Themed Wedding Invitations

Themed wedding invitations are a great way to give your guests a sneak peek at what they can expect to see on your big day! While you don’t need to give too much away in your invitations, choosing a wedding theme instills a flow of continuity that covers all the different aspects of your wedding from the wedding invitations through to the wedding decor and even the catering. While there are tons of different invitation themes to choose from, here are our picks that are super trendy and can be easily customised to suit your personalities.


Great Gatsby Wedding Invitations

An extremely popular option for themed wedding invitations last year, Great Gatsby wedding invitations are still expected to be a hot favourite throughout 2014, but with a bit more va voom.

Great Gatsby Wedding Invitations

Go all out with your invitation designs to really capture the over the top glamour of this 1920s inspired wedding theme. Think big with luxurious, bold art-deco inspired designs complemented by lavish brooches, clusters, feathers or gold beadwork.

Indian Inspired Wedding Invitations

Indian Wedding Invitations

Whether you’re channeling your heritage or just after wedding invitations that are unusual and unique, indian wedding invitations are a sure way to add a lovely cultural vibe to your wedding day complete with amazing combinations of bright colours, ethnic elements and bold fonts that work together to create a magical and mysterious look that’s sure to enthrall your guests.

OffBeat Wedding Invitations

Offbeat Wedding Invitations

If traditional is just not your style and your couple personality is more edgy and quirky, offbeat wedding invitations are definitely the best choice for your wedding day. This trendy themed wedding invitation style is definitely not for the fainthearted, but can be customised to suit your unique level of quirkiness with everything from cute cartoon drawings to skulls and other unique pop-culture elements.

Carnival Themed Wedding Invitations

Just about everyone loves a good carnival, so why not opt for a carnival wedding theme with a kitsch carnival themed wedding invitation to invite your close family and friends to join the fun.There are a variety of colours and designs that you can try out for your carnival wedding invitations, but it really depends on how bold you want your wedding invitations to be. While red is often favoured in carnival inspired designs, you can also also opt for softer shades of yellow and blue for a more vintage carnival design look.

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