Trendy Wedding Invitations 2014

When it comes to your wedding, one thing that you will definitely need would be your wedding invitations to make sure that your guests and invitees attend your special day and share the joy of the union. When it comes to selecting the right look for your wedding invitations, shouldn't they at least be fashionable and trendy? That's why we're focusing on trending wedding invitations this week at Wedding Ideas to help you stay on top of trends when making wedding planning decisions.

Deciding on your wedding theme, you will want to do a bit of research before you set your heart on what everything will look like. It's always best to read up on weddings trends, especially when it comes to your wedding invitations, as it's the first wedding item that is presented to your invitees. Shouldn't it blow them away, and get them excited about attending? We have some great ideas for you, such as metallic to foil wedding invitations, preppy patterns, and clean line designs and not to mention trendy colours from this year's trending colour palette.


Flat Cards for Wedding Invitations

Flat Wedding Invitation Cards

Easy and affordable that packs a punch, flat cards come printed in delightful shades on choice paper and card stock making it a great look and is ever trendy depending on the design, artwork or illustration you have chosen for. Choose photo wedding invitations that are trendy and great keepsake items for your guests.

Layered Luxury Wedding Invitations

Jubilee Layered Wedding Invitations

If you want a refined look with beautiful speciality card stock, a trendy wedding invitation idea would be to opt for the beauties that are layered luxury wedding invitations. They can be styled in numerous ways to bring out the best look for your wedding theme. Choose anything from embossed, foiled, flocked, glittered or delightful screen printed designs for these trendy wedding invitations and awe your invitees with the first glimpse into your wedding day.


Unique Wedding Invitations Designs & Accents

Metallic Round and Round Wedding Invitation

For a couple that has their own unique brand of magic, why not do something completely new and exciting. Trendy wedding invitations styles can also be unique, if that's the theme you are going for. Mix delightfully trendy designs and artwork with the likes of an origami inspired folded trendy wedding invitation idea, such as DreamDay Invitations' exclusive Folded Heart Wedding Invitations collection. Trendy, exciting and super easy to do on your own (as they are supplied as flat pack bundles with clear instructions), you'll have a ball putting them together and awaiting the reaction from your invitees as they trickle in their comments and awe.

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