The Next Few Steps after Getting Engaged

He got down on one knee, and asked you that question you have been waiting to hear him ask. Here you are now with a beautiful ring on your finger, and a man who will love you till the end. What's next, you might ask. There's a lot to be done before you walk down the aisle to be husband and wife. There are the wedding invitations and guest list, the wedding dress, the catering and so much more. We've come up with a timeline for you to consider using as a guide when planning your wedding right after your wedding. If you having a long engagement (a year or so), this would be ideal, but if it's shorter (6 months or so), just keep these in mind and adjust it here and there.


Twelve Months & Counting

Beach Wedding Invitations

At this stage, you'll be smiling from ear to ear with a lot of excitement for what's to come. One of the most important things is to set the date of the wedding. Once you have decided on a date, then go venue shopping and make a booking. Draft up a guest list so that you know who you'll want for the wedding. It won't be just your wedding invitation you will need this guest list and details for, you might need it for your engagement party invitations as well as the save the dates. If you are having an engagement party, now would be good time to have it. Don't forget to register for your bridal registry at your favourite stores.


Ten Months & Counting

At this stage, pick out your bridal party; choose your vendors for your wedding invitations and stationery, catering, photographer, music and more. Don't forget to also select an officiant you are comfortable with. If you are planning on using photo wedding invitations or save the dates, then you could have some engagement photos taken, or do it just because.


Eight Months & Counting

If you are having a destination wedding, don't forget to block out hotel rooms for your guests. You'll need this information for your wedding invitations too as part of the directions & accommodations card. Start cake tasting for the perfect wedding cake, begin doing hair & makeup trials and most importantly order your wedding dress.


At Six Months

Send out your save the date cards. Make sure to purchase your wedding bands so you can have them customised. Order your bridesmaids dresses and also, don't forget about the honeymoon bookings to get a great deal.


At Four Months

Confirm all your vendors, especially your wedding invitations because the next step would be to send them out. Also, don't forget the groomsmen's attire, decide on hair & makeup (post the trials you had a few months back), and start planning the rehearsal dinner (a venue, catering and ensuring the important people attend).

At Two Months

Send out your lovely wedding invitations. Make sure you have added all those personalised details, have included the wedding invitations accessories such as the rsvp card, gift registry card, wishing well card, map/directions and accommodation card too. Most of the details that you have been planning will go into this little wedding invitations package to be sent out to your guests. Once you've done this, make sure to confirm transportation for the day of the wedding, as well as write and decide on your vows for the ceremony, and don't forget to buy accessories for the day of the wedding too.


At Six Weeks

Most reliable and quality wedding invitations retailers also offer your wedding stationery at the same time as you order the invitations. They do allow you to select or pick out similar designs so that your stationery has a flow. Don't forget to print your wedding stationery such as menu items, order of service cards, and other stationery items. You will also need to apply for a marriage license at this time.


At 1 Month

It's time for the Hen's Night/Stag's Night Party, and/or Bridal Shower.


At 2 Weeks

At this point, you should go in for your final dress fitting, as well as give your shot list to the photographer and review your music choices with the band/DJ.


At 1 Week

Get a final head count of confirmed invitees, finalise the seating chart and make sure it's all ready. Sometimes it's best to have this done a week in advance once you've called in all the RSVPs so you can get your seating chart printed neatly. Indulge in some pre-wedding beauty treatments to relax.


48 Hours before the Wedding

You might want to wrap the gifts you've purchased for the bridal party, as well as get some touch-ups done such as getting a tan or getting your nails done.


The Day before the Wedding

It's time for the rehearsal party/dinner and also time to hand out gifts to the bridal party.


The Day of the Wedding

It's show time! Don't forget to have someone check in on all the little details, including placing all the wedding stationery in the correct places. A Happy Wedding!

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