Passport Style Wedding Invitations

Passport wedding invitations are an exciting and relatively unconventional style of invitations to hit the wedding arena. Ideal for a destination wedding or any travel-inspired wedding theme, passport style wedding invitations are sure to enthrall  your wedding guests and leave them daydreaming about being a part of your big day on an exotic island or at a romantic wedding ceremony under the Tuscan sun! Here are a couple of ways to maximise the effect of your wedding invites by providing useful information and also ensuring they include personal touches to make memorable keepsakes.

Customised Passport Wedding Invitations

A sure way to ensure your passport style wedding invitations stay true to the location and overall theme of your wedding is to make sure each page is completely customised with unique details, while also paying attention to the finer details like colours used, monograms, background images of the location etc.

Passport Style Wedding Invitations - DreamDay Invitations

When it comes to customising your passport wedding invitations adding a photograph of the two of you is quick and easy way to include an unique touch. You can either opt to integrate one at the front of your invite or if you prefer keeping the invitation design realistic, include your favourite picture of the two of you on the information page in the same format seen in a real passport.

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Give your wedding invites an unique edge by adding a meaningful quote, poem or  Bible verse that really captures your personalities and reflects your beliefs and interests as a couple. With passport wedding invitations designed to include a lot of information, you’ll have more than enough room to include this memorable touch.

Passport Styled Wedding Invitation Enclosures

Passport wedding invitations are designed with destination weddings in mind and allow a number of  pages to be included in order to hold more wedding information that guests will find useful!

Metallic Turtle Passport Wedding Invitation - DreamDay Invitations

Helpful information to include in your wedding invitations for a destination wedding is travel and accommodation information, as well as information on wedding related events taking place and a map of the resort or directions to the wedding ceremony site from the suggested accommodation. While you don’t need to go overboard with including all details, it’s best to include key information that’ll help your guests make an informed decision on whether they’ll be able to attend or not such as the room rate, ticket cost, travel agent details etc.

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