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  • Should a Reply Card Be Put On Wedding Invitations

    There was once a time when wedding invitations were just wedding invitations, and by that I mean that when you received it in your mail all you came across when opened was just the wedding invite. But that has long since changed, and now we have more invitations accessories sent along with the main attraction, of which the most crucial is considered the reply card or the R.S.V.P. card.

    R.S.V.P. stands for “répondez, s'il vous plait” which means “please reply” in French. As a mode of allowing the invited guests to confirm their attendance or pass on their regrets, many couples and guests have agreed that this part of etiquette is much needed. There are many modes of RSVP-ing, one which is via phone, where the invitee can call in and relate their attendance to the event, or via email and of course via reply card.  Now, on the matter of whether wedding invitations are really necessary, there are many opinions to this fact. Many people say you should go ahead and do it due to many reasons. These reasons are regarded with certain invitation etiquette, which we will look into in depth.


    We, at DreamDay Invitations recommend that your wedding invitations should be dispatched to your guests at least six weeks before the wedding, thus giving them enough notice to make sure that they do not double-book the date and also make arrangements for travel, in case they are from out-of-town. By doing so, it allows you to set your R.S.V.P. deadline to about three weeks prior. This way you can figure out a final head count as well as the seating arrangements depending on it, as you may opt to include an area which requests a number of attendees. This is just one reason why reply cards are important.


    Another reason DreamDay Invitations figures that reply cards are important is in case you have specific dietary needs, say for example, if the guest is a vegan, then certain concessions must be made, or even if the guest has specific allergies, for example is lactose intolerant, they should be noted. Like so, it is important.


    Of course, you can reply with your attendance via email or even via phone, but ensuring that all the relevant information with regard to a respective guest is in one place, then a reply card would be the most efficient. Therefore, when sending out your wedding invitations along with the reply card make sure that information such as the number of guests, their dining preferences and such are all included so that guests will know exactly how they should reply.

  • Creative Wedding Invitations

    Your Wedding Invitations are your own personal signature to your wedding day. They should reflect your own personality and style in both design and wording. Let your imagination wander and find inspiration in the everyday things that you love, a favourite colour, a favourite flower, a soft romantic design and your creative wedding invitations will come to life. Be creative with your words and compile your own poem and verses that will show your love for each other to all your guests. Choose a beautifully printed design with a unique graphic pattern that is exciting and impressive. To be creative, you just have to use your imagination and think outside the square. Look for creative ideas and concepts that are typically you, your style, your flair, your taste and make your creative wedding invitations the perfect start to a wedding day you will remember forever. Dreamday Invitations has a fantastic range of creative wedding invitations to cover most wedding settings, styles and themes, all carefully designed and crafted by expert talented designers exclusively for Dreamday Invitations. Our Printed wedding invitations will delight and dazzle every bride and groom whatever their personal wedding style and setting is.

    New Dawn Square Vertical Invitation in Periwinkle - DreamDay Invitations

    Pictured above are DreamDay Wedding Invitation 'New Dawn' If you prefer to add your own artful and creative ideas to your wedding invitations, Dreamday has developed a range of DIY wedding invitations to allow every bride and groom to be creative and add their own expression and spirit to their wedding invitations and stationery, using special flocked and embossed papers, trinkets, lace and ribbons to give that spectacular handmade effect. Creative wedding invitations will be the starting point for a unique and precious wedding day, and should give a clear indication to all your guests of the style and ambiance of your wedding.  Be a formal or casual as you wish. Choose creative wedding invitations and matching wedding stationery, RSVP Cards, Wishing Well cards, Place cards, Printed Menu’s and Thank You cards to create a wedding story that will be harmonized and chic. Dreamday Invitations- helping to make your dreamday come true.

  • Wedding Invitations Australia

    There are approximately 110,000 weddings in Australia each year! That’s amazing. For a relatively sparsely populated country such as this, we must be a nation of romantics! The eastern seaboard is responsible for the majority of them with 35,000 weddings per year  in Sydney and NSW alone, plus Canberra and ACT with 1,600 weddings per year, followed by Melbourne and Vic at 25,000 per year, closely followed by Brisbane and Qld with 24,000 per year.

    It’s no wonder then that DreamDay Invitations has fast become one of the leading online suppliers of the most beautiful wedding invitations in the country. With our fast turn around time being 24 – 48 hours after receiving your order, our anywhere in Australia delivery policy, and our exclusive diverse range of designer created masterpiece designs at the best possible prices, along with our fantastic website offering 3d viewing and editing instantly, we will deliver the Australian bride a unique and efficient one-stop, online wedding stationery shop for all her wedding stationery needs.

    Pearl Destiny Square Vertical Invitation - DreamDay Invitations

    Pictured above is DreamDay designs 'Pearl Destiny',  No matter where you are in Australia, if you have access to the internet, you have access to DreamDay Invitations.  You can choose from 100’s of striking professionally printed designs in a huge assortment of popular wedding colours, include all your important text information in a variety of stylish fonts, and see our extensive range of matching wedding stationery and table accessories, all from the comfort of your own home. We will deliver direct to you, quickly, anywhere in Australia via Express Post.

    Or you can take all the printing and fuss out of creating your own wedding invitations, and choose from our DIY range. Blank templates, professionally printed with your names and wedding details, and left blank, in white or many modern trendy colours, with room for you to add your own finishing touches and decorations. Use pretty papers, ribbons, lace, buckles, diamontes, beads, crystals, and cute 3D motifs to personalize your diy wedding invitations, giving you personal and unique wedding invitations that show your own creative flair and style to all your guests.

    If you are looking for the best quality printed wedding invitations in Australia, and want them quickly and easily, at lowest possible competitive prices, then go no further than DreamDay Invitations. We are committed to our moto; ‘To help you make your Dreamday come true.’

  • Wedding Stationery – Table Accessories to Co-ordinate with Your Wedding Invitations

    Matching co-ordinated wedding reception table accessories are the ideal way to continue your theme and colours choices through your entire wedding day, ensuring a harmonized and stylish feeling for your perfect wedding. Dreamday Invitations has produced an outstanding range of high quality Wedding stationery accessories from which to choose from, all perfectly co-ordinated and designed especially to harmonize your wedding theme.

    Start with Wishing Well cards which are sent out with your wedding invitations to effective and polite way to inform all your guests of your desire for cash contributions or charity donations etc. instead to the traditional wedding gifts. Also available are gift registry cards in case you have registered yourself at your favourite homewares store and have specific requirements when it comes to the homewares you receive as your wedding gifts.

    Follow through our list here to see examples how you can include your theme into all your wedding stationery.  Pictured below are our designs 'Pearl Destiny', 'Oriental Blossoms', and 'Orchid Obsession' and all their matching accessories.

    Pearl Destiny Wishing Well card Oriental Blossoms Wishing Well card Orchid Obsession Wishing Well card

    Order of Service Covers are ideal for every wedding, allowing you to produce a beautiful take home memento for all guests, giving them written information on the order of proceedings for the ceremony, reception, with officiates names, names of the bridal party, and names of anyone who may be making a toast on your behalf. They can be simple placed along the seats at the church or at each table setting at the reception.

    Pearl Destiny Order of Service Cover Oriental Blossoms Order of Service Cover Orchid Obsesssion Order of Service Cover

    Printed Table number cards will organize your tables perfectly and guide your guests to their allocated table easily and clearly.

    Pearl Destiny Table Number cards Oriental Blossums Table Number card Orchid Obsession Table Number cards

    Use Place cards to organize your guests onto the correct table and seat number when they arrive at your wedding reception. Have them professionally printed with the guest names or purchase them unnamed and use a gold or silver pen to beautifully handwrite the guest names on them.

    Pearl Destiny Place cards Oriental Blossoms Place cards Orchid Obsession Place card

    Have your delicious reception menu showcased on Printed Menu cards as a keepsake for each guest and have them salivating at the thought of the food to come. They make a elegant and wonderful table setting addition for any wedding setting.

    Pearl Destiny Printed Menu Oriental Blossoms Printed Menu Orachid Obsession Printed Menu

    Bring colour and décor into your reception venue, while still following your theme with Printed Place Mats. They can include a Welcome message, Bride and Groom names and Wedding date, or any relevant information you may like to relay to your guests as they sit down to enjoy your reception.

    Pearl Destiny Printed Place Mat Oriental Blossoms Printed Place Mat Orchid Obsession Printed Place Mat

    It has become very popular to give a Bonbonierre gift to each guest as a thank you for helping you celebrate your special day, so printed matching Bonbonierre tags are perfect way to label each and every one with a thoughtful little gift tag with your thanks message inside.

    Pearl Destiny Bonboniere card Oriental Blossoms Bonboniere card Orchid Obsession Bonboniere card

    Matching Printed Napkin Bands add that final touch to make your reception tables a pleasure to sit down at.

    Pearl Destiny Printed Napkin Band 17112-Z10-XXXXX-000_thumb[1] Orchid Obsession Printed Napkin Band

    Dreamday Invitations are always striving to produce the finest quality Wedding Stationery, with the latest techniques and the up to date styling available online today. Dreamday Invitations – helping you make your dream day come true.

  • Pocket Wedding Invitations

    Your wedding invitations are the essential start to your perfect wedding day, and Dreamday Pocket Wedding Invitations are the answer you are looking for. Our range of Square Vertical Pocket Wedding Invitations are a unique product that offers brides a way to keep all of the necessary inclusions to go with her invitation safely tucked away.  Dreamday Pocket Wedding Invitations have been specifically designed to be unique and as individual as you. Our unique Pocket Wedding Invitations design will give you more options to include more wedding information on the body of the invitation, or more verses, or maybe a Wishing Well poem on the one card, and allowing you to insert any R.S.V.P. cards or Directions cards neatly inside the pocket inside, keeping them together and intact until the envelope is opened. They also allow your guests to store all your wedding information cards, together ready for the exciting event ahead. Dreamday Invitations uses the finest quality papers, combined with superb customer service to offer the best Pocket style wedding invitations around today.

    Blue Reflection Square Pocket Wedding Invitation Orchid Obsession Square Vertical Wedding Invitation Filigree Cloud Square Pocket Wedding Invitation

    Pictured above are Dreamday Pocket Wedding Invitations in 'Blue Reflection' 'Orchid Obsession' and 'Filigree Cloud'.

    The folded dimensions are 145mm x 145mm. These pocket invitations only fit into our plain envelopes. No printed envelopes are available.

    Each design has its own set of co-ordinated matching wedding stationery accessories including R.S.V.P. cards, Wishing Well cards, Directions or Accommodation cards, Gift registry cards, and for the wedding reception we have matching Place cards, Printed Menu’s, Napkin Bands and Table number cards. And, for after the excitement is over, and life’s resumed to as close to normal as possible, we have matching Thank You cards for you to send to all your loved ones and friends who helped make your wedding day so special.

    Dreamday Invitations – helping make your Dreamday come true.

  • Gift Registry Cards - How and Why You Should Include Them With Your Wedding Invitations

    It has been a long established and old age custom for wedding guests to give gifts to the newly married couple as a way of celebrating the beginning of a new life together. Traditionally these gifts take the form of beautiful and useful household items to help the new couple establish a new home together as man and wife. These days however many couples have shared a home together before the wedding, or lived away from their parental home for many years, and have already collected many of the household items that might be given as wedding gifts. It  makes perfect sense to organize a Gift Registry.

    DreamDay Invitations has the perfect Gift Registry Card for you.  Having a Gift Registry not only makes it easier for you guests to purchase a gift they know you will like, but ensures you receive only the items you may need, or dream of, and eliminates the possibility of receiving two Bread Makers or two toasters, or two kettles etc. Your guests will want to give you something you love, and this makes it far easier for them.

    Dreamday Gift Registry/Wishing Well Card 28263-Z10-XXXXX-102_thumb[1] Summer Sunshine Gift Registry/Wishing Well Card Fantasy Gift Registry/Wishing Well Card

    DreamDay Gift Registry cards are located on the reverse of these Wishing Well cards.

    Gift Registry cards are generally sent out with the Wedding Invitation, on a separate card included within the envelope. It is considered incorrect etiquette to mention anything about gifts on the actual wedding invitations.

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  • Order of Service Covers to Match your Wedding Invitations

    Your actual Wedding Ceremony is no doubt the most important part of your Wedding Day. It can also be the most romantic part, the most traditional part and the most personal part of your entire day. This is what it all comes down to. The reason why all your friends and family have gathered by your side to witness this special and momentous occasion where you will openly declare your love for each other for all eternity. Creating your own Order of Service booklet for all your guests, and placing it inside a beautifully printed and co-ordinated DreamDay Order of Service cover, not only gives each guest a memorable keepsake of this wonderful occasion, but helps every guest feel included with information on who makes up the bridal party and attendants, with a program and details of each part of the service.

    Order of Service Cover in Pearl Destiny Order of Service Cover in Enchanted Garden Order of Service Cover in Framed Rose Bouquet

    Pictured above are DreamDay Invitations Order of Service Covers in 'Pearl Destiny', 'Enchanted Garden' and 'Framed Rose Bouquet'. Continue reading

  • Best Wedding Invitations

    If you are a discerning bride who knows quality, and value for money, and only wants the best for your dream wedding day, then there is only one place to go for wedding invitations. Dreamday Invitations offers the best wedding invitations available online today! We are, simply, the best online wedding stationery supplier around. With fast fast turn around time, state of the art printing technology, superior personal customer service, high quality cards and printing papers, and with a huge range of modern and traditional designer created designs, in the most up to date colours, DreamDay invitations have become a leader in the online wedding invitation industry.

    Summer Sunshine Square Vertical Invitation Autumn Garden Square Vertical Invitation New Dawn Squarae Vertical Invitation

    Pictured above are DreamDay designs 'Summer Sunshine', 'Autumn Garden', and 'New Dawn'.

    DreamDay Invitations has secured the talents of qualified modern designers, mastered printing optimization techniques, trained a professional personal customer service team, and bought the best quality card stock available, to produce the best wedding invitations money can buy, quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly for any bride and groom from the comfort of their own home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    DreamDay Invitations can also supply you with the finest matching printed invitation and table accessories such as RSVP cards, Wishing Well cards, Place cards, Printed Menu's and many more.

    So if you want the best wedding invitations around, visit the website for DreamDay Invitations, order a sample and see for yourself that DreamDay Invitations are committed to help make your DreamDay come true.

  • Wedding Invites

    You have found the person of your dreams and have decided to spend the rest of your lives together. Now it is time to plan your dream wedding. A wedding day you’ve probably dreamed about for years! Ordering your wedding invites and opening the package to see your names together on a beautiful wedding invite for the first time in print will one of the most romantic and emotional moments of your wedding planning, turning your dream wedding into reality in front of your eyes! DreamDay Invitations understands the emotion and importance of each and every wedding invite we print.  We are committed to the promise of helping make your dreamday wedding come true with our up to date gorgeous designs, our diverse range, our state of the art online ordering system, our fast, fast, fast turn around time and our friendly customer service team.

    Fantasy Square Wedding Invitation Enchanted Garden Square Wedding Invite Blue Reflection Square Wedding Invite

    Pictured above are DreamDay wedding invites in 'Fantasy', 'Enchanted Garden' and 'Blue Reflection'.

    DreamDay wedding invites come in multitudes of colours, from elegant Black and White, through lots of pretty pastels, classic neutrals, glorious florals, splendid bolds and modern brights. Our designs have been professionally crafted and produced by our team of talented designers to enhance and co-ordinate with any wedding setting. DreamDay wedding invites are made with only the finest card stock available, and our high quality control ensures you only receive products that you will be honoured to show off to all your guests. We stand proudly behind our name and our moto to help make your DreamDay come true.

  • Dove Inspired Wedding Invitations

    Doves have been a traditional symbol of romance, peace and harmony for many years past, and have been a beautiful romantic addition in many weddings for centuries past. The dove was a sacred symbol of love for ancient goddesses Aphrodite and Venus meaning love, devotion and care and because doves are known to mate for life, their release and depiction at today weddings, symbolizes true love and eternal devotion between the bride and groom. Dreamday Invitations has just released a brand new range of wedding invitations including  graceful ‘Dove’ inspired designs, especially created by our talented designers to enhance and harmonize every brides wedding day plans. Current trends tell us of a return to the values, and time treasured symbols, of times past, so we have teamed the latest trends in colours with the traditional values of white doves to design the most beautiful dove wedding invitations available today.

    Harmony Square Invitation First Kiss Square Invitation Haymony DL Tri-Fold Invitation

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