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  • Wedding Invitation Wording- Letter Style

    DreamDay invitations has a excellent range of wording suggestions to choose from on their online website, which takes into consideration many alternate situations, and even if your wording will be unique to your situation, DreamDay invitations designs allows you compete flexibility. DreamDay’s unique online personal editing system empowers you to change any wording to completely suit yourself and every individual situation. Firstly, how would you like to compose your information? Formal and traditional style, letter style, or have a more casual approach to your wording? Continue reading

  • Red Wedding Invitations

    Red is the colour of passion and romance. It is bright, strong and very sentimental, and using  Red as a Wedding Invitation theme colour makes a powerful statement of your intense passion that no one can deny. Dreamday Invitations has the perfect Red Wedding Invitation for any Red Themed Wedding.

    Your choice of  Red wedding invitations will set the mood and give you a theme that can be carried through your entire wedding plans. For example, choose a wedding invitation design with the ‘Icon of Love’, a single red rose and carry a beautiful single red rose as your bridal bouquets, use a glamorous red in the bridesmaid dresses, have the men wear red rose buds in the buttonholes, have your flower girls sprinkle red rose petals down the aisle, use red roses or red rose petals in your reception table decorations and have red roses used in the cake decoration. Red has also become a very popular colour for the wedding dress, either used for the entire dress or used as ascents,  I have seen many a beautiful bride wearing a stunning red wedding dress elegantly down the aisle, giving a spectacular visual effect to catch the attention of every guest and leave everyone gob smacked.

    Icon of Love Sweethearts Love Cube

    Pictured above are DreamDay invitations in "Icon of Love', 'Sweethearts', and 'Love Cube'. Continue reading

  • Wedding Invitation Wording – Bride and Groom Inviting

    The wording on your Wedding Invitations is a crucial part of the invitation and it is generally considered etiquette to name the hosting party  first. For example, are the Bride and Groom only paying for, and hosting their own wedding? In this case, traditionally only the Bride and Groom names will be mentioned on the invitation.

    DreamDay invitations has many examples of wordings to use on their wedding invitations.

    Such as this example that follows, Continue reading

  • Unique Wedding Invitations

    Finding  ideal and Unique Wedding Invitations, specifically telling your story perfectly is an extremely important part of your wedding planning, but not as difficult as you may think. A stunning personalized wedding invitation makes a wonderful introduction for your guests to catch a glimpse of a magical event ahead. Dreamday Invitations can help you find the perfect Unique Wedding Invitations. Making a wedding invitation unique to you is a matter of firstly deciding upon a style, theme, or  colour and adding your own special touches that express your sentiments, as well as, of course, telling your guests all the exact information, when, where and how they can help celebrate your day with you.

    Yours Forever Seasons of Love Mon Amour

    Pictured above are DreamDay Square Invitations in ‘Yours Forever’, ‘Seasons of Love’, ‘Mon Amour’

    Adding personal touches such as verses, love quotes and romantic sayings will make your wedding invitation unique and personalized, and at DreamDay Invitations we have many splendid invitation designs and wording suggestions to help you find that perfectly unique wedding invitation you’ve always dreamed of. Continue reading

  • Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas -Traditional

    The wording on your Dreamday Wedding Invitations is a crucial part of your invitation, as this is how you are going to inform your guests of the important information they need to help celebrate your special wedding day with you. How you choose the wording on your Wedding Invitations will completely depend upon your own circumstances,your Wedding Invitation designs and will be totally individual to you and your family situation. You need, firstly, to establish whose names will appear as hosting the wedding and issuing the invitations. Will it be the Brides parents alone hosting and paying for the wedding, or are both the bride’s parents and the groom’s parents sharing the costs equally? Are the Bride and Groom paying for and hosting their own wedding? Do you need to consider a widowed, separated or remarried parent, or parents with different surnames? Would you like to mention a deceased parent or step parent?  Other examples are available for viewing in other articles on our website. Continue reading

  • Heart Wedding Invitations

    For centuries the emblem of a Heart has been the symbol of Love for everybody. When we see the drawing of a heart it brings instantly to the mind feelings of passion and devotion. The Heart symbol is the ultimate token for love and romance, and is truly a universal language all over the world. From our first crush at school when you wrote your names entwined within a heart on the front of class books or etched into a tree for all to see, the image of a heart gives us unmistakable feelings of  love and affection without having to say a word.

    Choosing  Heart themed Wedding Invitations from Dreamday Invitations is the perfect choice to ensure the beautiful sentimental romantic wedding you have always dreamt about.

    Hearts of Love Yours Forever Sweethearts

    Pictured above are DreamDay’s Square Invitations in ‘Hearts of Love’, ‘Sweethearts’, and ‘Yours Forever’ Continue reading

  • Wedding Invitation Samples

    The most accurate and easiest way of knowing exactly how your online Wedding Invitations will look is to order a sample of your favourite designs to be mailed directly to you at home for your perusal. DreamDayWedding Invitations offers this service in a no fuss, no hassles and very cost effective manner. At the very low cost of $4.00 each (includes gst and postage), DreamDay Invitations will supply you with a sample of your chosen design printed on all of our 3 paper types, Textured White Linen, Stardream Crystal, and Classic Smooth Ivory, along with a matching printed envelope, all printed and posted to you within 2 days of order to your stated address.

    Pictured here are of our most popular designs 'Regal Bond', 'Enchanted Garden', and 'Filgree Cloud'.

    Regal Bond Enchanted Garden Filigree Cloud

    Continue reading

  • Blue Wedding Invitations

    Serene and spectacular Blue is one of the most captivating colours of all and it abounds everywhere around us in nature for us all to enjoy. It is tranquil, cool and relaxing. From the vivid sky blues of the perfect summer day, to brilliant deep sapphires and aqua’s of our oceans, even classic Navy blue, bold blues make a statement.  The popularity of Blue is undeniable and with its vast range of tones, choosing  Blue Wedding Invitations can make the perfect colour choice for any couple to use in their wedding stationery.

    Pictured here are DreamDay Invitations stunning Square Invitations in' Filigree Cloud', ‘Maui Dream’ ‘Frangipani Dream’ ‘Bridal Lace’ and Filigree Cloud’ in square.

    02142-C10-XXXXX-141_thumb 02152-C10-XXXXX-113_thumb 02157-I10-XXXXX-112_thumb

    For many people one of the many charming tones of Blue will be their all time favorite colour, and when partnered with the beauty of clean crisp White, or classical Ivory, blue can look especially stunning.

    The inclusion of beautiful Blue as your wedding colour, can add a striking and dazzling visual effect not to be forgotten. It can be carried right through from your invitation and associated stationery such as RSVP Cards and Order of Service covers, to your gorgeous bridal attire and fashion accessories. The use of versatile blue will make your table and reception décor striking and impressive with DreamDay’s appointments such as Place Cards, Printed Menu’s, Welcoming Place Mats and Bomboniere tags.

  • Beach Wedding Invitations

    Beach weddings conjure up images of barefoot brides and casual relaxed guests.  If you have your heart set on a beach wedding, be certain to set the tone with  matching Beach wedding invitations.  Any motif that evokes the relaxed and flexible vibe, the flowing lines and curves that remind us of a gentle warm sea breeze will put the guest in the beach frame of mind.

    Frangipani designed invitations are very popular at present because of their warm and summery ambience.

    02152-C10-XXXXX-137_thumb 02103-T10-XXXXX-000_thumb 02137-T10-XXXXX-000_thumb

    With the Dreamday Invitations beach design, you can either make use of the single frangipani that brings in a water theme and sand or pebbles, or use the frangipani in a pattern or bunch with the addition of colour to complement your chosen colour scheme. Continue reading

  • Spring Wedding Invitations

    Enchanted Spring is the season for new love, new life, new beginnings and nothing warms the heart like a spring influenced wedding. The weather is warming, there is a flourish of beautiful flowers  in bloom and there is a freshness in the air that is unmistakable. Setting the start of your new lives together with a captivating effervescent Spring Wedding invitations gives you many options for stylish themes with brilliant florals and dazzling colours and blushes, and opens the doors to so many pretty, clean and crisp designs of DreamDay Invitations Wedding Stationery that will fill your guests with feeling of romance and love.

    02102-I10-XXXXX-000_thumb 02133-I10-XXXXX-000_thumb 02104-C10-XXXXX-104_thumb

    Pictured here are DreamDay Invitations in ‘Everlasting Orchid’ ‘Sentimental Moment’ and ‘Frangipani Dream’

    From tranquil Beach Weddings and serene Garden settings, to perfectly formal elegant and florally inspired weddings, your Wedding Invitations can reflect the warmth and beauty that only nature can provide in Spring.

    Continue reading

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