs to suit an Autumn themed wedding. Colour your bridesmaids dresses to match and incorporate your colour choice into your flowers and reception table décor for a stylish harmonized theme that will look amazing from start to finish.

    Autumn Leaf Square Invitation Cupids Kiss Square Invitation Autumn Garden Square Invitation
    Key to Love DL Tri-fold Invitation Ageless Treasure DL Tri-fold Invitation Angels Desire DL Tri-fold Invitation

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  • Wedding Reception Venues – How to Choose

    There are so many different types of venues for weddings and receptions the list is literally endless and booking a venue for your DreamDay can be stressful. Firstly make phone calls and ask for brochures to be sent to you before you go tripping around town to find a venue. The biggest deciding factor will be your budget! You should start early and be organised. Keep a folder especially for information you will receive. You should decide first of all whether you will have your ceremony and  reception at the same venue, or will you be getting married in a church of your choice, or on a beach with a celebrant, and maybe moving on to a different location for the reception later. You will need to know all the ceremony and reception details before you can purchase your Wedding Invitations.

    Pearl Destiny Square Wedding Invitation Icon of Love Wedding Invitation First Kiss Wedding Invitation

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  • Save the Date Cards

    Save the Date cards are the perfect solution for the intuitive bride and groom who intend to make their wedding day perfect from the start. Save the Date cards are sent to all intended guests as soon as a wedding date is set, usually before any formal arrangements have been finalized, to allow your guests to literally ‘Save the Date’ well ahead of time to attend your wedding. This is particularly helpful to guests who might need to travel a long distance and allows them to  make travel arrangements, book flights and accommodation early to take advantage of cheaper earlybird fares. DreamDay Invitations has a superb range of designer Save the Date cards available on our user friendly website.

    Pearl Parade Save the Date card Everlasting Orchid Save the Date card Sweethearts Save the Date card

    Pictured above are DreamDay Invitation Save the Date cards in 'Pearl Parade', 'Everlasting Orchid', and 'Sweethearts'. We have designed our range of  Save the Date cards and wedding stationery to integrate with all other aspects of wedding stationery you may need. So when it comes time to choose your wedding invitations, R.S.V.P. cards, Wishing Well cards or Accomodation and Direction cards, you can continue your theme and design and co-ordinate your entire wedding plans into one harmonized theme. DreamDay Invitations is your one stop internet shopping site for all your wedding stationery needs. With our fast turn around and our dedicated customer service team, we are committed to our promise to help make your DreamDay come true.

  • Green Wedding Invitations

    A favourite colour for many people,versatile green is a gorgeous multi functional colour that will add instant pizazz to many wedding plans. With so many variations and tones it has a colour palette to suit any décor and any purpose. Dreamday Glorious  Green wedding invitations will ideally blend and enhance magically your own beautiful wedding setting. Whether you choose a pretty soft moss green, a trendy attractive olive green, a flamboyant bright lime, or a luxurious vivid emerald green, your DreamDay Invitations green wedding invitation will emphasize your impressive style and give you a theme on which to start your wedding day plans that can be adapted to many other  aspects of your wedding day.  Try co-ordinating your bridesmaids dresses and your bouquet with a combination of 2 or 3 different shades of green to harmonize and complement each other and create a stunning look that is unique and beautifully enticing.

    Maui Dream Square Invitation Key to Love Square Invitation Grand Caress Square Invitation
    Candy Stripe DL Tri-Fold Invitation Island Fantasy DL Tri-Fold Invitation Noble Flair DL Tri-fold Invitation Timeless Tulle DL Tri-fold Invitation Mon Amour DL Tri-fold Invitation

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  • Merry Christmas from DreamDay Invitations!

    DreamDay will be closed from 23rd December and reopen on Monday, 4th January 2010.

    The office will be closed and no orders will be printed or dispatched between these dates. All functions on the website will continue to work as usual, so please browse, edit and proof your invitations and guest lists at any time.  Please submit your orders for samples and invitations at any time and they will be printed in the order they are received on our return.

    DreamDay Invitations are committed to our promise to help you make your DreamDay wedding come true!

    The management and staff of DreamDay Invitations would like to wish all their past and present customers a very Happy and Safe Christmas and New Year!

    Best Wishes The DreamDay Team

  • Winter Wedding Invitations

    Winter is a beautiful time of year to get married. Evening weddings take on a more formal appeal and the cool crisp air of the daytime helps everyone to remain relaxed and comfortable. Options open for colour schemes using warm rich velvety colours, cocktails around cosy fireplaces, menu’s of delicious hearty food and decadent puddings, not to mention the amazing savings that can be found by holding your wedding in winter. DreamDay Invitations has a fantastic range of winter inspired wedding invitations that will get you started with your winter wedding plans. There is a medley of  fantastic colours that can be adapted for a winter wedding. With colours like gold and ivory, chocolate and ivory, silver and white, sapphire blues and silver, ice blue with white and red floral accents, or blacks with orange or red  making headlines in all the fashion houses for winter 2010, they are a striking choice when used for your winter wedding colours.

    Autumn Garden Square Invitation Velvet Petals Square Invitations Bridal Bouquet Square Invitation

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  • Wedding Invitations for Your Beach Wedding

    Beautiful, cool, breezy beaches. Who doesn’t like the beach? And a beach wedding, with its romantic casual ambience and simple natural charm, can be the ideal setting for your wedding. Beach weddings are very special, and starting your wedding day with DreamDay invitations that have been themed especially for the seaside, will thrill your guests and give an ambience of a memorable and romantic wedding ahead. For gorgeous beach themed wedding invitations use fresh tropical frangipani’s or images of a pretty Hawaiian lae, or simply choose a colour reminiscent of cool tranquil water for a relaxed beachy mood and let your guests look forward to a wedding with sea breezes and sounds of the sea in their minds.

    Blue Reflection Square Invitation Frangipani Dream Square Invitation Maui Dream Square Invitation

    Pictured above are DreamDay Invitations in 'Blue Reflection', 'Frangipani Dream', and 'Maui Dream'

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  • Famous Romantic Love Quotes from Times Past

    Romance is one of most beautiful things in the world. It warms our souls and sets our heart a flutter. There is a little romance inside everyone of us. Even if it doesn’t always show, everyone has romantic feelings within, and for some, putting your feelings into words is not easy. It is lucky for us that writers from all over the world, or from many moons ago, have written beautiful words to depict the feelings of love and romance we all share, but can’t always say ourselves. We have collected some of our favourite love quotes here for you to read and admire. Many of them are able to added to your DreamDay Wedding Invitation as verses to start the romance flowing and capture the emotions of the day ahead. Weddings are the ultimate romantic event! Every bride dreams of her romantic wedding day when love can be openly displayed for all to see. Of course there are far too many to print here, so have a read, have a think, and find the romantic side of yourself,  surprise someone you love with a few charming words whispered into their ears, and find the romance that lies inside us all.

    Blue Reflection Square Invitation Icon of Love Square Invitation Yours Forever Square Invitation

    Pictured here are DreamDay Square Invitations in 'Blue Reflection', 'Icon of Love', and 'Your Forever'.

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  • Invitations for Weddings

    Looking for your perfect wedding invitation has never been easier. The wide and vast coverage of the internet has unleashed the opportunity to purchase superb quality wedding invitations from the comfort of your own home. DreamDay Invitations has developed the ultimate website for ordering your wedding invitations online with the minimum of effort. We have collected the latest ideas  and trends from around the world and designed an impeccable range of stunning wedding invitations to appeal to everyone’s heart. Your wedding invitation is an important start to your wedding day, and you should choose one that suits your personality with desired theme to co-ordinate with other parts and plans of your wedding day. Pick a favourite colour and blend it into all areas of your wedding, or choose a favourite flower and use it in your floral arrangements. Choose a  tropical or beach theme for a more casual beach or garden wedding, or select something more traditional and formal for an feeling of elegance.

    Frangipani Dream Square Invitation Filigree Cloud Square Invitation Enchanted Wave Square Invitation

    Pictured above are DreamDay Invitations Square Invitations in 'Frangipani Dream', 'Filigree Cloud' and 'Enchanted Wave'. Continue reading

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