Personalised Engagement Invitations

An engagement party is a time for family and friends to come together to celebrate a couple’s decision to spend the rest of their lives together and serves as a great opportunity for the families of the bride and groom to meet before the wedding.Ranging from elaborate, formal affairs to more casual, laidback celebrations, an engagement party theme  can vary according to the taste and style of the engaged couple and this should be reflected in everything from the engagement invitations through to all other party elements. Let’s take a look at some important ways of creating personalised engagement invitations to set the tone of your wedding right from the start!


Wedding Colours

This maybe a bit tough if you’re not the sort of bride to start planning your wedding right away. However, if you’re a fast planner and you’ve already chosen your wedding colour palette, go ahead and integrate it into your engagement invitations to create an unified look that’ll flow through all your wedding events.

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Personalise Engagement Invitations with Photographs

Personalised engagement invitations make great additions to a scrapbook and are memorable keepsakes to look back on over the years of marriage. Give standard  engagement invites a personal touch by customising the invitation design to include a photo - it could be a picture of the proposal or even just your favourite capture of the two of you!

Regency Engagement Invitation Card - DreamDay Invitations

When including a photograph in your engagement invitations, remember that it should ideally be a larger image with good resolution to ensure the quality of your invitations are not compromised


Personalised Invitation Wording

While a lot of couples are quick to customise the invitation design of their invitations, not many think of customising the wording apart from the event details. Include either your favourite poem or verse that best reflects your relationship or for the ultimate personal touch write a short stanza together or even a funny limerick that your guests are sure to enjoy.


DIY Engagement Invitations

If crafts and DIY projects are right up your alley, you may even want to give generic engagement cards an unique twist using your creativity and DIY embellishments. Stick with the theme you’ve chosen, but try using a variety of accessories that can range from cutouts made from regular craft paper to diamante buckles, glitter, buttons, lace or brooches to reflect the look you’re after.


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