Reception Lounge Ideas

Your wedding day is the beginning of a lifetime of love and fun, so why not use the same theme in your wedding’s design. By including unique styles and designs in your wedding reception, you will be able to make sure that you, your family, and friends can all enjoy the big day! One modern way of adding a unique style to your wedding reception is by having a lounge. This is ideal when you are planning on having a cocktail reception or cocktail hour before dinner. We have put together a few reception lounge ideas that we love for your wedding inspiration!

You can put together your reception lounge based on the wedding style and theme. If you have chosen an elegant and sophisticated theme, the choice of furniture and materials may reflect that polished look. If you are looking at hosting a more casual wedding, then using rustic furniture and materials as well as choices of styling may be inspired accordingly. We have considered all these factors when we found these great reception lounge ideas and inspirations for your wedding day!

Elegant Reception Lounge Ideas

Reception Lounge Ideas Outdoor Canopy Sheer Curtains Chandelier Lighting

Reception Lounge Ideas Outdoor Canopy Sheer Curtains

We love the idea of setting a canopy with sheer curtains for that romantic feel. The above reception lounge exudes class and sophistication with its white ambience matched with soft coloured wood. The pattern on the inside of the canopy, the white sheer curtains, and the chandelier accessory creates a beautiful and soft look that is ideal! By having warm white bulbs used for the chandelier, you can match it to the candlelit effect from the candles on the lounge tables!

Reception Lounge Ideas Modern Style

We love the above for its modern appeal and choice of styling with pops of colour!

Casual Lounge Reception Ideas

Reception Lounge Ideas Bales of Hay

This outdoor lounge area is fun and cost effective, as you will only require bales of hay, blankets, throw pillows, poles, and lighting to put it together. Ideal for an outdoor wedding on a clear day, it can be perfectly timed for the sunset. However, it is important that the candles come with covers so that the hay does not catch on fire! Putting safety first is important to ensure a fun time!

Reception Lounge Ideas Bales of Hay Barn

Elegant Garden Lounge Ideas

Reception Lounge Ideas Outdoor

Reception Lounge Ideas Outdoor Mismatched Furniture

If you are hosting your wedding reception in a large garden that is dotted with trees, the above look is perfect! Choose elegant French style chairs under trees with hanging candle votives for a romantic feel. By mismatching the chairs, you can aim for a rustic elegant style. Your choice of tables for staging the lounge area is also an important factor to tie everything into the wedding style. The following include some vintage to rustic table styles that are ideal!

Accessorising your Lounge Reception

Reception Lounge Ideas wooden spool Tables

You can pair wooden spools with bales of hay for a rustic lounge reception. Even a table made out of wooden shipping palettes would be ideal too!

Reception Lounge Ideas Suitcase Tables

Reception Lounge Ideas Elegant Vintage Style

Accessorise your lounge with vintage suitcases for an old world touch.

Image Credits: Pinterest, Intimate Weddings

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