Photo Engagement Invitations

It's a wonderful, wonderful time, isn't it? He proposed! That day came, you are probably feeling on Cloud No. 9, isn't it the best cloud to be on? But, now you want to scream it from the mountain tops, you are going to marry your best friend and the love of your life. What better way to capture your joy than to send out photo engagement invitations to an epic engagement party, be it in your own home or backyard (those are always fun), or a fabulous dinner party at a great venue or restaurant. The options are many, and fun bountiful. It's only the beginning of a beautiful love story meant for a lifetime of joy, so start it right, and start it well, because your engagement truly is the stepping stone to happiness with your beau!

Engagement Invitations

Photo engagement invitations are fun for many a reason. One reason that comes to mind is the fact you and your fiancé get to shoot wonderful and definitely memorable engagement photos for the invitation and also to print out and display them all over your home. Another fact is that you can either include one, two or more photographs in your engagement invite depending on the style and look you are hoping for. Whilst some couples love the portrait style, some absolutely love the idea of a collage, photo booth style prints and not forgetting a photo reel type of design too. It all depends on the theme you are aiming for, and even reflect the wedding theme (if you've already started planning). This way, it'll be easy to flow from your engagement invitations to the wedding invitations and stationery.

Beach Engagement Invitations

The great thing about choosing photographs is that you can definitely stand out as a unique engagement invitation because how more unique can you get than with a custom photograph of two people in love. But there are more ways for you to customise it, such as with a monogram design, a motif of a flower, animal, thing or maybe even the place you met (Paris, perhaps), to a customised and heartfelt message in the invitation wording itself that will add to the keepsake nature of your photo engagement invitation by leaps and bounds.

Photo Engagement Invitations

These are just fun ways for you to add to the look of your invitation card with the help of a reliable and fast wedding invitations provider, such as DreamDay Invitations. You can add more handmade touches once you receive your printed and customised photo engagement invitations in the mail and you can add the likes of a ribbon band or even rhinestones for a little bit of glamour if it matches the tone and theme of the invite card design you selected.


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