Watercolor Wedding Invitations

There is something truly marvellous when you put beautiful art into use with joyous occasions. It has the ability to capture or reflect on the moment and the feeling in a beautiful way. That is one reason watercolor wedding invitations have become so popular in the wedding industry worldwide.

You are given many ways in which you can be inspired to use watercolors in your wedding. One such way would be to use it for the save the date card that may be the first point of contact for your intended wedding guests. However, if you are not going to use save the dates, then your watercolor wedding invitations will be the great unveiling of the good news! The watercolor drawing or effect you have selected can even be used in the wedding website if you are setting one up. Thereafter on the day of the wedding, with concern to your wedding stationery that may be used for the ceremony and the reception inclusive of welcome signs and directional signs, to table accessories and more, you can feature the watercolour design throughout.

There are many watercolour techniques that are popular with wedding invite designs, they include the likes of abstract designs, typography, illustrations and scenic drawings. These are all ways in which your watercolour card can stand out from all the other wedding invitations out there in the world. Let’s take each type, one at a time.

Abstract Watercolor Designs on Invites : This can be of any design, be it with water stained look, splashes and splotches, to streaks or any other abstract designs within the same colour palette in the same shade/tone or even a mix of various complementing colours that blends well together.

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Watercolor Typography Invite Cards: This is when you have specific words or even the names of the bride and groom set out in watercolour, usually set in a calligraphic manner. These are ideal depending on your colour palette, whether in the same colour tone/shade or different hues blended together for a unique look.

DreamDay Invitations Watercolour Dreams 5x7 Horizontal Flat Wedding Invite

Illustrated Watercolor Invitations for Weddings: When it comes to illustrations, there are various ways about it. It can be of flowers either as a focal element or as a patterned backdrop or borders, to various other inspirations. Once again colour against tones/shades plays a big role but having the invitation wording is set apart can make it stand out prominently.

DreamDay Invitations Cupid 5x7 Vertical Flat Watercolour Wedding Invitation


Scenic Drawings on Wedding Invites: These are quite unique to a setting, and preferably would require an artist to draw out what you have in mind. Once you know what you would like to feature on your wedding invite card, such as a picturesque setting of the wedding venue, you can have that painted in watercolour and then used in your wedding invites. A great way to do this when you are working with printed wedding invitations retailers is to have an artist draw it up and scan it in high resolution, and then send it to the wedding invitation shop to add it onto the card of your choosing for print. Quite simple and easy to do, especially with a reputed unique invitations shop that offers various value added services to their customers.

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