Victorian Themed Wedding Invitations

Weddings have always been beautiful events, where family and friends join in the celebration of a beautiful union of two souls in love. There have been many weddings that portray different styles and themes, which include the likes modern and contemporary to elegant or vintage. Victorian themed weddings fall mostly in line with vintage wedding themes, and in this installment, we are featuring Victorian wedding invitations.

The Victorian era brought forth beautiful creations, infused with a taste of luxury and elegance. If you want to add a Victorian touch to your wedding, then you can opt to include the likes of floral accents, patterns, frames, ornate borders and even motifs to your final wedding stationery design.


When considering floral accents, there are so many flowers to draw inspirations from, where the wedding invitations illustration design will be affected. If you have gather inspiration for an illustration that depicts a creeper type of flower, then you might have more loops or swirls in your design, or maybe accents of the petals, and so forth.  The floral design may even present itself in a pattern, that is subtle and not too significant, but enough to remind you of it. With patterns, there are so many to choose from floral, to filigree, stripes or pin stripes, polka dots, toile just to name a few. These can even present themselves in borders, that either line the edges of your wedding invitations, to even taking up most of the fore ground. Some examples from DreamDay Invitations’ collection include the likes of Crest of Love, Vogue, and Love Stencil. Either way, you have to see which type of design and layout best suits your vision for your Victorian themed wedding.


Sometimes, you can mix and match your design elements to create something truly unique, and to help this objective, we put the use of frames into action. They may come in various shapes, such as square, round and oval frames, which are the most popular. You can have them featured in your wedding invitations, such as those offered by DreamDay Invitations, such as Polka Dot Diva, Silk Borders, Chantilly Lace, Polka Dot Crest, just to name a few.  Either you could also opt for motifs that are designed specifically for you or something that is already available such as the fleur-de-lis featured in Renaissance Kiss.

Adding accessories to your wedding invitations themed after the Victorian era, you could opt to add a gold or silver touch with foil printing. DreamDay Invitations offers you the option to print your ornate pattern or border in foil treatments. If you are opting to have a designer make the wedding invites for your special day by hand or even you are option to DIY wedding invitations, then adding a layer of lace or accents in lace would be fitting. Browse for that special wedding invite design in the DreamDay Invitations wedding collection.

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