Travel Themed Wedding Invitations

Wanderlust is the strong desire to travel, to see the beauty of each corner of the world, taking in the experiences, sights and wonder that it holds. As you sit down to plan your wedding, you may have a strong desire to mix a little travel into your wedding. Start off with a wedding theme, design your wedding invitations and complementing stationery to flow effortlessly and make an impression with your guests. There are some great travel themed wedding ideas out there; you are really spoilt for choice.

First of all, have a chat with your fiancé. Find out what he/she would like for the wedding. Let your thoughts and wishes be known, and come to an agreement about your wanderlust themed wedding. Having said that, you also need to settle on a style for the theme, that is, what feeling should be conveyed (elegant, fun, casual, quirky, vintage, etcetera), the colour scheme, and the details you would like to stand out. The first unveiling of your wedding theme will be with your travel themed wedding invitations (and accompanying invite accessories – the reply card, directions and accommodations card, wishing well and gift registry card, etcetera), so start there. For some, it’ll be the save the date.

There are some unique ways that you can not only make your wedding invitations, accessories and stationery personalised and custom to your wanderlust wedding, but also how you go about planning a truly sensational wedding day. Tying up your travel themed wedding with a destination is another great way to plan a fun wedding. If it’s a weekend, you can even plan relaxation and fun activities leading up to the wedding and afterwards before your wedding guests have to head back home. Turning your wedding day into a mini-holiday will truly make it  a memorable one for everyone there!

Here are some great travel themed wedding invitations & stationery for you to consider.

Postcard Save the Date Cards

Most holiday-goers send out postcards back home to their family and friends; why not incorporate that into your wedding stationery?  Style a save the date card cleverly into your travel theme and send it out. A photo save the date would be ideal, especially if you and your fiancé have taken the time to take a few professional pictures with a wanderlust theme in mind.

Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

Wedding invites styled after boarding pass tickets are truly clever. The arrangement of information is so carefully laid out, plus it comes with a themed enclosure card to fit it snugly and neatly, especially when you have invite accessories with you. If you are having an intimate affair and you would like to make sure your closest and dearest family and friends will be there on the day you marry your love, then you can even slip in an actual boarding pass airplane ticket behind the boarding pass wedding invitation. Won’t they be surprised and totally excited? We definitely think so!

Luggage Tag Styles Wedding Invite Accessories

When you’re sending out travel themed wedding invites, you might want to carry the theme onto your wedding invite accessories. Why not use luggage tag shaped cards to include the likes of your directions to the ceremony and reception venue, accommodation options for your wedding guests, wishing well verses and not to mention the gift registry information too. You can even include a ribbon attached to the punch hole in the luggage tag card to make it authentic.

Passport Wedding Invitations

Passport Wedding Invitations

Passport themed wedding invites are fun too. The pages within can mimic the bio information and you can even include a photograph of the engaged couple. It’s a great way to include all the wedding information such as what you would usually include in wedding invite accessories into the passport wedding invitation pages and you can customise your wedding invitation wording accordingly. As these are little booklets, your envelopes will be small as well, and make for great keepsakes too.


Don’t forget that you can easily customise the colours and designs you want featured on these stationery items to match your theme, whether it’s with illustrations (seashells, palm trees, tropical flora and fauna, etcetera), photograph designs or even painting techniques. Consult with your wedding invitations designer and let them your wedding vision be known.

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