Picking Your Wedding Shoes

One of the most important wedding fashion requirements (aside from the wedding dress) are your wedding shoes! It’s important to find something that you love, that matches your wedding dress and importantly is comfortable for walking in.

Popular Wedding Shoes Styles

Picking your wedding Shoes Popular Wedding Shoes Styles

There are many styles of wedding shoes out there, but if we were to stick to a few favourites, they would include sandals, strappy heels, slingbacks, booties, flats, ballet shoes, t-strap pumps, pointed toes and not forgetting peep-toes. The colour and texture of the shoes also makes a difference, but that is a completely different shoe-game altogether. Gone are the days where bridal shoes should definitely be white. Metallic colours and even something blue (or any other colour of your choosing) is perfect. It’s all about preference and how you have envisioned your look!

The following are some fabulous picks courtesy of OneFabDay!

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Preparing Your Wedding Shoes for the Big Day

Picking Your Wedding Shoes Preparing Your Wedding Shoes for the Big Day

New shoes can at times be really hard on your feet, therefore, you should prepare yourself and your shoes for the big day in advance. Do not leave your bridal shoe purchase to the last minute. Follow these tips to make sure you avoid cursing your beautiful shoes on the day!

Breaking into your Wedding Shoes

Picking Your Wedding Shoes Breaking in Your Wedding Shoes

This is something you need to do a few weeks beforehand. You need to break your shoes in so that they don’t pinch you and give you blisters on your big day. Start wearing them indoors for small periods of time, slowly increasing the time you spend in them as they day draws nearer. By doing so, you are moulding the shoes to fit your feet and allowing you to get accustomed to walking and standing in them. Some brides even wear their wedding dresses to make sure they are able to manoeuvre themselves and their long (and possibly heavy) wedding dress in heels (especially if you’ve opted for really high heels). It is recommended that you stick to 3 inches to ensure you don’t strain your ankles.

Making Adjustments for Floor Surfaces

Picking your Wedding Shoes Making Adjustments for Floor Surfaces

One of the things that we don’t always account for when purchasing wedding shoes is the type of floor we’ll be on. One thing for sure, you don’t want to ruin your shoes and nor do you want to slip and fall. Therefore, keep in mind that you should be aware of these factors and purchase your wedding shoes accordingly or make adjustments for it. For example, if you are eyeing a beautiful pair of stiletto bridal shoes but you are having an outdoor wedding then investing in some heel protectors caps would be ideal. If you are going to be walking or dancing on polished floors, then getting some non-slip tape or shoe grips would be a good idea too!

Wedding Reception Shoes

Picking Your Wedding Shoes Wedding Reception Shoes

Some brides opt to purchase a second pair of wedding shoes that are more comfortable for the reception. When doing so, it’s important to purchase your second pair at the same height to avoid dragging your wedding dress on the floor and potentially ruining it.

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