Wedding Brunch Inspiration

Weddings are what you make them out to be; it is your day after all. You can add a twist to your wedding affair by changing up the times a little, especially if you’re a morning person by considering a brunch wedding reception. They are just perfect; with natural lighting that isn’t too harsh and ideal for pictures, not to mention the variety of options you get by choosing a wedding brunch!  If you really love your mornings, you can even catch the sunrise for your wedding ceremony! We’ve put together some delightful options as wedding brunch inspiration ideas for you to consider having for your wedding day; one that is personal, scrumptious and not to mention really smashing!

Coffee Bar (to kick-start the morning)

Wedding Brunch Tea Coffee Bar Cart

This would be a thoughtful gesture to the wedding guests, especially if you are having a sunrise wedding ceremony. Set up a coffee bar with your favourite roasts/blends, and don’t forget the details such as sugar, cream, stirrers. Make sure to include tea for those who love a good blend of hot or ice tea.

Image Credit: ChicagoNow

Your Brunch Buffet Spread


Everyone loves a good breakfast spread, so go crazy with it. Some of the newest brunch food trends include frittatas that are light but filling, grilled vegetables, smoked food items (smoked salmon, tuna bacon, and salmon bacon), grilled chicken wraps and open sandwich choices. A popular sight at wedding brunches include food stations for the likes of crepes,  French toast, omelettes and pancakes, allowing your wedding guests to pick and choose the ingredients, toppings and syrups.

Image Credit: INaturalCatering

A Cereal Bar for the Young (and not so Young)

Wedding Brunch Cereal

For those who just HAVE to have their cereal, whether it is for the little ones or those who love their Fruity Cheerios, a cereal bar is a great idea! Put them in glass containers to let the playfulness show through and don’t forget the milk, and breakfast fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and more.

Image Credit: The Frosted Petticoat

A Waffle Wedding Cake

                                         alternative wedding offbeat morning early sunrise breakfast brunch hike hiking rustic pink purple yellow orange elope elopement small unique bride groom centerpiece centerpieces buffet

Keep the brunch spirit going with a delicious stacked and tiered tower of waffles as the wedding cake. As a twist to the unique brunch wedding reception, the bride and groom opt to pour maple syrup over the waffle wedding cake part of the wedding cake cutting ceremony.

Image Credit: The Frosted Petticoat

Happy Hour

Wedding Brunch Mimosa Happy Hour

If you’re planning on a sunrise wedding ceremony, apart from the coffee cart also offer your guests some spirited refreshments with a 6am happy hour to keep the Mimosas, Bloody Marys and perhaps even some Irish Coffee cocktails too.

Image Credit: TheLittleWhiteDress

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