Save the Date Wording

You’re putting it all together, a beautiful day that will be remembered for the rest of your lives. Your wedding day should be memorable and if you’re planning a memorable wedding start with all the details including sending out save the date cards in advance to ensure all your guests and invitees can make it.

Save the date

Sending a save the date is such a polite thing to do as it lets your wedding guests know way in advance that they need to ‘save the date’ for your special occasion on this particular date and at this particular location. The date in itself will help let them block out the day (be it the day or the night) from their calendar, but when you let them know the venue especially if it is out of town/state or even the country, you are given them time to make plans to attend which can include travel and accommodation plans and more.

In your save the date card you can opt to include the bare minimum, so that your save the date wording will read something as follows.


Save the Date


Jack & Jill


8th November 2014


Dear Guest,


A Wedding Invitation

will follow, but please


the 8th of November 2014

for our Wedding Day.



This being the easiest possible or standard save the date wording option, you are able to let your wedding guests know more information if you wish to. This can include adding the venue information, for example if it’s out of town or state or in a different country all together. These bits of information are important to your guests, especially if they will need to make their own arrangements for travel and accommodation. Some brides and grooms choose to share with the wedding guests choices of accommodations and travel options and even liaise with them to get deals at a discounted rate to attend the wedding day whilst some bridal couples will take care of all the arrangements and ensure that their guests will be able to make it as long as they set aside the time. In such events, you can include information on travel and accommodation options.

Save The date cards

If you are planning on sending accessories with your save the date cards, then your save the date wording will be a little more thorough.  If you’re planning a destination wedding, what about sending your guests a passport styled save the date, with one sleeve including the wedding information (such as the names of the bride & groom, the date and venue) and then other sleeves including airplane options and possible discounted rates being offered for the wedding that has been arranged along with accommodation options too. This little save the date booklet in the form of a passport makes it easier to include all the information in a neat and tidy manner. Sending out your save the date cards and choosing the save the date wording to go along with it is important as it’s a precursor to the wedding invitations, and is a thoughtful way of letting your guests and invitees know you really want them there.



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