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  • Contemporary Wedding Invitations

    Contemporary Wedding Invitations are the fresh, perfect compliment to the modern wedding in 2010. A contemporary wedding invitation will announce your wedding plans to everyone with style and flair, and reflect the trends of the modern bride and groom giving all who receive an invitation an exciting glance ahead at the design and style of your wedding.

    Below are examples of DreamDay Square Invitations in ‘Candy Stripe’ ‘Moonlight Silhouette’ and ‘Renaissance’.

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    DreamDay Invitations has a large range of  contemporary wedding invitations styles which come in Square or DL shapes with a multitude of themes and colours from bold shades to pastel tinges, florals styles to perfectly co-ordinate with your ideas, allowing the flexibility to express your emotions and information in an infinite number of ways. We make sure you’re invitation contains exactly what you want to set the tone for your wedding at a cost effective competitive rate.

    Font choices can be modern and wording more casual, giving the couple greater choices and enabling you to be extra personal and creative.

    DreamDay invitations has an extensive range of Contemporary wedding invitations to choose from, and by using our 3D real image viewing, you can see right in front of you how your invitation and accessories will look immediately.

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  • Black and White Wedding Invitations

    Black and White weddings are a stylish, clean and elegant choice for the modern bride in 2010.  The choices and options are easy, classical and beautifully elegant and the image you create will be timeless with a Black & White theme, and DreamDay Invitations is the perfect start to a refined and truly classy feeling for your wedding. A Black and White themed Wedding Invitation will give your guest a glimpse ahead and conjure images of graceful formal festivities to come.

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    Black and White themed wedding invitations such as our ‘Yours Forever’ ‘Filigree Cloud’ and ‘Hearts of Love’ designs, pictured can provide your guests with ideas of elegance by using crisp, sleek lines and adding soft and romantic enrichment. Continue reading

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