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  • Wedding Place Cards & Bomboniere Verse Wording Ideas

    DreamDay Invitations range of table accessories such as Place cards and Bomboniere gift tags, not only dress up your reception table to captivate your guests, but are the perfect way to express an emotion, message or a thank you to your guests. Place cards will lead and place your guests at the right seating location and adding a message to each place card is a delightful way to say how much their presence at your wedding means to you.

    35157-I10-XXXXX-105_thumb 35142-C10-XXXXX-100_thumb Frangipani Dream Place Card

    Pictured above are DreamDay Place cards in 'Bridal Lace', 'Filigree Cloud' and 'Frangipani Dream'.

    Bomboniere gifts vary greatly and are completely a personal choice, but tagging your gift with a pretty personalized matching DreamDay gift tag gives a personal touch that will excite and impress your guests and say ‘Thank you’ in your own personal way. Continue reading

  • Cheap Wedding Invitations

    Cheap Wedding Invitations does not have mean a compromise in quality or beauty.  DreamDay Invitations has created a stylish range of designer invitations that are not only inexpensive, but of the finest quality available on the market today. With cost in mind, DreamDay Invitations has developed a high quality, printed and personalized array of striking designer inspired Wedding invitation designs that will impress any bride to be, and compliment any theme or colour with flair, glamour and sophistication.

    02102-I10-XXXXX-000_thumb Sentimental Moment English Rose

    Pictured above are DreamDay Invitations square invitations in ‘Everlasting Orchid’, ‘Sentimental Moment’, and ‘English Rose’. Continue reading

  • Wedding Invitation Cards

    Your wedding invitations are one of the most important parts of planning your wedding, and a beautiful card style invitation will set the scene for your upcoming event with pizzazz and shine. DreamDay Invitations has a stunning range of card style Wedding  invitations available in either Square folded card style or DL tri-folded style. Both shapes have been carefully created by DreamDay designers to capture the romance of your wedding while smoothly conveying all your wedding details using appealing legible fonts.

    Dreamday Invitations Wedding Invitations cards are designed to co-ordinate with any wedding theme.

    Frangipani Dream Unforgettable Regal Bond

    Pictured above are DreamDay Square folded card style Invitations in 'Frangipani Dream', 'Unforgettable' and 'Regal Bond'.

    English Rose Regal Bond Everlasting Orchid Oriental Blossoms

    Pictured above are DreamDay DL Tri-fold style card Invitations in 'English Rose', 'Regal Bond', 'Everlasting Orchid' and 'Oriental Blossoms'. Continue reading

  • Pink Wedding Invitations

    Pink has been a popular choice for many brides across the world for many years. It stands the test of time as a soft and pretty accent colour choice for many wedding invitations, and starting your wedding planning with a DreamDay Invitations, pink inspired wedding invitation is the perfect way to convey your sincerity and love for each other to all your guests. Pink is clean, soft, pretty and sensual and can be used in conjunction with many other colours to create stunning visual effects which are ideal for Pink wedding invitations.

    Frangipani Dream Pretty in Pink Autumn Garden

    Pictured here are Dreamday Invitations Wedding Invitations designs in  ‘Frangipani Dream’, ‘Pretty in Pink’ and ‘Autumn Garden’ Continue reading

  • Discount Wedding Invitations

    In tough economic times everyone is looking for discounts on all sorts of merchandise and weddings are no exception. Let’s face it, weddings can be expensive, and saving money where possible is very important for today’s bride and groom. Finding quality products at discount prices has never been easier than with DreamDay invitations where 'discount'  Wedding invitations does not mean a compromise on quality.

    Frangipani Dream Oriental Blossoms Angels Desire

    Pictured above are DreamDay Wedding  Invitations 'Frangipani Dream', 'Oriental Blossoms' and 'Angel's Desire'.

    We have a remarkable range of dazzling designs, including beautiful floral prints and delicate motifs, with up-to-date colours and modern or traditional fonts and we understand how important your wedding invitations will be to you. We have our own team of gifted designers and with our fully automated, state of the art, online ordering and printing system, it means we have less overheads, and less staff, you aren’t paying for unnecessary fringe benefits, so we can offer our products at a discount rate others are unable to match. Continue reading

  • Elegant Wedding Invitations

    Whether you are getting married on the beach, in the garden, in a reception centre or in a church, every wedding can be elegant and stylishly beautiful, and with DreamDay invitations it starts here. DreamDay invitations has a wonderful range of exquisitely Elegant invitation designs especially created by our designers to fulfil any brides dream of an elegant wedding theme. Choose something understated and uncomplicated but simply beautiful, and with DreamDay’s elegant invitations and fonts you can do just that. Elegant wedding invitations will set the mood for your wedding day with pizzazz and style and leave your intended guests looking forward to a magical wedding that everyone will enjoy. Continue reading

  • Wedding Invitation Verse and Wording Ideas - 3 or 4 lines

    Wedding invitations wouldn’t be the same without the emotion filled eloquent verses that shine like a light, telling our love to all who will read it. Love verse’s and quotes have been used for as long as history has been recorded and there are many, many time tested, and expressive verse’s that will portray perfectly our sentiments on wedding invitations and stationery.

    Icon of Love Everlasting Orchid Sweethearts

    Pictured above are Dreamday Invitations Wedding Invitations in 'Icon of Love', 'Everlasting Orchid', and 'Sweethearts'.

    DreamDay Invitations designs have created  to allow you to add verses of your choice, whether in 1 line, up to 8 lines (depending on the design chosen). Choose something that expresses your feelings personally, whether it has been written many times through the ages or you come up with you very own short poem, make sure it is from your heart and indicative of your feelings and beliefs. Here is short list from DreamDay of suggested, 3 or 4 line verse’s, which can be included in many of their wedding invitations designs.

    •    Like a Flower that springs from the earth, so our love in us was born.

    •    Let this be our destiny, to love, to live, to begin each new day together.

    •    A hand to hold forever more through life's journey. Continue reading

  • Silver Wedding Invitations

    Dazzling Silver can be used as an accent colour in so many applications and so many ways, it is one of the most versatile and stylish colours available to brides today. Silver teams beautifully with all colours, in fact I can’t think of any colour it does not compliment. Adding silver to your Wedding Invitations adds that design ambience of classic elegance, giving visual impact that is stylish and chic. It is refined, rich and polished.

    Dreamday Invitations has a tremendous range of Silver Wedding Invitations and Wedding Stationery to match, all designed by our exclusive team of talented designers to capture the latest trends and styles.

    Pearl Destiny Timeless Tulle Autumn Garden

    Pictured above are Invitations designs ‘Pearl Destiny’, ‘Timeless Tulle’, and ‘Autumn Garden’  all designed especially with silver in mind by DreamDay designers. Continue reading

  • Wedding Invitation Ideas

    You’re engaged. Congratulations! Now you need to find that perfect Wedding Invitation that will truly tell your story. DreamDay Invitations can help. The choices and options you have are endless and the perfect wedding invitation will be completely different for every couple. Whether you choose Square folded cards or DL Style tri-fold style, Dreamday Invitaion  has a Wedding Invitations design that is perfect for you.  The choice you make will be totally personal and it should be a design or colour that makes you and your partner feel special and unique, and be ideally suited to you. Continue reading

  • Wedding Verse Wording Ideas - 1 line

    Wedding invitations are the symbol of our devotion and intentions towards the one we love with all our hearts, and a wedding invitation wouldn’t be the same without an emotion filled eloquent verse to shine like a light, and tell everyone of your lives’ love. Romantic verse’s and quotes have been used on wedding stationery for as long as history has been recorded, used in poems and song lyrics, and of course beautiful emotional wedding vows. There are many, many time tested, and expressive verse’s that will portray perfectly our sentiments on wedding invitations and stationery. Here is short list from DreamDay of suggested, one line verse’s, that can be included in any of their wedding invitations designs. •    And the two shall become one •    From this day forward •    My Beloved is Mine and I am His Continue reading

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