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  • New Designs of Wedding Invitations Available Now!

    Our  designers have been very busy! They have had their heads down, eyes glued and ears open and have researched, studied and experimented to keep up with the current trends in colour and design to create that perfect wedding invitation that you will love!  And we think they have ‘hit the mark’. Dreamday Invitations therefore present to you our new and remarkable  exclusive range of gorgeous wedding invitations, that are reminiscent of the romantic classics of yesteryear. Angelic doves, exquisite pearls, delicate laces and romantic swirls that will depict the purity and the elegant charm of true love, just as it has been captured for centuries past. Fashion trends show a return to the classics of times past. Times reminiscent of our Grandparents and the uncomplicated beauty of true love.

    Ageless Treasure Square Invitation Harmony Square Invitation Champagne Square Invitation
    New Dawn Square Invitation Wedding Dance Square Invitation Key to Love

    Pictured above are DreamDay Invitations in "Ageless Treasure', 'Harmony', 'Champagne', 'New Dawn', 'Wedding Dance', and 'Key to Love'. Continue reading

  • Custom Wedding Invitations

    Every bride and groom wants their wedding to stand out, be individual and unique. This is going to be a day you will remember forever and a lot of planning has gone into making sure your wedding day will be the perfect day just for you and your fiancé. Choosing a custom made wedding invitation will create that unique atmosphere you are looking for, and give you the flexibility to express yourself to all your guests in your own way. DreamDay Invitations offer an extensive range of custom printed quality wedding invitation designs that can easily be edited and personalized to include your very own special wordings and verses making your invitation characteristic and unique to you. Continue reading

  • Thank You Card Verse Wording Ideas

    It was a magical day! A Wedding day full of memories you will never forget! So much planning, so much time and effort by so many people who love you. From your family and friends, gifts and warm wishes were plentiful. How can you thank them all sincerely? You will never be able to fully express your thanks to the people you love the most, but sending DreamDay Invitations Wedding Thank you cards is one way to start. They will make a lasting impression on all your family and friends.

    Infinity Thank You card Filigree Cloud Thank You card Autumn Garden Thank You card

    DreamDay Invitations has a Wedding Thank Card in every design in our range. Whether you choose to match your card to the initial invitation or not, DreamDay can provide you with beautiful and stunning stationery to help you say ‘Thank you’ to everyone who celebrated with you at your wedding, or helped you in some other way or another. Following are suggested verses that can be included for the print inside our Thank You cards. Take a look, choose one you like, that portrays how you feel, or compose your own words, as long as you say what is in your heart you will light up someone’s day.

    • Our deepest thanks for all your good wishes and very lovely gift.
    • Your presence at our wedding has added so much love to our special day.
    • Your gift has brought us joy and will help us build our life together. Thank You.
    • Thank you for sharing in our special wedding day. Your company, love and wishes made our day complete. Love,
    • You brought joy to our day, warmth to our lives, and happiness to our hearts! Grazie!
    • You’re generous and thoughtful gift, together with your good wishes, are greatly treasured by us both. Please accept our Sincere Thanks.
    • Thank you for sharing in our special wedding day. Your company, love and wishes made our day complete.
    • Thank You for being a part of our joy in such a special way.
    • Your presence at our wedding has added so much love to our special day. Thank You.
    • A thank you for your gift, another for your thought, we couldn’t begin to tell you of the happiness it brought.
    • We sincerely thank you for your company, gift and good wishes on the occasion of our wedding. God Bless. With our love,
    • Thank You for being a part of our joy in such a special way.
    • You brought joy to our day warmth to our lives and happiness to our hearts. Thank you for your lovely gift!
    • Thank you for sharing in our special wedding day. Your company, love and wishes made our day complete.
    • We sincerely thank you for your company, gift and good wishes on the occasion of our wedding.
    • We sincerely thank you for your company, gift, and good wishes and for helping to make this day an occasion we will always remember.
    • A special thanks to you for taking part in our Wedding Day, the start of our new life together.
    • Thank you for sharing in our special wedding day.
    • The Bells shall sound, and the birds shall sing, for on this day we have wed, with this ring.
    • You have truly enriched our happiness with your lovely gift. Thank you for giving us a lasting memory of your kindness and generosity.
    • We sincerely thank you for your company, gift and good wishes for our Wedding Day

    These are samples only, to give you ideas. We encourage you to modify the words to fit your personality and style, or use another verse altogether.

  • Handmade Wedding Invitations

    Handmaking your wedding invitations can be very time consuming and costly. DreamDay invitations have designed a range of printed wedding invitations that are just as beautiful but far less time taxing and much more cost effective. Our range includes many stunning images that only a print can produce in stunning Square or DL Tri-fold shape folded card styles , and with mimimal effort at home, small embellishments like stick on crystals, diamontes or rhinestones, ribbons and pretty laces can be added easily to any of our printed designs by the bride to add a sparkle and that extra handmade touch. Continue reading

  • Inexpensive Wedding Invitations

    Finding inexpensive wedding Invitations is easier than you may think. Weddings traditionally can be expensive and finding a wedding invitation that you love which is also inexpensive has double the delight. DreamDay Invitations are leaders in quality, and beautiful wedding invitations. We have a remarkable range of  Square or DL Tri-fold designs that is unsurpassed, and with impressive designs to please every bride and groom, and their budget, DreamDay invitations stand proudly behind their moto, ‘helping you make your DreamDay come true’. Continue reading

  • Wedding Invitations Online

    Ordering your wedding invitations online has never been easier than with DreamDay Invitations. Online ordering saves time and money and allows greater choice faster than ever before,  from the comfort of your own home. With the latest in technology available in our modern times, we have created a user friendly, efficient and modernistic website with online editing, proofing and ordering systems that are cutting edge. Browse, select and view your favored designs in real 3D interpretation, enter your own wedding details, personalize, edit and proof read and order your invitations and accessories online immediately, right now, no waiting, no hassles. Order sample designs easily, and for the affordable cost of $4.00 receive a printed copy on all 3 paper types plus a matching envelope, and enjoy confirmation that DreamDay invitations offers the best quality and fastest service available in online wedding invitations today.

    Regal Bond Bridal Lace Summer Sunshine

    Pictured above are DreamDay designs 'Regal Bond', 'Bridal Lace', and 'Summer Sunshine'. Continue reading

  • Affordable Wedding Invitations

    You do not need to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful romantic wedding. There many opportunities to save money and choosing to purchase your wedding invitations from DreamDay invitations is a great start. Cheap does not have to mean a sacrifice in style and quality and for very affordable prices DreamDay Invitations can supply you with a top class, stylish wedding invite that looks like it cost much more. Choose from a impressive range of first-rate remarkable designs in either Square or DL Tri-fold designs all printed on your choice of quality papers, that will leave your guests excited and looking forward to a wonderful wedding.

    Blue Reflection Sweethearts Summer Sunshine

    Pictured above are Wedding Invitations designs 'Blue Reflection', 'Sweethearts' and 'Summer Sunshine'. Continue reading

  • Wedding Invitations – Brisbane

    Warm, balmy Brisbane. People from all around Australia, and indeed the world, come to Queensland to get married, and Brisbane and surrounds are the perfect location for a warm, exciting, holiday atmosphere wedding. Your Brisbane wedding invitation will help you create the perfect wedding day and choosing your invitation is easier than you think. First impressions count and your wedding invitation will be the first glimpse to all your guests of the wonderful warm Queensland wedding you are planning. Your choice will show your love and commitment to one another and be distinct and unique to you. DreamDay Invitations are fast becoming leaders in wedding invitations and wedding stationery in Brisbane and across Australia.

    Oriental Blossoms Summer Sunshine Pretty in Pink

    Pictured above are DreamDay Wedding Invitations 'Oriental Blossoms', 'Summer Sunshine' and 'Pretty in Pink'. Continue reading

  • Wedding Invitations – Melbourne

    Melbourne is one of the most beautiful cities in which to get married. I have attended many modern, chic and stylish weddings in Melbourne where nothing but the best was acceptable. In Melbourne style and quality are paramount and DreamDay Invitations are fast becoming industry leaders for the finest Melbourne wedding invitations available.  So why do Melbourne brides and grooms entrust their wedding invitations and stationary with us?  Our vast range of stunning invitations designed by our expert designers and our fast and personalized service along with affordable prices. Our state-of-the-art online ordering system allows 3D viewing and proof reading instantly, fast online ordering and quick delivery anywhere in Australia.

    Regal Bond Autumn Garden Sentimental Moment

    Pictured above are DreamDay designs 'Regal Bond', 'Autumn Garden' and 'Sentimental Moment'. Continue reading

  • Wedding Invites

    Receiving a wedding invitation in the mail puts a smile on everyone’s face. You open the envelope and take out a beautiful card that announces the love and intended marriage of friends you have known for years! To be asked to share their special occasion and witness their vows to each other, that will set them together for rest of theirs lives,  is an honour and a privilege no one can deny. Weddings make everyone happy! Full of love and fun, family and friends, and it all starts with the wedding invite! DreamDay Invitations can help you with this very important part of your wedding planning. Finding the perfect invite for your wedding is easier than you might think. You need to tell your guests information such as who is hosting your wedding, bride and groom full names, where and when the ceremony will take place and where you will celebrate afterwards. You will need to give them an idea on the dress code you have chosen for your occasion, and information on how to send their acceptance. Cards containing information on gift registries, wishing well information, directions and accommodations that may be required for the day should be included as a separate card within the envelope, and never on the invitation itself. Continue reading

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