Unique Typography Engagement invitations

When choosing your unique engagement invitations, there are plenty of different invitation design styles available ranging from engagement invites suitable for a formal celebration to more casual and relaxed backyard events too. While typography inspired designs have been prominent in the wedding invitation arena, brides-to-be are now opting for unique typography engagement invites too. We’ve broken down different ways of using typography inspired designs in your engagement invitations, along with some great tips in the next few passages - keep reading!

Typography engagement invitations can be used to give guests a glance at your unique love story using artistically placed wording featuring decorative fonts. Your engagement invite design can be customised to reflect the look you’re after by either using chunky, bolder fonts coupled with a vibrant colour palette for a modern engagement invitations or cursive and crisp fonts using more subtle colours on luxurious card stock for an elegant and formal engagement invitation.

There are plenty of typography engagement invites that are available off -the-shelf if you prefer that route, and when using a good stationery company, you have full control to personalise everything from the wording through to the layout and fonts used in your typography invitations online. While the earlier option may be more cost effective for a bride looking for  budget engagement invitations, you can also opt to work with a designer to create a completely unique typography engagement  invite that uses stunning graphical representation to give guests a glimpse at your couple style, while  also passing on key event details too.

If you’re creating a typography engagement invitation from scratch, you should spend some time browsing the Internet and checking out other offline options like magazines, billboards, posters and even graffiti on street corners for some great inspiration to get you started with choosing the right fonts for your typography inspired design.

Using different design styles for your wedding stationery from engagement invitations through to wedding invites and finally thank you cards for an eclectic boho look is ultra trendy, traditional brides may still prefer using the same invitation design or at least some elements for a sense of continuity. If you prefer the latter option, choose a typography inspired design that translates well to all these different elements to ensure elegance at every stage.


Give your engagement invitations a truly unique flair  by using hand drawn typography inspired designs on the envelope for an epic first impression.

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