Should a Reply Card Be Put On Wedding Invitations

There was once a time when wedding invitations were just wedding invitations, and by that I mean that when you received it in your mail all you came across when opened was just the wedding invite. But that has long since changed, and now we have more invitations accessories sent along with the main attraction, of which the most crucial is considered the reply card or the R.S.V.P. card.

R.S.V.P. stands for “répondez, s'il vous plait” which means “please reply” in French. As a mode of allowing the invited guests to confirm their attendance or pass on their regrets, many couples and guests have agreed that this part of etiquette is much needed. There are many modes of RSVP-ing, one which is via phone, where the invitee can call in and relate their attendance to the event, or via email and of course via reply card.  Now, on the matter of whether wedding invitations are really necessary, there are many opinions to this fact. Many people say you should go ahead and do it due to many reasons. These reasons are regarded with certain invitation etiquette, which we will look into in depth.


We, at DreamDay Invitations recommend that your wedding invitations should be dispatched to your guests at least six weeks before the wedding, thus giving them enough notice to make sure that they do not double-book the date and also make arrangements for travel, in case they are from out-of-town. By doing so, it allows you to set your R.S.V.P. deadline to about three weeks prior. This way you can figure out a final head count as well as the seating arrangements depending on it, as you may opt to include an area which requests a number of attendees. This is just one reason why reply cards are important.


Another reason DreamDay Invitations figures that reply cards are important is in case you have specific dietary needs, say for example, if the guest is a vegan, then certain concessions must be made, or even if the guest has specific allergies, for example is lactose intolerant, they should be noted. Like so, it is important.


Of course, you can reply with your attendance via email or even via phone, but ensuring that all the relevant information with regard to a respective guest is in one place, then a reply card would be the most efficient. Therefore, when sending out your wedding invitations along with the reply card make sure that information such as the number of guests, their dining preferences and such are all included so that guests will know exactly how they should reply.

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