Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

If general, run of the mill wedding invitations just don’t reflect your personalities and couple style, there’s always tons of unique wedding invitations available that range from elegant to more unconventional shapes and designs that are indeed eye-catching and impressive. Express your individual style by trying out some of the following unique wedding invitation ideas which can be customised to transforms your wedding invites instantly into memorable keepsakes.


Layered Wedding Invitations

Effortlessly classy, layered wedding invitations are just perfect for a couple after a look of  sophisticated elegance. This simple and chic design style provides a compact ensemble to keep a lot of information organised and impressive to look at, as numerous layers can be held together with a band of lace or ribbon topped with a vintage brooch.

Layered Embossed  Wedding Invitations - DreamDay Invitations

For an added unique touch, customise your layered wedding invitations by adding on a photo overlay featuring your favourite picture of the two of you.


Hard Cover Wedding Invites

The luxurious look of hard cover wedding invitations makes this invitation style truly impressive with it’s boutique quality finish and the perfect complement to a formal wedding. Explore a range of innovative custom print and pattern designs and cohesively tie in some unusual elements like elegant handmade satin flowers to really give your invites an unique touch.

Layered Metallic Wedding  Invitations - DreamDay Invitations

Customise your hardcover wedding invitations by opting to include a stylised version of an ol’ favourite - the monogram! The perfect finishing touch to your unique wedding invitations, a modernised monogram can be either integrated into the design concept of your invitation or used in an envelope seal.


Pocket Wedding Invitations

An unique wedding invitation trend, pocket wedding invitations are a great way to keep a lot of wedding related information safely and securely tucked away. Perfect for weddings with a lot of events such as a destination wedding, these pocket wedding invitations are ingenious as they allow you to include more personal information such as a verse or poem in the body of your invite and secure other inclusions such as a wishing well card and directions card neatly.


Boarding Pass Invitations

Planning a destination wedding? Boarding pass invitations are unique wedding invitations that are amazing at getting your guests excited and fantasising about traveling to an exotic or fun location to celebrate your big day!

Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations - DreamDay Invitations

 When using boarding pass invitations you can opt to place them in ticket holder covers that match the design of your wedding invitations and really maximise the airline ticket look you’re going for. These wedding invitations and covers can then be placed in larger envelopes which are more convenient for addressing.


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