Trendy Wedding Invitations

Some of us prefer a certain look or style whenever we dress up, how we fashion our homes, and not to mention the way we design our events. When it comes to your wedding day, being one of the most important in your life, this can change, and you may look to new trends and hope to add your own special mark in the hearts and minds of your dear guests. It all starts with the wedding invitations (and for some, the save the dates). Adding a trendy look, style or theme can definitely make an impact. Here are some great styles for weddings and trendy wedding invitations, perfect for a 2014 wedding!

Drama, Drama, Drama

This year, you can really go big! If your personal tastes include big & chunky jewellery, tall aesthetics, bold colours and dramatic structures & designs, opt for this theme. A great choice of wedding invitations and stationery for this look would be the art deco/The Great Gatsby theme, with its symmetry and bold designs to majestic choice of colours.

Some choice favourites from The Great Gatsby wedding invitations collection include Clara (with its chevron patterned backdrop in gold and black, a tasteful border work and stately typeface used for the couple's names), Icon (with its leaf flourish backdrop layer in foiled metallic silver), to Leonardo (with its peach hues and scalloped pattern and the silhouette of an art nouveau flower), these designs all make a dramatic impact.


Quirky can mean a lot of things, and usually, it's something out of the ordinary or something that isn't traditional. So essentially, what you are looking for is something other than a white wedding, with fun and amusement around every corner. You will be looking for ways to stand out, to make an impression and be memorable. You want your guests to say, "That was an epic wedding". Start on the right foot by sending out some unique and quirky wedding invitations. It can be a fun illustration of cute or interesting birds, a moustache & lips theme, Mexican skull art, a circus or carnival to even something truly unique such as an origami inspired wedding invitation. It can be anything you set your mind to, provided it has a quirky and unique side.

Look for options of wedding invitations that allow you to customise and personalise your card for your dream day wedding, with the flexibility and convenience of ordering your wedding invitations online, to adding the little details too from your names, the date of the big day, an invitation wording, and even adding guest names and their addresses right there. It sounds fantastic and so convenient right? Well, it's all true, because at DreamDay Invitations, all that magic and more is what it's all about.

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