Unique Modern Wedding Invitations

Showcase your trendsetter style and contemporary couple personality with unique modern wedding invitations that stand out from the generic invitations that your wedding guests are used to receiving. While there are many ways to customise your wedding invites, here are a few contemporary touches that are guaranteed to transform your invites from average to memorable and get your guests excited about attending your upcoming wedding.


Modern Photo Wedding Invitations


Including photos is an effective way to add an unique touch to your modern wedding invitations quickly and with minimum design effort. While your favourite photographs of the two of you or a sneak peak picture of the wedding location are perfectly fine, we like the idea of pushing the creative boundaries a bit more this year and trying out a dramatic photo look using an opaque text overlay and experimenting with some fonts and effects. You can also try out something different by displaying wedding details using photobooth style photos of the two of you holding a chalkboard with the date, location, time etc instead of following the standard invitation wording format.


Lush Floral Wedding Invitations


Beautiful floral designs have remained popular over the years and can be expected to stay pretty much on trend this year too! While there are so many different types of floral inspired concepts to choose from for your modern wedding invitations, botanicals are taking on a more luxurious and showy look this year with oversized, showy blooms being favoured that exude a romantic and ethereal edge.

Add an unique touch to your modern wedding stationery by opting to customise floral invitation designs in your wedding colours and try to capture this same floral look in your wedding decor and bouquet etc.

Bold Decorative Patterns for your Modern Wedding Invitations

Work with a designer to formulate a special graphic motif that represents either your wedding location, time of year, personal style or just about anything else that captures the unique nature your wedding and gives your guests something to identify your wedding with. There are plenty of new on-trend motifs to choose from such as gold leaves, laurel wreaths, banners and chalkboard signs, our favourite of all would have to be designer monograms. Use both your initials to create an elegant and trendy monogram that can be used to give  everything from your modern wedding invitations through to your napkins a truly unique touch.

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