Styling Tips for a Beach Wedding Theme

You're gathering ideas, asking for opinions and looking for ways to make  your dream wedding day come true. Start with your Save The Date cards or your Wedding Invitations and matching accessories and move to various ways in which you can style your wedding theme. This week, we bring you Styling Tips for a Beach Wedding Theme and we'll  be looking  at exciting and new ways in which you can really awe your wedding guests. Let's find out!


Bearing Good News via Save the Dates or Your Wedding Invitations

When you're  good and ready to share with your family and friends the great news of your nuptials, you can invite your guests to your special day first with save the date cards or wedding invitations. It's  especially important to send out save the date cards early on when you're hosting  a destination wedding, the wedding venue requires  guests to make prior arrangements or falls during holidays.

Beach Wedding Invites

Now, when it comes to styling these, you can make them fun and exciting, especially with beach or destination weddings. One way is with Passport and Boarding Pass designs. Wedding invitations  can be either one but if your  hoping to send out a save the date  card beforehand, consider a theme. For example, you'll send them a passport themed save the date with the details of the wedding,  a photograph, accommodation  and even air travel options and then a boarding pass wedding invitation closer to the date. You  can style accessories  such as the wishing well  and gift registry  cards as luggage tags to stay within your beach/destination/wanderlust wedding theme.


On the Day Beach Wedding Styles

Beach Wedding Invitations

If you have picked a theme that  revolves  around  beach-y styles such as the sand and seashells or the colours  of the sea, that's  great; you'll  have a lot of inspirations  and means to style  your wedding  day. It can be filled with just that  and more  depending  on  the materials  you've  picked out from the papers  to the textures and embellishments (such as using  seashells as trim or a sandy print throughout  the stationery). However, if you've  picked a theme that  aligns more  with a wanderlust /destination theme, then the way you style  it can be inspired  by maps, globes, postcards and not to mention suitcases. This  will tie in beautifully with the passport  and boarding pass invitations and cards. Your on-the-day wedding stationery will match them  with the design, colour, font family and more.

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