Spring and Summer Wedding Invitations

Featuring beautiful floral prints, beach inspired designs and vivid colours, spring and summer wedding invitations are a breath of fresh air after the wintry shades and metallic hues that dominate the chilly months of winter.  Express and capture the beauty of the blooming outdoors along with the summer sunshine in your wedding invitations by experimenting with different invitation design elements to create a personalised wedding invitation that follows your theme while still reflecting your personalities. Here are some of our alltime favourite spring and summer wedding invitation design elements for you to consider.

Floral Inspired Invitation Designs

Pretty Peony Vertical Flat Invitation - DreamDay Invitations

Always in style, floral inspired designs add a bright and cheerful touch to your spring and summer wedding invitations, while still capturing the romanticism of your wedding day. With it’s timeless elegance, it’s interesting to see how floral invitation designs have changed over the years and while still featuring age old favourites like cherry blossoms, roses, orchids and daffodils, the actual design concept has evolved to create patterns and prints in varying contemporary styles from bold and painterly to more subtle,stylised and somewhat whimsical designs!


The Colours of Spring and Summer

If floral designs are not really your cup of tea, consider incorporating your individual couple style to your spring and summer wedding invitations by choosing a colour palette that showcases your tastes while still being trendy and seasonal with the exquisite colours of spring and summer.


Colours like peach, pink, orange and yellow can be either combined with classic shades for a traditional wedding or more unconventional hues and jewel tones  for an unique and fresh take on a spring colour palette, while more vivid shades that add a burst of colour to wedding invitations are being favoured for summer weddings. Explore different colour palettes by drawing inspiration from spring flowers, the beach, uniquely landscaped gardens, birds or just about anything else that displays the beautiful seasonal shades.


Beach Wedding Invitations


DreamDay Beach Wedding Invitations Video

A firm favourite, this summery style is the perfect invitation design for your spring and summer wedding invitations. Experiment with a variety of colour combos that mirror the blue skies and serene colours of the ocean or even include a photograph of the location of your beach wedding for a personalised touch. Use popular tropical design elements like palm trees, starfish, seashells and sunsets to paint a picture of a summer paradise to really impress your guests and leave them anticipating your big day!


DreamDay Spring Wedding Invitations Video

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