Seasonal Wedding Themes

Seasonality has never been more 'in' - check out our tips for the perfect wedding celebration themed with the Seasons.
  • Wedding Trends to Watch out for in 2016

    This past year, we saw many beautiful wedding trends from two-piece wedding dresses to tech oriented wedding photography styles, out of the box wedding venues, and more. Wedding designers and stylists are buzzing with excitement for what to watch out for in 2016!  Next year’s wedding trends will not disappoint! Here are some of 2016’s wedding trends that will be sure to excite trendy brides!

    Metallic Colour Palettes

    DreamDay Invitations 2016 Wedding Trends Rose Gold Metallics

    Metallic colours have always been favoured to glam up any wedding. However, in 2016 we will find this design used just about everywhere; wedding dresses, wedding invitations, table decor and more. Silver will take a backstage with rose gold being the focal choice of metallic to be highlighted in your wedding design.

    Sentimental Decorative Elements

    DreamDay Invitations 2016 Wedding Trends Sentimental Decor

    Add a personal touch to your reception décor by featuring sentimental trinkets from your travels as table centrepieces to tell your love story (for example an ornament of the Eiffel Tower to represent the location your beloved proposed).

    Creative Seating

    DreamDay Invitations 2016 Wedding Trends Creative Seating Plans

    We recently wrote a blog post on Creative Wedding Seating Styles and Ideas that will be of great use in 2016. Designers have forecasted that wedding receptions may move away from traditional seating choices and styles to more out-of-the box options.

    Sit Down Dinners and Gueridon Service

    DreamDay Invitations 2016 Wedding Trends Sit Down Dinner Gueridon Service

    While 2015 was all about food stations, we will be moving onto classic sit-down dinners with pre-set menus. Imagine how beautiful your sovereign menu cards will be. That will also mean you should include food preference information in your RSVP card when sending out your wedding invitation package! However, apart from the wait staff serving your choice of menu, brides and grooms can also opt for gueridon service (a trolley service, where food is cooked, finished or presented to guests at their table from a moveable trolley).  Dishes that can be served via gueridon service include Caesar salads, and steak tartar to name a few.

    Pretty Wedding Cakes

    DreamDay Invitations 2016 Wedding Trends Naked Wedding Cakes

    Naked cakes are still on trend. Naked cakes are unfrosted or partially frosted for a refined and classy look to a rustic cake. They can be finished off by accessorising them with berries or fresh flowers.

    DreamDay Invitations 2016 Wedding Trends Handpainted Wedding Cakes

    Apart from “naked” cakes, you can still opt for a completely fondant covered cake which can then be accessorised with hand-painted icing. This wedding cake style is versatile and elegant. Many brides who love the idea of watercolour wedding invitations and stationery can carry the design through to the wedding cake. All you need is to use similar brush strokes and colour palettes used on the outer facade of the wedding cake.

    Image Credits: Brides, The American Wedding, Ashley Bride Guide, Intimate Weddings, Ruffled

  • Christmas Inspired Wedding ideas

    If you have always loved the festive cheer and the colours of Christmas, you may love the idea of a Christmas inspired wedding day. If your wedding day falls on or around Christmas day, then even more of a reason to base your wedding design around the holiday. Even if it’s not, there’s no rule that says you can’t have your own Christmas inspired wedding day whichever the month.


    When you think of Christmas, evergreen trees, snow, baubles, pine cones, holly branches and more come to mind. You can choose any of these to make your Christmas inspired wedding come to life.


    The following are some ideas we found that we thought would look amazing for traditional and a non-traditional designs to fit your personal style.


    Wedding Invitations


    Wedding invitations will be the first glimpse you offer your wedding invitees into your wedding day. You may find inspiration in the colours, design elements, and not to mention events or notable memories from your childhood. The following designs are great because they offer both traditional and non-traditional inspirations that can be used for your special day.


    DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Wedding Ivnitations


    The above designs reflect the Christmas colours and are ideal for a modern take on a Christmas inspired wedding design.


    DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Autumn Air Wedding Invitation


    DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Ever After Wedding Invitation


    The above two designs add a touch of glitz through the choice of colours and are a more non-traditional inspired designs, using leaves as its base of inspiration.

    DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Prety in Lace Wedding Invitation


    The above design is reminiscent of Breakfast at Tiffany’s with its signature shade of blue matched with white lace. Many who have watched the movie, it’s a Christmas time special and many brides love the ideas of incorporating it into their wedding. Therefore, why not a Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired wedding invitation for your big day.


    The above Wedding Invitation designs are courtesy of DreamDay Invitations; Ruffled Feathers, Autumn AirEver After, Pretty in Lace, Watercolour Love


    Wedding Cakes


    DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Wedding Candy Cane Wedding Cake


    Many of us love candy canes during this festive season, and this candy cane inspired wedding cake is pure perfection with its bright red hues contrasting perfectly with the white.


    DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Wedding Wooded Elements Rustic Wedding Cakes


    The above wedding cake designs have been inspired by woodland elements of pinecones, evergreen branches and holly. These simplistic and rustic cakes offer a subtle Christmas style.


    On the Wedding Day


    DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Wedding PIne Branch Place Card Tags

    Using actual tags attached to pine tree branches makes for a great look for your place cards. You can have them fitted to a bare tree for decor.

    DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Wedding Pine cone place cards


    Use pinecones that have been lightly dusted with faux snow to create a winter inspired feel to these place cards.


    DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Wedding Rosemary Wreath Place Cards


    A wreath made using rosemary makes for an aromatic and Christmas inspired place card decoration.


    Wedding Centrepieces


    DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Wedding Glass Votive Pinecones


    Adding a few pinecones in a glass votive is an easy DIY style for your table centrepiece.


    DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Wedding Holly Floating Candles


    How about adding some holly to your floating candle centrepieces?


    Cocoa Bar

    DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Wedding Froxen Hot Chocolate Bar


    Hot chocolate is all the rage during winter and Christmas for many parts of the world, but for us down-under when the month of December actually means summer, how about a frozen chocolate bar instead.


    Image Credits: Pinterest, Natural Hosting,

  • Autumn Inspired Wedding Invitations & Themes

    For those in the lower hemisphere, it's already autumn, while for those in the upper this beautiful season is a few months away. If you're planning a wedding to be inspired by this beautiful time, keep reading and find out the autumn inspired wedding invitations and themes you can use for your dream wedding day!

                                                          DreamDay Invitations Autumn Weddings Fiery Autumn  Colours Wedding Invitations Inspirations

    First off, let's look at the various items that you would generally associate with autumn. Apples, pumpkins, pine cones, acorns, golden-red leaves, wheat and more. These are all ideal to use for your wedding day, whether it's an outdoor or indoor wedding.  Secondly, your wedding location matters too. If you have selected a picturesque venue for your wedding, you can easily incorporate it into your autumn wedding theme, even including a photograph of it via a photo wedding invitation. Infuse the red and gold highlights into your wedding theme and transform it to a dazzling wedding theme, full of fire and warmth.

    Choose to buy the best wedding invitation design that will match the autumn theme you're envisioning. It all starts with an inspiration or an idea. Would you prefer a photo wedding invite? Perhaps you would prefer an abstract or textured design? Often couples planning an autumn wedding prefer a rustic look, so you may even find using recycled Kraft paper ideal!  By choosing an online wedding invitations shop that offers personalised touches and even custom designs, you're able to get the desired finish and quality without the commute. By communicating with the invitations design team virtually, you need not even leave your house (let alone wear pants)! Make sure to get samples so you can see firsthand the quality and the look of the wedding stationery designs you are after.

    If you're having an outdoor wedding, make sure to provide blankets, or even a bonfire or brasserie for your wedding guests to keep warm. Some great ways to stay within theme would be to style your wedding buffet with fun Autumn inspired food such as a pine cone cheese ball, candy apples, and pies  (such as pecan, pumpkin and apple)!  In terms of decor, you may look towards various themes, from your favourite autumn fruit (apple) to vegetable (pumpkin), but you can look at the bigger picture such as a harvest themed wedding with wheat being the focal decor factor.


    Stay tuned to our social media accounts for great autumn wedding invitations and theme ideas & inspirations this week!

  • Silver Winter Wedding Invitations & Inspirations

    Winter is a beautiful time; icy but wonderful in its entirety giving you a natural backdrop to the most important day of your lives - your wedding day. Many assume that a winter wedding may be a bit of a hassle but there are so many ways to make this time joyous and fun, with the elegant and sometimes fun additions. A silver winter wedding theme would be a magnificent choice and you can kickstart the wedding hype with gorgeous silver wedding invitations.

    If you're wondering what is in store for you when you decide on a silver winter wedding, we've got a few ideas up our sleeves from winter wedding invitations, the choices of venues and clothing for the big day, and even complementing colours to add a beautiful pop to the silver winter wonderland ensemble.

    Keep reading!  You will be inspired!

    Winter Wedding Invitations in Silver

    There are some beautiful choices of printed wedding invitations that are perfect for a winter wedding with its silver undertones such as "Winter Garden" by DreamDay Invitations which features an intricate flourished border with flower details in lilac peonies and pansies. However, to add more glitz and glamour to the silver wedding invite ensemble, you will find more and more couples to be wed are choosing luxury to handmade wedding invites for their weddings.

    There are various wedding invite designs (also by DreamDay Invitations) that features specialty wedding papers with embellished treatments such as embossing, flocking and glittering, makes for a great impression. Find inspiration from these silver wedding invitations that are perfect for your winter themed wedding. Don't forget to discuss the vision with the DreamDay design team so you can get exactly what you envisioned!

    DreamDay Invitations Brilliant Silver Wedding Invitation Isabella Lace Silver Winter Weddings

    Ideal Winter Venues for Weddings

    When its winter most couples would lean towards an indoor wedding and depending on your overall wedding style it can be anything from a beautiful and classy reception hall with high ceilings, drapery and lighting to a barn or cosy cabin for a warmer yet beautiful wedding day. If it's a daytime wedding, you can make the most of the white winterscapes and even make plans to have the wedding ceremony outdoors. However, if the weather doesn't permit it, you can style the aisle and alter to frame a window where your guests can glimpse at the falling snow.

    Keeping it Classy with Silver Wedding Designs

    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Ideas Silver Winter Wedding Invitations Wedding  Theme

    When you choose a metallic hue such as silver to complement your wedding theme, you're instantaneously alleviating the look to one that is classier. Therefore if you choose to add a pop or hint of colour to the look, you are still getting an elegant look because white with silver and a pop of colour be it red, deep brown, or navy can really complete the look.

    Also, just because its cold doesn't mean you have to compromise on the beautiful wedding dress you have had your eye on for a while. With elegant and styles choices of cover-ups such as shawls, shrugs and boleros, you are all set for a classy silver wedding.

    Don't forget to make your wedding guests comfortable too. Offer silver white throws to warm up, and don't forget the silver themed cocoa bar, complete with matching cocoa mason jar bombonieres! Theme the various wedding stationery after your silver wedding invitations for a seamless flow between all the highlighted wedding elements, it'll truly be a winter wonderland wedding.

  • Weddings & Invitations Inspired by Shades of Blue

    Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something new. Ever since the olden days when this tradition was integrated into our culture, there's been a fascination, where we've come to find new and creative ways to add a shade of blue into the day that two hearts unite in holy matrimony. From the wedding invitations, the bridesmaid's dresses, wedding flowers and unique surprise pops of blue on the day of the wedding, there's a whole range of unique design options and accents for a bride (and groom) to consider including into their wedding day when they want to honour it with something blue.

    Shades of Blue

    For your main source of inspiration, all you need to do is look at nature. Look to the skies (day or night), or take a look to the horizons over the seas to capture the beautiful glints of blues. This year Pantone has selected a few choice colours from the blue palette as wonderful choices for design. They include Classic Blue, Aquamarine,

    Grecian weddings inspired by Santorini, the sailing club and its perfect colour combinations of white, blue and a hint of red, to the soft hues of hydrangeas; you are well on your way to the perfect wedding look.

                                                                        Classic Blue  Wedding Colour 2015 DreamDay Invitations DreamDay Invitations Grecian

    Wedding Invitations

    Taking notes from the book of colours, you can also draw inspiration elsewhere from the likes of cultures, hobbies and more. Mixing the delightful and striking colours and mixing them with complementing hues, to adding illustrations to hone in your design and style theme, your wedding invitations will be your spokesperson of what the bid day will reveal.  Here are some choice designs of blue wedding invitations!

                                                   DreamDay Invitations  Hesperides encircle Square Vertical Invitation in Blue

    On the Day Styles of Blue

    You've got your colours; you've sorted out your wedding invitations, probably even the main showstopper - the wedding dress. Now it's time to get cracking on the blue wedding accents - what flowers will you be using, what decor items will reflect your shade of blue and more!  A great way to make an impression with your blue wedding colour scheme is to add linen into the game with table clothes for the dinner table and cocktail tables, to the napkin and seat covers/wraps setting the tone (literally).

                                                         Shades of Blue Accents Wedding Reception

    Unique Blue Wedding Accents

    If you do not want to make blue apparent in your wedding design accents, you're able to find clever, unique and interesting choices to add it in. Lace navy garter belts, fun socks, and the inside of an all white cake being a blue velvet cake!  These will be so much fun and will make for great photographs too.

                                                        It's a Brides Life

  • Trending Wedding Colour Inspirations: Purple Passion

    Purple has long been considered a "special" colour from the olden days, where it took a significant amount of effort to come about this colour dye and was set aside for royalty or landed gentry. It's a popular choice of wedding colour, especially in pastels and used for wedding invitations, decor, clothing and more.

                                                                        DreamDay Invitations Real Wedding - Zoe

    Look around you, what strikes you as perfect may just be staring at you right in the face. Look at flora - lavender, hydrangeas, orchids, water lilies and even carnations hold beautiful shades of purple and are ideal as you can use them in other wedding aspects such as the decor and the wedding bouquets making then blend beautiful with ease. These looks can be further elevated by the style you pick -whether traditional, elegant, modern or themed. You will find that ombre shading is still very popular and can look very appealing when styled with other wedding items such as the wedding cake and even the Bridesmaid's attire. If you're looking for a unique look, choose purple wedding themes that feature styles and designs taken from Asian, Bohemian and even Steampunk inspirations.

    We've put together some wedding style inspirations that combine purple with complementing tones and how you can go about designing the best wedding look for your dream day wedding.

    Pastel tones with one bold colour is a popular trend this year, with purple taking centerstage and accompanied by softer hues in the same colour palette and also by  complementing colours too, such as yellows and beige.

    Here are some choice purple wedding colour combinations that are just perfect ranging from elegant to modern and offbeat styles!

    Elegant Purple Wedding Inspiration

    Some ideas for elegant purple weddings includes the likes of the following

    • Lavender Inspired: These can feather lavender wherever seen fit but it's best to hone in on simplistic colours as the vibrancy of the purple/lilac hues will show through especially against white.


                                                                        Lavender inspired wedding theme and wedding invitations by DreamDay Invitations

    • Deep Plum Purples: You can use darker shades to create an elegant look that's muted yet throws a punch.

    Modern Style  Inspiration for Purple Weddings

    • Classy Bohemian: You can use a few selections from the purple colour palette to get the desired effect, whether with ombre or fusion that can be used with the flowers, the bridesmaid attire and of course the wedding invitations
    • Bold Pops of Purple: Much like the deep plum purples, you can use this sole bold colour to create a seamless look. As this is such a bold colour, it is often that a Modern wedding couple will opt for these.

       exotic Orchids for a beautiful wedding look! Orchid Obsession Square Vertical Dreamday invitations



    Purple Wedding Invitations Inspirations

    Ranging from traditional, elegant, contemporary and modern, there are many choices for your to choose from, especially if there is a theme you would like to personalise too. With inspirations such as these for your wedding, you are set.

                                                                           Abigale 5x7 Flat Wedding Invitation in Aubergine Lace Inspired Design by DreamDay Invitations

    Complete your wedding stationery suite with DreamDay Invitations by browsing the various customisable designs available at the online stationery shop. Contact the DreamDay Invitations Design Team to personalise your wedding stationery according to your wedding vision.

  • Winter Wedding Invitation Ideas

    Imagine a white wedding, with snow as your wedding theme and white flowers to highlight it. What about glistening blue in its crisp delight? How about bold dashes of colour to complement the focal design? There are so many ways in which you can style your winter wedding, but how will you style, design or choose your winter wedding invitations? We've put together a few choice winter wedding invitation ideas and choices for you to draw inspiration from and even choose for your own.

    Fantasy Flowers Wedding Invitation in Pastel Blue

    Winter Wedding Invitations

    Set in a backdrop that reminds you of clear winter skies, with intertwining flourishes of flora and foliage reaching for the light in the centre, this winter wedding invitation will definitely impress. Matched with a delightful shade of lilac, this Square Vertical allows you to include an invitation wording as well as a poem or choice of prose. The great thing about using floral design is how easily you can blend it to the other wedding items.


    Pebbles in White Layered Wedding Invitation

    Pebbles winter wedding invitations

    Reminiscent of a winter morning with soft mounds of snow all around, the pebbles speciality paper is a great addition to the wedding invitation ensemble. The Tiffany Blue ribbon is ideal to match the colour schema as well as the faux pearl embellished accessory that sits atop it. This choice of wedding stationery would be ideal if you have chosen a pearlescent colour or design in your other wedding elements to tie it all together.


    Sweet Sprinkle Wedding Invitation in Tiffany Blue

    If you love confetti or even snow, then this winter wedding invitation is perfect for you. The Tiffany Blue design that falls from the top of the wedding invitation design is beautiful and reminiscent of festivity and nature's beauty. You can easily use the same look through the wedding, starting with the wedding day stationery and ending with confetti in the same colour as well.


    Winter Garden Wedding Invitation in Nude

    Elegant and sophisticated with a touch of femininity in its floral accents, this beautiful Winter Garden truly is a beauty that combines so many different design elements together cohesively to impress.


    These beautiful winter wedding invitation ideas and designs by DreamDay Invitations can definitely inspire a beautiful wedding theme, and various looks to your dream wedding day that complements your personal tastes and as well as the inspirations you gather.

  • Wordings for Beach Wedding Invitations

    Getting your beach wedding invitation wording just perfect is no longer an overwhelming and daunting task, as you can now experiment with more casual wording options that reflect the unique nature of your beach wedding. Get as creative as you like with fun phrases for a laid back beach wedding or add an unconventional touch to an otherwise formal invitation wording for a traditional wedding. Keep reading for our top 5 ways to add a touch of seaside fun to your beach wedding invitations.

    Beach wedding invitations Frangipani beach wedding invitation
    1. Your beach wedding invitations give your guests their first glimpse at the unique seaside wedding you have planned for your special day. Keep in mind that your wedding stationery, especially your wedding invitations should reflect the wedding theme and style you’ve decided on, so you can either opt to keep your wedding invitation wording and design more jazzy and trendy for a contemporary wedding or more traditional for a formal beach wedding affair.
    1. Grab your guests attention right from the start by using cute seaside phrases such as “It's a Shore Thing...They're Getting Married” or "We're Building Sand Castles Together!" If your beach wedding invitations are following a more formal style, a short poem works well too.


    1. Keep the details of the wedding location short and sweet on your beach wedding invitations and instead provide your guests with further details of the exact location, such as directions or a map on a separate invitation insert card. If you’re hosting the reception at a different location afterwards, make sure to list the formal name of the building, street address, city and state that the restaurant, hall or ballroom is located at.  Add the time that the reception will begin too, just so that guests have a clear idea of how much time they have to get to the reception site and can make plans accordingly.


    1. Don’t forget to explain parking arrangements in your beach wedding invitations too. If there isn’t parking available at the beach, add a note on a separate invitation insert with directions to the wedding site from the closest parking lot. Let guests know if they have to walk a fair distance on sand to reach the wedding site, as there’s nothing more uncomfortable than walking in heels through sand!
    1. Either include a map in your beach wedding invites or as a separate invitation insert with the closest cross streets and any landmarks close the beach wedding site. Also aim to send out your beach wedding invitations at least 6 weeks before the wedding, to give out-of-town guests plenty of time to make travel arrangements.
  • Seasonal Wedding Invitation Designs

    If you are planning your big day and you are inspired by the idea of a seasonal inspired wedding, then you need to know your seasons well to be inspired by the them to choose or design your wedding invitations to match the environment. As the times are changing and the world keeps on turning, so does the seasons, and if you are in a country that's somewhat away from the equator, then you'll feel the difference. For those who live in the lower hemisphere you'll enjoy Summer in months of December, January and February, where in the upper hemisphere, this time is considered Winter. Let's look at some wedding invitations design and style themes that are ideal for wedding visions to fit the season you are planning on having your big day!


    Spring Wedding Invitations

    Spring Wedding Invitations

    When you think of spring, you think of the rebirth, of growth, or something new blossoming in the wind. That's exactly right. Vibrant and filled with colour that welcomes you in to a warm and fuzzy feeling, spring weddings are beautiful affairs, much complimented by nature. Choose designs that feature the outdoors or is inspired by it such as with garden wedding invitations featuring flora and foliage and not to mention butterflies and birds too.


    Summer Wedding Invitations

    Summer Wedding Invitations

    If spring was rebirth, then summer is all about vitality! A bold and bright colour for a happy affair is what it's all about, especially with fun patterns and designs. Often, summer weddings are directly associated with the beach, as summer usually is. With scenes and inspirations of the sea, ocean and beach, you can take many inspirations to choose or design your very own wedding invitation for your summer wedding affair.


    Autumn Wedding Invitations

    Autumn Wedding Invitations

    If you are awed by the earthy tones of Mother Nature, you can really be inspired by the colours and the occurrences that happen in the season of autumn. Weddings during this time are beautiful as Brides and Grooms may use the natural backdrop for their venues, as well as directly transcend their vision onto their autumn wedding invitation designs.


    Winter Wedding Invitations

    Winter Wedding Invitations

    Transform your wedding day into a classic winter wonderland by using elements and colours that are traditionally associated with winter, or even break the mould by opting to do the opposite in colour along with winter imagery to get your point across. Keep these in mind when you purchase your winter wedding invitations, be it in white or silver, or even white and cyan.

  • Unique Modern Wedding Invitations

    Showcase your trendsetter style and contemporary couple personality with unique modern wedding invitations that stand out from the generic invitations that your wedding guests are used to receiving. While there are many ways to customise your wedding invites, here are a few contemporary touches that are guaranteed to transform your invites from average to memorable and get your guests excited about attending your upcoming wedding.


    Modern Photo Wedding Invitations


    Including photos is an effective way to add an unique touch to your modern wedding invitations quickly and with minimum design effort. While your favourite photographs of the two of you or a sneak peak picture of the wedding location are perfectly fine, we like the idea of pushing the creative boundaries a bit more this year and trying out a dramatic photo look using an opaque text overlay and experimenting with some fonts and effects. You can also try out something different by displaying wedding details using photobooth style photos of the two of you holding a chalkboard with the date, location, time etc instead of following the standard invitation wording format.


    Lush Floral Wedding Invitations


    Beautiful floral designs have remained popular over the years and can be expected to stay pretty much on trend this year too! While there are so many different types of floral inspired concepts to choose from for your modern wedding invitations, botanicals are taking on a more luxurious and showy look this year with oversized, showy blooms being favoured that exude a romantic and ethereal edge.

    Add an unique touch to your modern wedding stationery by opting to customise floral invitation designs in your wedding colours and try to capture this same floral look in your wedding decor and bouquet etc.

    Bold Decorative Patterns for your Modern Wedding Invitations

    Work with a designer to formulate a special graphic motif that represents either your wedding location, time of year, personal style or just about anything else that captures the unique nature your wedding and gives your guests something to identify your wedding with. There are plenty of new on-trend motifs to choose from such as gold leaves, laurel wreaths, banners and chalkboard signs, our favourite of all would have to be designer monograms. Use both your initials to create an elegant and trendy monogram that can be used to give  everything from your modern wedding invitations through to your napkins a truly unique touch.

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