Personalised Wedding Stationery

Personalised wedding stationery are a great way to captivate wedding guests leaving them anticipating your big day, while also giving them a memorable keepsake that they will cherish over the years. With so many varieties of wedding invitations available, how do you transform standard wedding invitations into customised masterpieces while sticking to your budget?


Using Unique Font Combinations in Your Wedding Invites

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There are plenty of different font combinations that can be used successfully for your save the dates, wedding invitations and other wedding stationery. The typeface you choose for your wedding cards can say a lot about you and the wedding you’re planning. Completely different in styles, a casual backyard wedding affair is more likely to feature fun typography inspired designs created with bold, chunky fonts teamed with Serifs, while  for a traditional wedding invite you’ll see fancier font such as cursives and calligraphic styles being favoured. Express your unique personalities with your font combination and look for inspiration just about anywhere from your favourite magazines to music album covers and even the contemporary look of graffiti covered street corners.


Personalised Stamps and Envelope Liners

While we’re usually busy personalising wedding invitations, we sometimes forget all about your envelopes. Show your envelopes some love by paying attention to adding some neat details that will add to the overall look of your wedding invitations and truly create a lasting impression.

An affordable option, purchase rubber stamps that reflect your wedding theme such as aeroplane stamps for a destination wedding. To add an formal touch to your traditional wedding invitations use monogram stamps or for the ultimate classic look opt to seal your envelopes with a wax seal bearing a couple monogram of the first letters of your names.

 Envelope liners are just as budget friendly and can instantly transform generic wedding invitations into something special! Purchase specialty paper and create your own envelope linkers or for something more memorable add your favourite photo of the two of you in black and white as an envelope liner.


Share Your Love Story

While your wedding invitation should tell your guests where and when your wedding is, you can also opt to share your unique love story from the moment you met to when the love your life popped the question. Use a series of comic-style images or opt to include a retro timeline to instantly update guests on all the romantic details, instantly making them a part of your special story.

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