Tips and Ideas for Online Wedding Planning

Wedding planning has evolved greatly over the years, with more and more great sources of inspiration and applications that have changed the paradigm. If you are tech savvy, and on the lookout for ways of saving time, then you might find these tips and ideas for online wedding planning pretty useful.

Be Inspired

Online Wedding Inspiration

Gone are the days of sifting through magazine after magazine to find the look that you are after, with online magazines and not to mention the veritable fountain of inspiration that is Pinterest available through a few clicks of a button. The great thing about Pinterest is that you can simply upload a picture (with or without an online link) and a note of your inspired look and then pin it to your pinboard (which could be a group pinboard shared amongst your key wedding planning group).

Recruit Help and Stay in Touch

Ask Your Bridal Party Box Shops

One of the first things you do when wedding planning is to figure out who will be part of your bridal party. Ask your bridesmaid and groomsmen in fun ways, if you need inspiration check out this article right here – How to Ask your Bridal Party to be Part of Your Wedding. There are great Etsy stores who are skilled at putting together “Ask Your Bridesmaid” and “Ask your Groomsman “boxes. You can Skype your bridal party as they open the box to watch their reactions too.

In order to stay in touch with your bridal party, and other key people who will be helping you plan your wedding, there are various paid and freely available chat applications such as Whatsapp and Groups that allow you to communicate various things on your to do list.

Go Fishing for Wedding Vendors

Online Wedding Vendor Reviews

Online reviews are very important when you want to know that the vendors you are looking at take their jobs seriously. By reading up on consistently good reviews, you are able to gather whether the vendor in question is suitable against your expectation of service and quality.  Websites such as the Wedding Club  provide you with the means to browse local wedding suppliers based on your need.

Online Wedding Guest Lists and Wedding Stationery

DreamDay Invitations Online Wedding Guest Lists and Wedding Stationery

Put together your wedding guests lists online into the super convenient DreamDay Invitations app that allows you to manage your guest lists and not to mention include their titles and addresses that can be used to customise whichever wedding stationery you are looking to buy online. Once you have the wedding guest list sorted, and the wedding stationery designs have been proofed, all you need to do is give the approval to print it out. This can be done from your Save the Date cards all the way to the Thank You Cards!

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