Unique Beach Wedding Invitations

Every one of us wants that perfect venue for our special day. It's no surprise that the majority of brides and grooms look to the coast for their picturesque beach setting. Beach weddings offer so much; a beautiful natural backdrop to your pictures, fun and exciting theme, and not to mention beautiful and unique beach wedding invitations too. In this edition of Wedding Ideas, we offer you insight into some fabulous beach wedding invitations ideas for your big day!

The best thing about beaches is that no two are alike, and when you take in the view you'll be inspired in so many ways. From the horizon, to the colours in the sky and ocean (or even a lake), to the colours of the sand and coast line, and not to mention the place you are planning on having the ceremony and then the reception are things you need to look at before you decide on your unique beach wedding invitations because they will be your inspiration.  With it, you can decide on what your wedding invitations will look like, and whether they will be purchased via an online wedding invitations retailer, especially one that allows you to customise various details of the design to fit your vision, or whether you want to opt for DIY wedding invitations. The choice is up to you, but here are some lovely styles of beach wedding invitations with unique looks that can be personalised even further.

Photo Beach Wedding Invitations

When opting for this variety of invitations for your wedding, you are assured of a truly unique look, one that is both beautiful and memorable. If you have chosen a photo design, it could be either because of the photograph featured, or the layout, design and style. If it's the latter, then you can easily get it personalised with a unique photograph of the bridal couple or even the venue itself.

Photo beach wedding invitations

Beach Wedding Invitations with Illustrations & Patterns

Incorporating colours, designs and looks into your wedding invitations taken from the inspiration of your venue is prefect especially if via a lovely illustration or pattern. It can be anything from seashells, palm trees, seahorses or even a beautiful design inspired by the colours around you. Wouldn't that be just the ideal beach wedding invitation?

Ocean wedding invitations

Destination Themed Beach Wedding Invitations

More and more brides want something different when they plan a beach wedding, especially if it's a destination wedding theme at that. Usually, a destination wedding is one being held if the venue is situated over 80 kilometres away from their homes. These beach wedding invitations can take up after ideal real life travel documents and items such as boarding passes styled after airline or cruise tickets or even passports too.

Plan for a great wedding with these styles of unique beach wedding invitations for a memorable and truly wonderful day!

Boarding pass invitations

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