Wedding Flowers and How to Incorporate them to Your Wedding Theme

Wedding flowers are the beautiful signature to your weddings final appearance and can be one of the easiest parts of your wedding to plan. Whatever your style, traditional, contemporary, country, casual, beach, garden or elegant and formal, you can create your mood with beautiful flowers. Your choice of wedding flowers can transcend through your entire bridal party, the ceremony, wedding stationery and wedding reception by choosing colours and flower types that you also feature in your bridal bouquet. Start the theme with floral wedding invitations and even take your theme through to the post wedding Thank You’s with matching Thank You cards.

Orchid Obsession Square Invitation Summer Sunshine Square Wedding Invitation Enchanted Garden Square Wedding Invitation

Pictured above are DreamDay Wedding Invitations in ' Orchid Obsession', 'Summer Sunshine' and 'Enchanted Garden'.

To save money you can choose flowers which are in season at the time of your wedding. Flowers that are in season will be more available and therefore less expensive than flowers grown in a hothouse or glasshouse, or that are imported. Try to choose flowers for their endurance that will stay fresh and beautiful for the entire day, that won’t tend to close up, keeping in mind any fragrance your flowers may have. You don’t want your wedding bouquet scent to overpower your favourite perfume, or give you a headache. Visit a florist early in the planning process and tell your florist as much information about the wedding as possible let them suggest bouquet styles and designs, take a good look at their portfolios and photos of previous work for inspiration keeping in mind your time of year, wedding style and budget and always get a written quote! Take samples of fabrics to match colours.

Try using fresh pretty flowers in your hair for truly special feeling. Your hairdresser can encorporate some gorgeous baby's breath, or tiny rose buds or pretty freesias into your hair design with sparkly clips and pins. Frangipanis look amazing entwined in your hair for a beach or garden wedding! You can use fresh flowers instead of a traditional veil, saving money on wedding attire, or use them just to highlight and enhance your own stunning bridal head piece.

You will need to think about flowers for many aspects of your day. For your bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, flower girls, corsages or wrist sprays for the mothers of the bride and also the groom’s mother,flowers for headpieces, men’s buttonholes (including your dad), church flowers for the alter and pews, fresh petal confetti for your flower girls to throw, cake enhancements, reception decorations and table centrepieces. Flower bouquets and arrangements can be highlighted with accessories such as sprays of greenery, like ivy fern leaves, shiny camellia leaves,  crystals and beads.  “Babies-breathe” adds a very soft romantic look and bulk without the cost of extra flowers. Many brides opt for the stunning and elegant single flower look for themselves and their bridesmaids, and just carry a beautiful single rose or a single spray of orchids.  This could be significantly less expensive and if you know someone with a green thumb that has a beautiful garden, they may even be able to supply you from their garden and will probably love to do so. The Natural Stemmed Bouquet or Hand tied bouquet are very popular currently where the flowers are arranged in a neat bouquet to form a natural posy with their natural stems attached and then the stems are neatly tied with a gorgeous satin ribbon, pretty lace or romantic organza. Roses remain one of most popular wedding flowers of all time, but there are many other stunning flower species that will look equally as beautiful. Try lilies, forget-me-nots, freesias, hyacinth, frangipanis, lavender, jasmine, peony roses, stocks, sweet peas, tulips, violets, orchids, pansies, jonquils, hydrangea and cornflowers, dahlias, magnolias, gerberas,  or any of the Australian native flowers that are always available.

Wired bouquets are used when the bride want a specific shape for her bouquet such as a teardrop or cascade style. The stems are removed and the flowers are wired along with any greenery. All the wires are collected from the back and bound with ribbon to form a handle for you to hold on to. Wired bouquets will be more expensive than Natural stems as there is a lot more work involved to assemble. You may choose your bridesmaids flowers to match your own or compliment their dresses with a matching colour. You can have smaller versions made for flower girls. Most churches already have someone from their congregation that organises and arranges flowers for the church every week. You should check with the clergyman for your church as you maybe will be able to take advantage of any existing arrangements to save money. If you plan to ‘throw the bouquet’ on your departure, you can have a smaller bouquet made especially for this purpose and then you can keep your own bouquet and preserve the whole thing, or some flowers from it. Colour combinations for bouquets are endless and with a little research and pre-thought, you will find the perfect blend to suit you, leaving you feeling uplifted and inspired, and give your wedding day the elegance and artistry it deserves.

If you are undecided on how to compose your wedding bouquet, take a look at our short list of some favourite flowers and their meanings below to help you decide.

Agapanthus - Secret Love Anemone - Forsaken, sincerity Apple Blossom - Temptation, Good Fortune. Aster - Love, Daintiness Baby’s Breath - Innocence, Pure Heart. Bluebell - Constancy, humility Calla Lily - Magnificent beauty Camellia (pink) - Longing for you Camellia (red) - You’re the flame in my heart. Camellia (white) - Ultimate beauty, Adorable Carnation - Fascination, Distinction Chrysanthemum - Friendship, Truth Daffodil - Regard, respect Dahlia - Dignity, Elegance Forget-me-not - True Love, Constant Love Freesia - Innocence Gardenia - Joy, Purity Gerbera - Sunshine, Unconscious Love Hibiscus - Delicate Beauty Iris - Wisdom, Faith, Promise Ivy - Fidelity Jasmine - Grace, Elegance Lavender - Loyalty Lily - Happiness, Truth, Honour Lilac - Emotion Lily-of-the-valley - Happiness, Humility, Sweetness Magnolia - Nobility Orchid - Beauty, Love, Magnificence Orange Blossom – Fertility Peony – Happiness, Prosperity, Bashfulness Rose (red) - Deep Love, Desire, Passion Rose (white) - Charm, Purity, Innocence Stock - Bonds of Affection Sweet Pea - Pleasure Tiger Lily - Wealth, Pride Tulips - Love, Passion Violets - Faithfulness, Modesty Zinnia - Goodness

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