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  • Wedding Traditions with Contemporary Choices

    Are you a modern bride with some great ideas and twists up your sleeve? We've put together a few contemporary wedding traditions that you might find interesting such as opting out of some wedding activities or choosing a modern wedding invitations design. This is even truer especially if you want to break from tradition or you want to stick to them whilst adding your own brand of magic and personality.


    The Wedding Invitations

    Wedding invitations Layered wedding invitations

    Many brides and grooms are moving away from the traditional all white wedding invitations for colour, flair and fun. Bold design, contrasting colours and not to mention fold styles such as pocket wedding invitations, boarding pass styled wedding invitations and more for your choosing make it possible to add personality.


    Walking Down the Aisle

    Many dads look forward to this wedding tradition, but if you have your reasons to choose differently, then there's no reason why you can't. You can walk down the aisle with whomever you like, even walk down the aisle yourself, making a grand entrance as you do.


    The First Dance

    If you aren't into dancing, then you can mix things up with this wedding tradition. When the time comes to announce the newlyweds, you can have the DJ invite everyone willing to the dance floor for a group first dance, or the bridal retinue can have a dance number or a flash mob too.


    The Wedding Cake

    If you're more concerned about the type of wedding dessert and wanting your favourite one, you can choose it over wedding cake. You will find that everything from cheesecakes, pies to cupcakes, cake pops and more are great choices for your choice of wedding dessert.


    The Garter Toss & Bouquet Toss

    There are some traditions that could either make you or your wedding guests uncomfortable. Whether it's the Garter Toss or the Bouquet Toss, they can be excluded or you can fit in something else, like a wedding montage of your love story.


    The Wedding Dress

    Most modern brides are moving away from the conventional white wedding dress mould and taking a step towards standing out. This could be the style and design to the colour. You can easily opt for pastel shades of colour, with ivory and blush pink being clear favourite amongst many modern brides who aren't afraid to take a step into contemporary wedding traditions.


    Whether it's your wedding invitations to the various activities, you may have planned for the day of the wedding and not to mention the details such as the wedding cake and dress, these are all twists to the wedding traditions you will find. Make your wedding day a dream come true with personality and flair, but importantly you.

  • Wedding Invitations Etiquette

    Weddings are all about elegance and etiquette because being an event of a lifetime it calls for the respect of the union between two people in love who have decided to enter holy matrimony. When it comes to wedding invitation etiquette there are many things to consider as well, apart from the wedding preparations as most of the etiquette components falls upon wedding invitations. For wedding invitations etiquette there are various things to consider from the wedding invitation wording, to the addressing and mailing and also the wedding invitation enclosures.

    Wedding Invitation Wording

    When it comes to wedding invitations etiquette, the wording that you use is important. You can either opt to keep it casual or formal, but regardless of that the proper rules of society and how you word them in a way that sticks to the traditional invitation etiquette stand. An example of standard wedding invitation wording would be;

    Mr and Mrs Peter Bates

    request the pleasure of the company of


    at the marriage of their daughter

    Samantha Evelyn


    Jason George McDonald

    to be held at

    4:30pm at

    St. Anne’s Anglican Church

    38 St Georges Rd,

    Terrigal, NSW


    Saturday 25th September, 2010

    and afterwards at

    Forest Glen Reception Centre

    225 St George Rd,

    Terrigal, NSW


    Dress: Black Tie

    R.S.V.P. please by 25th Augusts, 2010

    26 City Ave, Sydney 2000

    This wedding invitation wording which is one made available at DreamDay Invitations on its online system allows you to sift through the options and also customise accordingly and will be proofed by professionals to ensure that etiquette is maintained.

    Wedding Invitation Addressing & Mailing

    When addressing your wedding invitation, etiquette would mainly involve how you address the invitees in terms of title. For example, based on the relationship status and if the couple if married whether the wife is using her husband’s last name and also on their professional titles. If they are a married couple, then the option of addressing them as ‘Mr and Mrs” is fine, but however, if the wife has a different surname or has a title different to that of the husband then her name would appear first, in the form of ‘Dr. Jane Carter and Mr. Joe Smith’.

    Wedding Invitation Enclosures

    When it comes down to wedding invitation enclosures, what we mean here are the wedding invitation accessories that accompany your invite to the wedding. These include the likes of the reply card, the directions and accommodations card which would include a map and also possible accommodation options for out-of-towners. This is considered good etiquette as it allows you to be considerate of people who wouldn’t normally know where to stay especially if they are not from the parts you are from.  DreamDay Invitations offers the options of pocket wedding invitations that facilitate etiquette in manner in a neat and tidy way.

  • Modern Wedding Invitations

    If it’s time for you to decide on your wedding invitations and you have always fancied modern art and contemporary design, then you can take your influences and make them quite distinctive in your modern wedding invitations. Contemporary or modern design for wedding invitations includes a simplistic and uncluttered look and can also feature light hues accented with darker shades and tones of colour. Also, a great thing about this type of design is that it can infuse other types into it be it Romanesque to add to the entire look. With modern wedding invitations, or rather contemporary wedding invites there are many design options for you to choose from. Soft colours to dark, lines and stripes, design features such as filigree and baroque to various era influencing make up these types of invites. The trends for 2011 in terms of contemporary design take influences from mid century modernity to ultra clean look which is quite a hit, to also patterns because simple minimalistic design with touches of influence make up a beautiful wedding invite.


    When we take mid-century modernism into account with regard to wedding invitations, we look at retro designs that are colourful but yet blend seamlessly together creating a design that is simple and classy. Borders that are unique and patterns that are bold and contrasting make these types of modern wedding invitations quite beautiful to behold.  The main focus on this kind of invite designs are the shapes you put to use and the typography of it all, and how they are laid out in a manner that does not clutter the space provided.


    In terms of the ultra clean look of modern wedding invites, it’s all about how you lay out the design elements together. Be it a pattern, a treatment you have in mind from embossing to engraving and even foil printing, you need a proper plan before hand and how it comes together should be efficient and yet ‘clean’. By clean you showcase most of the base background feature or colour and revolve the other designs around it, thereby making it the key feature. With clever use of colour and typography even the simplest invite will be a sensational hit.

    Modern wedding invitations trends for 2011 also feature patterns, whereby you see more of the likes of plaid, stripes and herringbone being included into the dynamics of wedding invite design. For your wedding, it’s always best to put together an ‘inspiration board’ that gathers your inspirations into one place and where you can draw out which elements you would like feature in your contemporary wedding invite design. Thereafter, it’s a piece of cake. All you will have to do is find that look, and presto you’ll have beautiful designs at your doorstep.

  • Theme Wedding Invitations

    Themes can be derived by many definitions and in the sense of an artistic and design aspect; you could look to colours as well as inspirations that are bounced off many shapes, objects and even living entities. When it comes to weddings and wedding invitations, themes play quite a distinctive role. Figuring out which theme for your wedding and invites suit your special day the best may take some thinking and some direction, and you can find it right here. When you want to style your wedding invites after that of a theme, there are two ways in which you can go about it. One will be with colours which allow you a great many shades and hues to play with and the other would be based on inspirations. Now, these inspirations may differ from one another whether it’s based on a time period, a way of styling or even objects and also people.


    Some great themes for the year of 2011 presents us with a myriad of options to choose from which varies in range so distinctively that there is something for everyone, no matter what your tastes and styles and likings may be. From the likes of vintage, to chic elegance, patterns, colour explosions, to elegance and simplistic detailing, green weddings and DIY, this year is one of greatness and with it DreamDay Invitations is right on cue with all the offerings for this year. Let’s look at each factor and how these wedding invites come together based on the themes chosen as this year’s trends.


    Vintage is a wonderful thing that puts together various iconic design elements and infuses them in an eclectic mix that gathers distinct colours to make a beautiful work of art come to life. DreamDay Invitations has a great range of such vintage wedding invites to offer you the option of having a vintage feel to your wedding. Wedding chic is easy and effortless if you know where to look and know how to style and design in a way that is trendy and beautiful. With the right touches of design elements and colours, your wedding invitations will be beautiful. But that’s not all DreamDay Invitations can offer you in terms of keeping up with theme wedding invitations along with the trends that this year brings you, you may have options if the other trends such as patterns, colours, treatment details and also DIY and green wedding invitation which DreamDay Invitations is proud to offer. Patterns with wedding invitations are stupendous and DreamDay Invitations has many choices to choose from in its collections from the likes of filigree to damask, polka dots, stripes and much more. Use these patterns and designs in your wedding invites to make it whimsical and fun. Likewise with colours and the essence of detailing via treatments and the likes you may opt to make your wedding cards bigger and better to fit your idea of the ideal stationery for your special day.

  • Inspirational Wedding Invitation Wording

    If your wedding day is 6-8 months away, then it’s time to get cracking and have fun with all the planning. Starting early means making sure that everything goes well and it leaves you with time to look back and evaluate, and take it all in, with time to make sure everything happens as you plan it to and want it to. So, when it comes to your planning you almost always start with the venue, which in turn is related to the wedding invitations that need to be sent out at least 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding. The way you design your inspirational wedding invitations, and also how your wedding invitation wording will sound, reflects back to the style ceremony and the reception, because in fact, you are offering your invitees and guests a sneak peek into what the special day will include.

    Hearts of Love Square Vertical Invitation in Black - DreamDay Invitations

    When it comes to designing the look and feel of your wedding invite, that should be easy provided you have a theme in mind, and if you have a clear vision, then presto your wedding invitations will be a breeze, just like that.  Whether it’s a seasonal wedding, a beach wedding or even a garden wedding, or it’s based on a  colour or maybe even focusing on a design taking into consideration  the design elements such as filigree and damask for example, when you come down to it, then deciding on your choice will be easier than 1-2-3!

    With DreamDay Invitations finding your wedding invitation will be easy, because the automated technical advanced system allows your decision making and selections to be quick and efficient. Pick a design that like, and then go to customise and edit yourself with your own wording and ideas. When customising the wording, there is the standard wording options provided to you, but you may also choose you own inspirational words to say. Wedding invitations wording can at times be tricky, but here at DreamDay Invitations, we are all about helping our customers.  A great way of putting an inspiration twist in it is by adding poetry or prose pieces into the wording, making it a romantic gesture and possibly a testament to love. Here are some options for you to consider when customising your wedding invite wording.

    In the spirit of peace and joy

    this holiday season

    <Bride’s Parents>

    request the honour of your presence

    at the marriage of their daughter

    <Bride’s Name>


    <Groom’s Name>

    on <Date>

    at <Time>


    As autumn leaves

    turn their brilliant hue

    two lovers will join and say I do

    <Bride’s Name> and

    <Groom’s Name>

    will be joined together in a holy union

    on <Date>

    at <Time>


    We joyfully ask you to share

    in this celebration of life

    <Bride’s Parents>

    To everything there is a season, and a time

    to every purpose under the heaven

    Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

    <Bride’s Name>


    <Groom’s Name>

    invite you to share with them

    on the first day of their new lives together


    at <Time>


    We’re tying the knot!

    <Bride’s Name> and <Groom’s Name>

    invite you to

    join their celebration of love, friendship, and commitment


    at <Time>


    True love is eternal and infinite

    <Bride’s Name> and <Groom’s Name>

    warmly invite you to a part of their wedding day

    Come share in our joy


    at <Time>


    Whatever our souls are made up, his and mine are the same

    ~ Emily Bronte ~

    Please share in our joy

    You are invited to witness the exchange of wedding vows between

    <Bride’s Name>


    <Groom’s Name>


    at <Time>


    Post ceremony celebration immediately following

    Two hearts, two souls, one love for all time

    It would give us great pleasure if you would join us on our wedding day

    <Bride’s Name>


    <Groom’s Name>

    are to be wed on


    at <Time>


    Dancing, food, and fun immediately after

    We cherish the roles you play in our lives

    and would be honored if you would join us

    as we enter into the journey of marriage

    <Bride’s Name>


    <Groom’s Name>

    will exchange wedding vows


    at <Time>


    With DreamDay Invitations, you’ll find everything at your fingertips. Enjoy your wedding planning; we’re here to make it easier for you.

  • Vintage Wedding Invitations

    Tradition and culture are some great things that make society a great place to be, and if you are one who values these, then more love and power to you. With tradition comes great knowledge and insight, and also the beauty of a bygone era still lives on through you and your system of values, because you believe in the same things many wise men and women did too.  It is not about being called old fashioned, it is truly only about valuing something that you believe are right and good, and no matter who says otherwise, you know in your heart that it is beautiful way of life. It’s a great thing to use when you have something important coming up, like for example with vintage wedding invitations for your special day.

    As a traditional person, and one who embraces culture, vintage is something you might find a strong kinship to.  Called "Treasures of the past", items of vintage value are loved and reflect your lives in many ways. In a city that has many old buildings, you will find traces of architecture that are old and beautifully crafted and like so, it lives on.  However, in these changing times and new trends coming your way, you might find it hard to hold on to some elements, but with the likes of vintage you are able to stay true to yourself. Vintage items can be found in clothing, furniture and also stationery in terms of styling, so when you have something important that you want to send out and want it to reflect the person you are, you can opt for vintage stationery.

    With DreamDay Invitations, you have the option of vintage styled stationery with the offer of vintage wedding invitations and other wedding stationery to blend in the theme. If you were looking for something up the traditional alley, we have that with accents of vintage embedded into it.  You will find yourself with designs that embody chic styling and that are rich and classy at the same without being over the top. The designs may put to use various accents of motifs, filigree and damask designs and also borders that focus on the wonder of classic stationery.

    Ageless Treasure Square Vertical Invitation in Silver - DreamDay Invitations

    The colours that are normally related to that of these wedding invites include deep colours that are rich to look at and are also quite rare, such as burgundy, shades of blue that leans towards a royal navy blue tone, earthy hues and amber tones which might even be inspired by the sun.  Some great wedding invitations options offered by DreamDay Invitations would include the likes of New Dawn, Regal Bond, Masquerade, Enchanted Garden, Polka Dot Diva, Renaissance Kiss and Champagne, in colours of your choosing, based on the colour theme you have selected for your special day.

    New Dawn Square Vertical Invitation in Taupe - DreamDay Invitations

    Happy planning, and do not forget, DreamDay Invitations also offers you handmade wedding invites if you want a personalised and customised wedding invitation.

    DreamDay Vintage Wedding Invitations Video

  • How to Word Wedding Invitations

    Your wedding day is probably the most important day of your adult life, and together, you and your fiancé will be embarking on a journey to last the rest of your life, knowing  in your heart that he or she is the right one for you, in heart, body and soul. With such strong emotion surrounding this joyous occasion, it’s only right that you word your wedding invitation in a special way that conveys this most important information to all your guests.

    When it comes to wording your wedding invitations, it also important to make sure that correct wedding etiquette and courtesy is observed at all costs. How is your wedding invitations etiquette broken down? Well, it involves certain areas which include the wedding invitation wording, addressing the invitees, including the RSVP details, and of course when the wedding invitations should be sent out. However, in this installment, we shall look into how a wedding invitation should be worded.

    When it comes to wording wedding invitations, DreamDay Invitations know a thing or two on this subject. Since a wedding is a formal event, especially if you are hosting in a hall or a ballroom, then the due respect must be paid to this momentous occasion and that can be implied via the wording of the invite.

    {The Bride’s Parents} and {The Groom’s Parents} invite you to witness the union of their families as {The Bride} and {The Groom} are joined in marriage

    on {Date} at {Time}


    Some things are meant to be.. The honour of your presence is requested as {The Bride} and {The Groom} are joined in marriage on {Date} at {Time}


    {The Bride’s Parents} request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter {The Bride} to {The Groom} son of {The Groom’s Parents}

    on {Date} at {Time}


    {The Groom’s Parents}

    request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their son {The Groom} to {The Bride} daughter of {The Bride’s Parents} on {Date} at {Time}


    White Doves Square Vertical Invitation in Silver - DreamDay Invitations

    The above examples of invitation wording for your wedding include that of the bride’s and groom’s parents inviting, the bride and groom inviting, the bride’s parents inviting and the groom’s parents inviting respectively. These are also examples of how a wedding invitation should be worded, in an elegant manner adhering to etiquette standards. Things like spelling out numbers which are lower in value to that of twenty, and making sure that when if you are inviting a couple where the wife has kept her maiden name, her name should be mentioned before that of the husband. This also applied if the wife has a title and should be joined with that of the husband with an “and” in the manner “Dr. Jane Smith and Mr. John Smith are cordially invited...” These are some of the ways in which invitation wording etiquette can be used to invite your guests to your wedding.

  • Best Tips for Choosing Wedding Invitations

    You are engaged! Congratulations are in order! But now there stands a huge feat ahead of you, and that would be planning the wedding. From the setting the date, to finding a venue, sending out your wedding invitations, and making sure all the pieces of your special day come together, from the seating arrangements to the attire, to the flowers and decor and of course the food and music, there is much to be done. If you have enough time to do all of this, then that’s fantastic, always make sure you have enough time, but that’s not all, also make sure you get things right, and hopefully the first time.

    In this instalment, we are going to talk about one of the main things that are involved in planning a wedding, the one that comes right after setting the date and finding the venue, yes, that’s right, the wedding invitations. We are here to give you some insights into the best tips for choosing wedding invitations, because it always helps to have a little help.

    Tip #1 – Find a Wedding Theme

    It is always important to know the direction that you are going when you embark on a journey, and like so, the same principle relates to wedding and planning the special day. Therefore, find a wedding theme that would suit your personalities and infuse it to elements of the wedding, starting from the wedding invitations right down to the wedding decor. The wedding invitations themes could be anything according to style, colour or design features which make it ‘pop’. Either way, they all make a significant difference whether they are used together or each individually.  DreamDay Invitations has many wedding invitations themes to choose from, whether it’s elegant, modern or even traditional. You need to find that set that says it is your type of wedding.

     Champagne Square Vertical Invitation in Black - DreamDay Invitations



    Tip #2 – Get Ready, Steady, GO!

    Once you’ve found the theme that you want your special day styled after, you need to start looking and you will need to start looking immediately. They say that the early bird gets the worm, and in this case making sure everything is sorted in order for you to send out your wedding invitations in time, which would be the recommended 8-6 months prior to the wedding day, is imperative. So start working on your designs early so that you avoid having to do them in a rush. DreamDay Invitations has over two thousand designs to choose from varying from styles, colours, designs, as well as paper used to accommodate for green living. Browse through the designs and take a look at the 3D viewing option which allows you to take a closer and realistic look at your wedding invitations along with a photographic capture of the invite too.

    Love Cube Square Vertical Invitation in Red - DreamDay Invitations

    Tip #3 – Ask for Opinions

    It’s always to ask for other people’s opinions when you are doing something that is important. You and your fiancé may be undertaking the wedding invitations choosing, but sometimes getting the insight of your parents or close friends wouldn’t hurt. Some people post them on wedding forums and get insight from strangers on the internet. It also helps if you have samples so that you and the stakeholders of the wedding can see and feel the wedding invite for themselves. DreamDay Invitations allows you to print and have designs delivered to you, making it easy for you to decide which ones you want to go for.

    Good luck choosing. Here at DreamDay Invitations, we’re always here to help.

  • Autumn Wedding Invitations

    Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year as the leaves turn rich beautiful colours, and you are immersed into a wonderland of red, russets, oranges and burgundy which look spectacular against the a sunny blue sky. What a beautiful picture it makes. Like so, we want to paint that same picture for you and your wedding, with autumn wedding invitations inspired by this wonderful season and time of the year.

    Growing up, if Autumn has been a favourite season, and you have held it special in your heart, then naturally you may opt for autumn wedding, and as such autumn wedding invitations to start the story.  If you are planning on hosting your wedding during this beautiful time of the year, then you may wish to blend with the essence of the season, and use autumn wedding invitations and their fantastic colours to accentuate the elements of your wedding day.

    Autumn Leaf Square Invitation and Pocket - DreamDay Invitations Moonlight Silhouette Square Vertical Invitation in Bronze - DreamDay Invitations Butterfly Flourish Square Vertical Invitation in Mocca 60 - DreamDay Invitations

    DreamDay Invitations has an entire collection of amazing seasonal invitations, of which our Autumn wedding invitations have their own calibre of stunning creations. Whether it’s the bright reds and russets, the warmth of  the chocolate browns, or the contrasting hues of the fruits and berries that grow, or the yellows and oranges of the trees as they turn, or the magical blue of the autumn sky,  the Autumn colours are truly wonderful to behold. These very colours have been used in many of the autumn wedding invitations that DreamDay Invitations has to offer, with other great shades and hues put together to blend, harmonize and enhance.

    Transcendent designs and styles would cater to your every like, in colours that reflect the beauty of the months of autumn. Whether you choose Golds and burgundy, Chocolate and Pink, or Camel and Black, DreamDay Invitations has some truly wonderful design options from their collection of autumn wedding invitations. Take for example designs such as Antique Amber, True Honour, Autumn Leaf and Moonlight Silhouette, they all use light shades from the light brown palette and highlight the wonders of the leaves turning yellow and the reminisce the beauty of the autumn sunsets. Speaking of autumn sunsets, there are some beautiful autumn wedding invitations designs with just that. Framed African Sunset and Sunset Blaze evoke the beauty of an autumn sunset in its flaming orange tone, and would be ideal items if you are indeed having a sunset wedding. But that’s not all that DreamDay Invitations can offer you in terms of designs. Find what you think would be an ideal option for your wedding and your theme, and choose which autumn wedding invitation will suit you.

  • Pocket Style Wedding Invitations

    Pocket wedding invitations are taking the world by storm! These lovely wedding invitations are quickly becoming a favourite amongst engaged couples, and we here at DreamDay Invitations, can offer them to you in a range of lovely designs and styles.

    Pocket Style Wedding Invitations are a unique way of presenting your announcement to your invitees. With enough space to include the invitation wording,  a poem or well wishing thought, and a romantic verse,  they have been made in such a way to accommodate other essential wedding stationary items such as R.S.V.P. cards, directions and accommodations cards, holding everything in place in neat little folded pocket at the bottom of the invitation.

    Candy Stripe Square Invitation and Pocket in Lolly Pink - DreamDay Invitations

    It’s all about the design. Your wedding theme will play a major role here. When it comes to the design of your wedding invitations, DreamDay Invitations has a fantastic range of modern, traditional, floral, contemporary, beach and garden, and seasonal inspired designs in their collection that every bride and groom would be excited to send to their guests. There is a huge choice in colour combinations to co-ordinate beautifully with any bridal colour scheme and enhance every wedding setting.

    Filigree Cloud Square Invitation and Pocket in Pink - DreamDay Invitations

    Try teaming your Pocket wedding invitations with other matching wedding stationery. Place cards, Printed Menu’s, Table number cards and Bomboniere cards are all available to co-ordinate and enhance your wedding stationery collection to create your own magical wedding story.

    Take a pick from any of the options available, and check out the 3D previews, which will give you a realistic view of how the pocket wedding invitations will look.

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