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  • How to Plan an Al Fresco Barn Wedding Reception

    Your wedding day should be everything you want it to be, and if you are envisioning something that involves the outdoors, then an al fresco barn wedding may just be the thing for you! Whether it’s a daytime or night-time wedding, they are perfect for romantic and rustic styled themes. Even if you choose to have the ceremony elsewhere, this type of setting is perfect for your guests to unwind and mingle. If your wedding venue has the perfect place to set up your aisle, then even better because you can cut down on travel time and invest more time to having fun on your wedding day (for newlyweds and the guests too).

    These types of weddings are popping up everywhere, but the best part is they are never the cookie-cutter wedding you see with indoor venues at reception halls and restaurants.  That’s because each and every one of these al fresco barn weddings have their own spark and personality. After all, your wedding day is what you make of it and with the beauty that nature is providing you with the open-air concept of al fresco, you are sure to have an amazing wedding!

    What is Al Fresco?

    Al Fresco Dining Wedding Menu Planning

    In other words, al fresco means dining in the open air or outdoor dining.  The term comes from Italy where dining outdoors is a favourite. Usually, you’ll find that all you need to enjoy al fresco dining is good food, pleasant weather and great company. Choose delicious salad options from the likes of rainbow tomato or roasted chicken garden salads, or picnic favourites, barbecue selections and more.  Depending on the style of your wedding, your al fresco menu can be adapted and selected to make it perfect for you and the wedding guests you are expecting to attend! If you’re having a cocktail inspired wedding reception, then you can adapt some great menu items to match!

    Al Fresco Cocktails and Barn Wedding Reception

    Al Fresco Cocktails and Barn Wedding Reception

    Barn weddings are ideal for couples who love the rustic feel  and the possibility of beautiful photographs.  When you pair it up with an al fresco cocktail hour followed by  the wedding reception held indoors, you will be  giving your wedding guests plenty of time to mingle and get comfortable before sitting down to the grub which can also be al fresco inspired!  You can also opt to have the wedding reception that incorporates seating both indoors and outdoors throughout the whole wedding without limiting it to a cocktail hour outdoors alone.

    When looking for barn wedding venues, look at locations that are ready to accommodate weddings. It’s best to find wedding planners who specialise in barn weddings (especially if you are inviting a large number of guests) to accommodate the various requirements and putting it all together.

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  • Wedding Registry 101

    With so many aspects to wedding planning, a bride-to-be and her fiancé may be at wits end trying to finish off the to-do list whilst counting down to the big day. We are here to tell you that a wedding registry is quite the wedding planning essential and you should make arrangements for it, including sending out a gift registry card with your wedding invitations so that your wedding guests have ample time to make arrangements.

    What is a Wedding Registry?

    Wedding Registry 101 How to Register for Gifts

    The wedding registry is an important factor of wedding planning because it’s a helpful titbit for the wedding guests. There are many reasons why you should sign up for a wedding registry (also known as a bridal registry). It’s a list of wedding gifts you and your fiancé would like to receive for your wedding. By registering for a wedding registry, you are making it easier on you and your guests by removing guess work when they looking to purchase a wedding gift for your wedding. If you choose not to register, you may find yourself receiving gifts you may not need or want, or even find yourself with many gifts of the same variety.

    What do you have to do?

    Wedding Registry 101 What is a Wedding Gift Registry

    The first order of business is to get registered at your favourite department store or furniture store, though online registries are favoured too. By registering with at least two places, you’re allowing your guests options to choose from, but it’s important to ensure that the places you register at should be accessible to them too.  Also, make sure you don’t get too carried away with your gift registry. This is the perfect time to list that item you have had in your wish list for ages, however you need to think about price point and offer budget options. Select gifts that fall between the average $85 to $125 range and even lower for guests with smaller budgets.

    Your wedding registry is often a reflection of your lifestyle. You may find many online registries that could be perfect for you. You can create a wedding registry toward your honeymoon or setup a charitable registry to your favourite charity. You can even find yourself registering for lessons and classes too!

    So, make sure to set aside time to figure out what kind of wedding gifts you would like to receive. Then, register at the stores of your choice and let your wedding invitees know by including it all in your gift registry card that will be sent with your wedding invitations (which is usually six to eight weeks ahead of the big day).

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  • Tips and Ideas for Online Wedding Planning

    Wedding planning has evolved greatly over the years, with more and more great sources of inspiration and applications that have changed the paradigm. If you are tech savvy, and on the lookout for ways of saving time, then you might find these tips and ideas for online wedding planning pretty useful.

    Be Inspired

    Online Wedding Inspiration

    Gone are the days of sifting through magazine after magazine to find the look that you are after, with online magazines and not to mention the veritable fountain of inspiration that is Pinterest available through a few clicks of a button. The great thing about Pinterest is that you can simply upload a picture (with or without an online link) and a note of your inspired look and then pin it to your pinboard (which could be a group pinboard shared amongst your key wedding planning group).

    Recruit Help and Stay in Touch

    Ask Your Bridal Party Box Shops

    One of the first things you do when wedding planning is to figure out who will be part of your bridal party. Ask your bridesmaid and groomsmen in fun ways, if you need inspiration check out this article right here – How to Ask your Bridal Party to be Part of Your Wedding. There are great Etsy stores who are skilled at putting together “Ask Your Bridesmaid” and “Ask your Groomsman “boxes. You can Skype your bridal party as they open the box to watch their reactions too.

    In order to stay in touch with your bridal party, and other key people who will be helping you plan your wedding, there are various paid and freely available chat applications such as Whatsapp and Groups that allow you to communicate various things on your to do list.

    Go Fishing for Wedding Vendors

    Online Wedding Vendor Reviews

    Online reviews are very important when you want to know that the vendors you are looking at take their jobs seriously. By reading up on consistently good reviews, you are able to gather whether the vendor in question is suitable against your expectation of service and quality.  Websites such as the Wedding Club  provide you with the means to browse local wedding suppliers based on your need.

    Online Wedding Guest Lists and Wedding Stationery

    DreamDay Invitations Online Wedding Guest Lists and Wedding Stationery

    Put together your wedding guests lists online into the super convenient DreamDay Invitations app that allows you to manage your guest lists and not to mention include their titles and addresses that can be used to customise whichever wedding stationery you are looking to buy online. Once you have the wedding guest list sorted, and the wedding stationery designs have been proofed, all you need to do is give the approval to print it out. This can be done from your Save the Date cards all the way to the Thank You Cards!

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  • What you Should Know About Making Your Wedding Guest Lists

    There’s a reason why many brides and grooms are very anxious about getting to their wedding guest list, some going as far to call it the “Guesting Game”. Nevertheless, we’re here to remove some of the guess work to avoid wedding guest list faux pas and make sure everyone is happy with the final count.

    Figuring out the Guest List Ratios

    Wedding Guests 1

    Usually, we assume that the wedding guest lists will be made up between the bride and groom, however there is a little bit more to that. If your parents are hosting your wedding, then they will too want their own share of the guest list. Therefore, one of the safest things to do before making down payments on any of the vendors is to decide amongst yourselves how the guest list will be shared, and to make things fair, it’s always best to divide them equally between the parties. Start by setting a maximum guest list figure (for instance, 200 guests), you are working with a feasible figure against the wedding budget by dividing the total intended wedding guest equally between yourselves (the bride and groom), the bride’s parents and groom’s parents.

    Start with a Dream List


    This “dream” list is actually a list of every imaginable person you would like to attend your wedding. Of course, you can cut this down later, but it helps to avoid you adding people later on, because if they were not on the dream list, they may not be a must-have at the wedding. Once you consider budget and venue restraints, then you are able to enforce your reality check (cutting rules) to make your wedding guests list more feasible and budget-friendly.

    Cutting Rules

    Wedding Guests 3

    When it comes to refining your dream list (as mentioned above), if you are really stuck and you are not sure how you should start cutting down your list, here are some pointers and rules to follow.

    • 1. If you and your fiancé have never spoken, met or heard their name
    • 2. If their bedtimes are before 9pm
    • 3. If nor you or your fiancé have spoken to them in three years and they are not related to you
    • 4. Inviting someone out of obligation or association

    Be Realistic about your Wedding Guest Numbers

    Wedding Guests 4

    While you love the idea of having anyone and everyone at your big day, do not forget that each wedding guest means a financial add-on. You may be considering costs per wedding invitation and wedding stationery and accessories for the day of the wedding, as well food and beverage costs per guests including, wedding bombonieres, chair rentals and even the amount of cake you require. Therefore, if you are unsure of adding that “plus one”, ask yourself, can you afford it?

    Keep these simple but effective rules when deciding on your wedding guest list.

    Image Credits: DailyMirror, HuffPost, BridalCookie, Shemazing

  • Groom Styling Tips for your Wedding Day

    When it comes to the bride, a lot of thought and consideration goes into so many things, from the type of bridal dress to how the accessories will be paired, down to the hair styling and makeup. But what about the groom? How should his wedding attire be styled?  Here are some Groom styling tips to get you started in the right direction, especially when it comes to sizing where you need to know what a good fit involves.

    The Shoulder Silhouette

    Groom Wedding Suit Style Shoulder

    The shoulder silhouette is a good place to start.  This is the shoulder area from the sleeve to the collar – it needs to have a good fit and should not be bunched up.

    The Collar Gap

    Groom Wedding Suit Style Collar Gap

    When it comes to the collar, it should rest effortlessly on your shirt with no gaps where it’s either standing away or bunching away on the back, nor should there be a gap between your jacket lapel or your shirt.

    The Tie

    Groom Wedding Suit Style Tie Width

    One rule of thumb is matching the width of your tie to the width of your lapel.


    Groom Wedding Suit Style Lapel Size

    Your wedding theme can also reflect the type of wedding suit you choose to wear. If you want a more modern look, opt for a thinner lapel (and tie). For an older style and theme, opt for a wider lapel and tie.

    The Knot

     Groom Wedding Suit Style Half Windsor Knot Groom Wedding Suit Style Full Windsor Knot

    One of the classics, both easy to do and elegant, the Windsor is a very well received tie knot. It’s a good idea to choose between the Half and the full Windsor based on the proportion of the groom’s head. If it’s wider, opt for the latter.

    Tie Length

    Groom Wedding Suit Style Tie Length

    Make sure that the tie barely reaches the waistband or stop just short of the pants of the suit.

    Tie Colour

    Groom Wedding Suit Style Tie Colour

    If you want your tie to pop or stand out, make sure that it’s darker than the dress shirt you’re planning on wearing.


    Groom Wedding Suit Style Belt Shoes

    Your choice of belt must be thin and match the colour of your shoes.


    Groom Wedding Suit Style Undershirt

    If you are having an outdoor or summer wedding, make sure that the groom is wearing an undershirt to collect the sweat so that the dress shirt does not stain.


    Groom Wedding Suit Style Vest

    Vests are ideal for casual weddings. In the event you choose to wear only a vest, make sure that you avoid looking stuffy by unbuttoning the bottom most button. Making sure your tie length is accurate is a good idea so that it does not look weird.

    If he’s wearing a vest with a full suit, make sure it’s a single breast suit so that the vest is visible too.

    Jackets and Buttons

    Groom Wedding Suit Style Jackets Buttons

    If the groom decides to wear a two-button jacket, the top button should rest at or above his navel. If it’s a three button jacket, the middle button should follow this rule.

    Jacket Length

    Groom Wedding Suit Style Jackets Length

    The length of your jacket can be judged from the front and back – but as a rule of thumb, it should be long enough to cover the zipper.

    Shirt Sleeves Cuffs

    Groom Wedding Suit Style Shirt Sleeve Cuff

    The length of your jacket sleeve and your shirtsleeve is important and judged at the cuffs. The shirtsleeve cuff should be exposed (at least half an inch).

    Pant Hems

    Groom Wedding Suit Style Pant Hem

    For a traditional look, the hem of your pant should rest on the top of the shoe and cover some of the laces. For a more modern look, it should only hit the top of the shoe.

    Image Credits: Wedding Dash, Beckett Simonon, TheRealMenStyle

  • How to Write a Killer Groom’s Speech

    As the Groom, a lot of limelight follows you from the start to the finish. However, it’s what you say during the Groom’s speech will be what most of your wedding guests will remember. The wedding speech is a big deal and should be well thought-out in advance. As the hubby-to-be, we have a few tips on how to write a killer groom’s speech for your wedding day.

    Keep the Focus on your Bride

    Wedding Grooms Speech

    Usually the groom speaks after everybody else finishes their speeches, this includes the best man, and if anything you may be tempted to say a few things about him, but it’s always best to start off the wedding speech on a the right footing – focusing on your beautiful bride and the relationship you have. Make sure to thank her for taking you as her husband and for her love and care, reflect on your love and the time together and speak about your future together. Don’t forget to complement her and always refer to her as “my wife”.

    Keep it Clean and Away from Jokes

    Wedding Grooms Speech 2

    One thing you have to always keep in mind, it’s your wedding day and you will want to make sure it goes off splendidly. So stay away from bad language or distasteful content. If you are not too sure, have someone close to you proof the content of your speech beforehand (you might want to have the best man’s speech proofed too). Also, stick to one liner jokes as opposed to stand-up comedy, after all, it’s IS your wedding day. Keep the content genuine and sincere.

    Say Thanks

    Wedding Grooms Speech 3

    Give your thanks to your parents and your in-laws. Thank your in-laws for welcoming you to their family and for bringing up your wonderful wife. Don’t forget to give thanks to your parents as well for all that they have done for you. If your parents or your in-laws hosted the wedding, special thanks should be given to them before you thank the individuals who helped with planning the wedding and along the years –especially if it brought you and your wife together.  Also make sure you share the thanks with your wife - don’t forget to say “my wife and I” when you do.

    Do Your Research

    Wedding Grooms Speech 4

    Make sure you check and to see who is speaking before you and avoid saying anything they may be saying so that you are not repeating the same information.

    Make Eye Contact

    Wedding Grooms Speech 5

    Eye contact can show how sincere and genuine you are; therefore, when you give your thanks make sure to make eye contact with the person you are thanking. When speaking about your wife, make sure to look at her lovingly and do the honours.

    If you are looking to impress during your groom’s speech, keep these in mind and don’t forget to smile!

    Image Credits: WeddingIdeasMag, EasyWeddings, Youtube, StylishWife

  • How to Win the Groom of the Year Award

    Groom of the Year - it’s a coveted spot! We’re are sure you will surpass all expectations, with a little help from us! Wedding planning is a stressful time for the bride and the groom, but it’s often the brides who throw themselves into the wedding planning details to make sure that everything is perfect. Doesn’t that warrant a little surprise from her beloved? Just when she’s not expecting any surprises with all the wedding planning, here are some ways you can truly put her wedding planning woes aside and grin from ear to ear! Here’s what you can do!

    Jewellery for the Bride on her Wedding Day

    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Gifts for the Bride Jewellery

    Often brides and grooms give each other wedding day gifts, and you can too – but here is how you can make it special. Jewellery for the blushing brides would be ideal; something she can slip on for her wedding day. Select a piece of jewellery that will match her entire ensemble will say how much thought you have put into making sure she is the happiest bride walking down the aisle.

    Personalised Mix CDs

    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Gifts for the Bride Mix CDs

    If the two of you bonded over your love of music, then this will be a truly thoughtful gift. Put together different mix CDs that have gotten you through various stages in your relationship, songs from your firsts, and not to mention a mix CD that has love songs that you both love. Don’t forget to add a handwritten note with each mix CD with little memories from the songs too - she’ll be surely floored!

    Write her a Song

    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Gifts for the Bride Songwriting

    Many a groom have serenaded their brides with love songs from the ages on their wedding day in front of loved ones and friends, but what if you took it one step further and actually wrote and composed a song! If you don’t know how to play a certain instrument – you could learn how to and make it a truly great surprise for your bride!

    Unveil the Proposal

    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Gifts for the Bride Proposal

    If you planned ahead and had a secret photographer or videographer at the proposal – then why not unveil it at the wedding in front of everyone and share that special moment all over again! Make sure your partner in crime (aka the secret photographer of videographer stays out of sight and knows how to keep it a secret!).

    Messages from Loved Ones

    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Gifts for the Bride Messages

    If you know that there may be a few absentees at your wedding day, reach out to them and have them send out little messages, photographs, a telegram or even a video message that you can share with her.

    There are many more ways you as the Groom of the Year can make this special time even more memorable for your beloved bride. You could get her the gift of shoes (a girl can never have too many shoes), a journal of your best moments together, s scrapbook of love notes and poems over the years, little treats sent to her leading up to the wedding to remind her that it’s you she’s marrying, and so much more! What would you do?

    Image Credits:  RockMyWedding, One Wed, Recovery Unplugged, Gavin Farrington, Pinterest

  • Creative Wedding Seating Styles and Ideas

    Every bride and groom wants their special day to be remembered fondly in their memories as well as those of the invitees. If you are looking for wedding inspiration to make your big day stand out starting with your wedding ceremony, we have a few ideas. With Spring coming to an end and Summer quickly approaching, outdoor wedding and seating arrangements are great ways to move away from the traditional wedding styles for a creative edge to your wedding style.

    Even if you are not opting for an outdoor wedding but you have a spacious indoor venue, you can still use these seating styles for your wedding ceremony. Your choice of seating will reflect the style and the theme of the wedding you are after. When you are planning to move away from the traditional choices of seating furniture from Tiffany or white folding chairs, you are able to bring your wedding theme full circle with a personal twist. Here are some unique and creative wedding seating styles and inspirations to add a little personality and style for a memorable wedding day.


                                   Creative Wedding Seating Styles Wedding Benches

    Benches are an ideal choice if you are looking for a casual yet elegant look for your wedding seating. These benches can be plain with a wood finish or painted according to the wedding colours. Popular decorative benches with a Moroccan feel are well received for beach weddings (often coupled with Moorish lanterns).

    Floor Mats/Blankets and Cushions

                                   Creative Wedding Seating Styles Wedding Floor Blankets and Cushions

    A great choice for the beach or at grassy location, these floor mats or blankets coupled with cushions to match your wedding theme, will allow your guests to relax while the ceremony proceeds. If you expect the day to be extra sunny, offer choices of shade such as patio umbrellas or even create a canopy with cloth that will provide both aesthetic appeal and shade.

    Ottomans and Poufs

                                   Creative Wedding Seating Styles Wedding Ottomans Poufs

    Ottomans offer a homely wedding seating style but when coupled with accessories it can be transformed into a beautiful look, similar to that of the benches. You can add accents in-between the ottomans too. Based on the shape of the ottoman you’ll be able to arrange the seating in a creative way to make a design too (this would make for a beautiful aerial photograph). Similarly, poufs, which are sleek cube ottomans, are popular options too.

    Mix and Match Furniture

                                   Creative Wedding Seating Styles Wedding Mix and Match Furniture

    This type of wedding seating style is quite eclectic as you put together various types of furniture to add a quirky seating setting for your ceremony. They are ideal choices when you want to impress by featuring an assortment of chairs to make your wedding guests feel comfortable and relaxed.  If you are choosing wooden chairs over cushioned, consider adding  a few decorative elements to the back to for a quick and easy elegant touch or even add some colourful throw pillows to the mix.

    Image Credits: Intimate Weddings, East Coast Creative Blog, Celebrations Ltd, Archive Vintage Rentals, Pinterest

  • Fun Wedding Trends of 2015

    Just because it’s the last week of September doesn’t mean you need to give up on the fun wedding trends of 2015! If you’re looking to make a splash with your wedding here are some great ideas that are perfect for summer weddings in Australia!

    Fun Wedding Dresses

    Wedding Trends Bridal Dresses Seperates

    Our sister blog recently did a feature on “5 Wedding Gown Styles You Should Consider“ and one thing that spoke to us was the fabulous two-piece wedding dress style. But jumpsuits and capes have also turned a few heads ever since Solange Knowles walked down (cycled) down the aisle in a Stéphane Rolland number. But it’s not just one wedding dress we’re talking about – the industry is seeing a second AND third dress – with outfit changes for the ceremony, reception and even the after party. Some brides look at wedding dresses that go well with boleros or have removable sleeves and skirts too.

    Techy Wedding Photos

    Wedding Trends Aerial Photograpy Drone GoPro

    Looking for a way to truly bring out the wow-factor? Techy wedding photos (and videos) are all the rage! Get photographs taken from every angle so you don’t miss out on the good stuff. Aerial shots are amazing, especially with an experience drone operator. Don’t forget that the likes of a GoPro can be used with a selfie stick and passed around for your guests’ convenience. Some brides and grooms stick it onto champagne bottles and have it passed around so guests can record fun and silly ways of them taking a swig straight out of the bottle! What would you do? Let us know!

    Out-of-the-Box Wedding Venue

    Wedding Trends Wedding Locations with a View

    Gone are the times of official wedding venues (not really, but you know what we mean). You can find out of the box and fun wedding venues that will leave a lasting impression with your guests. There are great wedding venues all across Australia that are really spectacular. How about some wedding venues with a view – that’s always a sure-fire winner! Here are twelve great wedding venues put together courtesy of WedShed for your selection.

    1.       Brave Goose Vineyard, VIC2.       Fig Tree Restaurant, NSW3.       Stones of the Yarra Valley, VIC4.       Koreelah, NSW5.       Spring Spur Stay, VIC

    6.       Horizon Byron Bay, NSW

    7.       Thalia Haven, TAS8.       Koonyum Range Retreat, NSW9.       Summergrove Estate, NSW10.   Eagle Bay Brewing Co, WA11.   InterContinental Double Bay, NSW

    12.   Southern Ocean Lodge, SA


    Larger than Life Wedding Themes

    Wedding Trends Colour Pantone

    Pantone deemed Marsala as the colour theme and there are some pretty awesome wedding inspirations that range from various spectrums that are ideal. On one side you’ll find the ever so rich Royal theme and on the other for the casual wedding couple, the likes of the Wild Wild West!  Having said that, white weddings are making a comeback too; so if you love the idea of Cinderella wedding, you definitely can and should!

    Which of these fun wedding trends strike your fancy? Let us know, we love hearing from you!

    Image Credits : BuzzFeed, YouTube, WedShed, Zouch and Lamare

    Fun Wedding Trends of 2015

  • Inspirations and Ideas for Styling your Bridesmaids Dresses

    Yes, you and your fiancé ARE the stars of the show, but often the entire bridal party entourage makes for the beautiful picture. In it you will find your bridesmaids, flanking the beautiful bride, YOU!  If you have started putting your wedding theme and style together, you may find these styles for bridesmaids dresses inspiring! Keep reading for great ideas for styling your bridesmaids


    The Traditional Bridesmaid

    Bridal Party Wedding Traditional Bridesmaids


    The traditional rule of thumb was to style and dress your bridesmaids the same as if to blend into the background, but that’s not the case anymore though it’s recommended they should look somewhat cohesive and within your wedding theme/style. Usually, the bridesmaid will be a sister or a friend and the attire usually involves A-line dresses. These dresses are often in the same bright and cheery colour but in different shades and tone. The necklines can either be the same or different, but it should look alike.


    The Infinity Bridesmaids Dress

    Wedding Bridesmaids Infinity Dress Styles


    Recently, the Infinity Dress was an ever-popular choice for Bridesmaid dresses that allowed the bride to choose a particular colour and have the bridesmaids wear it in different styles, based on their body type and preference. This Convertible Dress is a great investment considering the fact you can wear it again and again with the choice of mixing up necklines, sleeves and lengths too. It’s also available in a myriad of colours that makes it great for the modern bride who may not want to stick to one colour for all the bridesmaids.


    The Bridesmaid Dresses and Choice of Colours

    Pastel Bridesmaids Dress Theme


    There are many ways you can style your bridesmaids looks, but colour coordination is one way to go about it. While the traditional way would be to stick to one colour shade and identical dresses, that doesn’t mean you have to – there are more fun alternatives nowadays. Speaking of which, you can choose the very trendy “One Colour Many Shades” style, which is fabulous with any of the core colours.  Let’s not stop there, how about a pastel colour theme, where you assign one bridesmaid one pastel colour each and letting them own it – you can present the colours to them and have them pick which one they want for a very democratic process of colour choice that will ultimately make your life easier.


    Accessorising Your Bridesmaid

    Inspirations Ideas Bridesmaid Dress Styles


    Apart from the length, neckline and colour of the bridesmaid dresses, there are other ways in which you can style your bridesmaids to make them stand out. We’re talking about shoes, hair and make-up. Don’t forget that those too will make the ensemble truly sparkle. You can choose to have the traditional look for everyone, same shoes, same hair, same everything, OR you can mix it up with what suits your bridesmaids the best. In the end, you are looking for everyone to have fun on your big day and not to mention for your wedding photographs to look amazing. So, think about the various style alternatives you can opt for when styling your bridesmaids for the big day!


    Image Credits (top to bottom): Donna Morgan Blog, Shopify, W How to Wear, Wedding O Mania

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