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  • Putting together Your Wedding Planning Binder

    What every bride who wants a dream day wedding should know is that there is a LOT of wedding planning that will go down before the big day. This is in order for everything to go off smoothly without a hitch on the day you are hitched. It will include everything you want to, need to, and should do before, during, and after the big day. Think of this as your wedding planning bible, the grounding source of sanity while wedding planning takes you through the ups and downs of putting the perfect day all together. We did a bit of research and found out from various sources what you need for your binder, what exactly you should include in your wedding planning binder, and how you should go about managing it.


    Wedding Planning Book


    Essentially your wedding planning binder should include what your inspirations are, as well as include what you have finalised on (your wedding look-book, if you will).  You may also include all the financials, and not to mention the ever important assignments and to-do lists/checklists!

    There are a few essentials that you need, but also some optional items (which we believe can be extremely helpful to have). You will need the following.


    Wedding Planning Binder Cover


    A Three-Ring Folder/Binder:  This folder or binder should be sturdy and the size should reflect the type of wedding you are planning to have. A formal wedding may require more planning, therefore opt for a bigger size to accommodate more pages.


    Wedding Planning Binder Stationery Supplies


    Dividers, Clear Pockets, Re-sealable Bags, Tabs, Clear Protector Sheets, and Business Card Holders: These will be essential in making sure you are organised by knowing how to divvy up the areas accordingly. You should make sure you document the samples, changes, and choices, to be able to have all your vendor information in one place. You may use the re-sealable bags to include vendors receipts/payments and other bits and bobs for your reference.


    Wedding Planning Binder Printables


    Printouts of calendars, guest lists, worksheets, contracts, correspondence, thank you lists and more: Having these included in the wedding planning binder will allow you to have it in a central location. By having your guest list written down, you can use it for reference when planning various things from your wedding invitations, to seating charts, plans, and even thank you cards. There are various free printables available for your reference that can be edited on your computer to personalise them accordingly. Check out the following sources for such printables:


    Real Simple




    Wedding Planning Post Its


    Reinforcement stickers, tabbed post-its and other accessories: The likes of reinforcement stickers will help the punched holes not give away to wear and tear, as well as the use of Post Its to help manage important sections and even with various notes such as to help with seating plans.


    Image Credit: Pinterest, Blogspot

  • Traditional Wedding Invitations

    What has your idea of the perfect wedding been ever since you were little? Did you ever dream of getting married in your mother's wedding dress? Were you delighted by the look of traditional wedding invitations, the purity of white with lace detailing, and the ethereal look of bridal innocence that goes with a traditional wedding style?

    If you already have an idea on what your traditional wedding will look like but need some guidance for the likes of your traditional wedding invitations, here are some designs and styles that are ideal.​​

    Colour: White is the popular choice of colour for traditional weddings; however you'll find that when it comes to printing the invitation wording, black on white is a preferred choice. There are many brides and grooms that prefer to use neutral colours too, often coupled with white such as ivory, beige, gray and light pastel shades. These are further accentuated with the choice of design elements used. Depending on the traditional design choices that strikes a chord with your sense of style, you will need to select a the right choice of colour for ​your wedding invites to take after it.

                                                       DreamDay Invitations  Wedding Invitations  Key to Love Square Vertical Invitation

    Design Elements: When you take traditional design elements, they are almost always elegant and classy. As colour plays a great role in the final look, choosing a few options of designs and colour is always a good rule of thumb. Lace designs have always been considered a traditional design style that is immensely popular with wedding design. Most of these traditional designs are derived from historical decades or eras from various countries whether it's from Russia, France, Britain and more. You can be inspired by Imperial Russia, Renaissance, Victorian times and more. You will find designs that have intricate patterns and focal designs, such as filigree, flourishes, and damask to name a few.  You will also find that these scripted or serif fonts are best suited for traditional wedding invitations.

    Trims: Adding a classic decorative item to your wedding invitation design can definitely make an impact on the overall look and style. For example, if you opt to use ribbon along with a pretty faux diamante square, circle or heart shaped buckle, it'll be a very appealing. The same applies to using clusters and brooches coupled with satin ribbon styles and even lace trims to further enhance the look of your traditional wedding invite cards while keeping in line with an elegant and classy style.

                                                       lace-wedding-invitation dreamdayinvitations

    Specialty Treatments: These specialty treatment styles can be anything from using treatments done directly onto the invite paper or cardstock, or you can use wedding specialty papers that can be used to stylise the traditional invitations. These can range from embossing and foiling treatments on the invitations while you can use embossed, foil printed, glittered and even flocked specialty card stock to accessorise the wedding invitations too.

  • Etiquette for Announcement Cards for Weddings, Engagements & Elopements

    Etiquette is important with concern to courtesy and civility in your community, whether it's with family, friends or acquaintances. When it comes to announcing special occasions or a milestone event in your life, an announcement card says it best.

    Announcing the Engagement

    The first people you'd probably share the good news would be your parents (and kids if you have any). Once the immediate family has been notified, you can design a lovely announcement card and mail it out.

                                                                              DreamDay Invitations Customise your Engagement Announcement

    ​By custom, it's the bride's parents that will send the engagement announcement card. Some announcement wording ideas are as follows;

    Formal Engagement Announcement Wording:

    Mr. and Mrs. John Smith are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Mary Ann Smith, to James Oliver Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Brown. A June wedding is planned at the Church of the Resurrection in Our Town, Anystate.

    Semi - Formal Engagement Announcement Wording:

    Mary Ann Smith and to James Oliver Brown are happy to announce their engagement. A September wedding is planned.

    Informal Engagement Announcement Wording:

    We did it! We're in love, the ring is beautiful, and we are thrilled to announce our engagement. -Mary and James.

    Announcing the Wedding

    Usually this announcement is sent right after the wedding is held and sent to friends, family and acquaintances that couldn't make it or you weren't able to include in the wedding guest list due to budget constraints. The wording for these wedding announcement cards is quite similar to the engagement announcements. A few examples of the announcement card wording are as follows;

    Formal Wedding Announcement Wording

    Mr. and Mrs. John Smith are pleased to announce the marriage of their daughter, , Mary Ann Smith, to James Oliver Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Brown, on 14th February 2015 at Church of the Resurrection in Our Town, Anystate. A celebratory reception is planned for 15th March 2015 at Hemmingway Hall, Sydney.

    Information Wedding Announcement Wording

    John and Jane are pleased to announce that Mary and James went away for vacation and got married in a tropical destination! Mary and James were married 14th February 2015 in Bali. We hope to celebrate with you on 15th March 2015 at Hemmingway Hall, Sydney.

    Announcing an Elopement

    Elopements are becoming more and more popular as couples prefer to get married in getaway destinations and/or prefer a civil ceremony over planning a wedding. But, it's not for everyone. For those who prefer it, the wording of your elopement announcement card should ideally be short and sweet, and could include a photograph from the day if you'd like it to be a keepsake item. An example of what an Elopement announcement card is as follows;

    Brittany Smith and Jonathan Myers wish to announce their wedding at a private ceremony on January 20, 2015.


    Any of the wedding invitations or engagement invitations designs can be customised to be made as announcement card for an engagement, elopement or wedding.

  • Save the Date Cards for Weddings

    Congratulations on your engagement, now the fun begins! With wedding planning underway and the wedding date being set, most couple send out save the date cards for the wedding as a courtesy to guests to set aside that date to attend what is known as the most important day of your lives – when your hearts beat as one!

    Save the Date Cards for Wedding by DreamDay Invitations

    At the start, save the dates were sent to out-of-town guests usually four to six months before the big day and considered good etiquette so they can plan out how they can attend accordingly. But this is also done for all wedding invitees especially if the wedding will be held out of the country or even during the holidays before the wedding invitations are sent two months before the wedding (eight months if it’s a destination wedding).

    You will find that save the date wedding cards are sent for destination weddings, three-day weekends and not to mention December weddings, or even peak travel times/seasons as a due courtesy!  Make sure to send your wedding save the dates during that time frame as if you send it earlier than six to eight months it may get lost in the clutter and if it’s sent after four months you might as well just send the invitations for the wedding and forget the save the date cards altogether.

    This pre-invitation to your wedding being mailed to your intended wedding guests also acts as an announcement of the wedding and as a notice to them to expect a wedding invite in the near future. Sending a wedding save the date allows your wedding guests enough time to make arrangements for travel, sort out absence from work to even saving up cash to attend the big day (if it’s out of town or a destination wedding).

    One thing to make sure is that you need to know who you are definitely going to invite for the wedding because once the save the dates are sent, there’s no turning back because a wedding invitation will need to be sent soon after. Go through your guest list once and twice over before you commit each guest to the wedding!

    With many wedding save the date ideas, styles and designs available to you, there are many ways in which you can complement your wedding theme and match it to your wedding invites and stationery later on. With unique save the date ideas such as photo keepsakes and customised designs, you can really make an impression with your family and friends who will be invited to your dream wedding day.

    Don’t forget that we’re offering a 50% Discount on Save the Date Cards Site wide till the 20th of February 2015! Make sure to use the code “SAVE50” when purchasing save the dates online from the DreamDay Invitations website!

     DreamDay Invitations 50% Off Discount on Save the Date Cards Worldwide Delivery

  • Designing Your Wedding Invitations Online


    With more wedding invitation vendors setting up online stores, the selection of wedding invitations has increased threefold. Choosing and personalising your wedding invitations just got a whole lot easier, with most online wedding stationery companies giving you full control to customise everything from the invitation wording and font to even the layout from the comfort of your home. Find out more about browsing, personalising and ordering your wedding invitations cards online in the next few paragraphs.


    Finding the Perfect Wedding Invitation

    When it comes to choosing the ideal wedding invitation, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the number of premium quality invitation designs available online. While browsing online for your wedding invitations, removes all global boundaries and lets you purchase from other countries and have them delivered, you need to watch out for plenty of scam artists that ultimately deliver wedding invitations that don’t look anything like the ones shown on their site. How do you stay clear of these online vendors?


    The best way  to purchase your wedding invitations is from a well established online retailer. Do some research by checking out recommendations by friends, wedding related forums etc and look for testimonials on either their website or their official social media accounts.


    After you’ve selected a few options, read through their Terms of Service and any other fine print - you’ll be surprised at the little clauses that get stuffed in! A reputable online wedding stationery vendor will offer a refund policy, so that you can rest assured that your wedding invitations will be either re-printed or your money will be refunded if you’re not happy with the final product!


    Customise Your Wedding Invitations

    Many of today's leading online wedding invitation vendors allow you to customise wedding invitations by adding a photo or personalising the font, layout, colours etc and preview the design in real time. Personalise your invitation wording by adding your own unique verse, a poem or a funny limerick that captures both your personalities and reflects your beliefs too.

    Order a sample prior to placing your order, to review the quality and texture of the wedding invitations prior to placing your order.While most vendors provide generic samples, some online vendors offer customised samples that include all your details for a little extra.


    Order Your Invitations Early

    Save on extra shipping costs for rush service by planning ahead and ordering your invitations early! Ordering early also gives you enough time to have your order re-printed, just in case you’re not a 100% happy or to order extra wedding invitations later if required.

  • The Next Few Steps after Getting Engaged

    He got down on one knee, and asked you that question you have been waiting to hear him ask. Here you are now with a beautiful ring on your finger, and a man who will love you till the end. What's next, you might ask. There's a lot to be done before you walk down the aisle to be husband and wife. There are the wedding invitations and guest list, the wedding dress, the catering and so much more. We've come up with a timeline for you to consider using as a guide when planning your wedding right after your wedding. If you having a long engagement (a year or so), this would be ideal, but if it's shorter (6 months or so), just keep these in mind and adjust it here and there.


    Twelve Months & Counting

    Beach Wedding Invitations

    At this stage, you'll be smiling from ear to ear with a lot of excitement for what's to come. One of the most important things is to set the date of the wedding. Once you have decided on a date, then go venue shopping and make a booking. Draft up a guest list so that you know who you'll want for the wedding. It won't be just your wedding invitation you will need this guest list and details for, you might need it for your engagement party invitations as well as the save the dates. If you are having an engagement party, now would be good time to have it. Don't forget to register for your bridal registry at your favourite stores.


    Ten Months & Counting

    At this stage, pick out your bridal party; choose your vendors for your wedding invitations and stationery, catering, photographer, music and more. Don't forget to also select an officiant you are comfortable with. If you are planning on using photo wedding invitations or save the dates, then you could have some engagement photos taken, or do it just because.


    Eight Months & Counting

    If you are having a destination wedding, don't forget to block out hotel rooms for your guests. You'll need this information for your wedding invitations too as part of the directions & accommodations card. Start cake tasting for the perfect wedding cake, begin doing hair & makeup trials and most importantly order your wedding dress.


    At Six Months

    Send out your save the date cards. Make sure to purchase your wedding bands so you can have them customised. Order your bridesmaids dresses and also, don't forget about the honeymoon bookings to get a great deal.


    At Four Months

    Confirm all your vendors, especially your wedding invitations because the next step would be to send them out. Also, don't forget the groomsmen's attire, decide on hair & makeup (post the trials you had a few months back), and start planning the rehearsal dinner (a venue, catering and ensuring the important people attend).

    At Two Months

    Send out your lovely wedding invitations. Make sure you have added all those personalised details, have included the wedding invitations accessories such as the rsvp card, gift registry card, wishing well card, map/directions and accommodation card too. Most of the details that you have been planning will go into this little wedding invitations package to be sent out to your guests. Once you've done this, make sure to confirm transportation for the day of the wedding, as well as write and decide on your vows for the ceremony, and don't forget to buy accessories for the day of the wedding too.


    At Six Weeks

    Most reliable and quality wedding invitations retailers also offer your wedding stationery at the same time as you order the invitations. They do allow you to select or pick out similar designs so that your stationery has a flow. Don't forget to print your wedding stationery such as menu items, order of service cards, and other stationery items. You will also need to apply for a marriage license at this time.


    At 1 Month

    It's time for the Hen's Night/Stag's Night Party, and/or Bridal Shower.


    At 2 Weeks

    At this point, you should go in for your final dress fitting, as well as give your shot list to the photographer and review your music choices with the band/DJ.


    At 1 Week

    Get a final head count of confirmed invitees, finalise the seating chart and make sure it's all ready. Sometimes it's best to have this done a week in advance once you've called in all the RSVPs so you can get your seating chart printed neatly. Indulge in some pre-wedding beauty treatments to relax.


    48 Hours before the Wedding

    You might want to wrap the gifts you've purchased for the bridal party, as well as get some touch-ups done such as getting a tan or getting your nails done.


    The Day before the Wedding

    It's time for the rehearsal party/dinner and also time to hand out gifts to the bridal party.


    The Day of the Wedding

    It's show time! Don't forget to have someone check in on all the little details, including placing all the wedding stationery in the correct places. A Happy Wedding!

  • Buying Wedding Invitations Online: Things to Consider

    Buying wedding invitations online has become popular recently, with more  brides opting to take this route for the competitive prices, number of style options and the convenience it offers. While the Internet has revolutionised the way you purchase your wedding invitations by providing several benefits compared to a brick-and-mortar stationery store, there are still a few crucial things to consider when purchasing online.


    Finding a Reputable Online Wedding Stationery Retailer

    Research, research, research - we really can’t say this enough! Delegate time in your busy wedding planning schedule to research online wedding invitation companies using everything from online posts and articles to Google reviews and reviews posted on wedding forums and other communities.

    Unique Wedding Invitations

    Take a look at the “Terms of Service” usually located on the footer of the company website. With access to company policies on refunds and other critical areas, this is a great spot to get the full picture of the deal that you’ll be entering into with the company.

    Also check to make sure the company has a working customer service phone number listed or has live chat enabled on their site. Test it out by calling or messaging with any questions you may have to see how long it takes for you to hear back and if the response is helpful - you’d be surprised at the quality of customer service that some companies offer!


    Ordering Your Wedding Invitations Online

    Once you’ve decided on 3 - 5 online retailers, browse  their sites for designs that catch your eye and suit your specific wedding theme and colour palette. It will be helpful to set up a spreadsheet, where you can keep track of the designs you like and their prices to allow easy comparing  when you’re ready to make a final decision.

    Modern Wedding Invitations

    We always encourage brides to order wedding invitations samples to make sure they’re satisfied before placing their final order. Colour shades may appear differently on your screen and it’s a good way for you to have a better idea on the thickness and quality of the card stock. Most top online wedding invitation vendors allow you to order either generic samples or customised samples which include your own wording, photos etc at a slightly higher price.

    Proofing is a critical! Spend sometime checking and double checking for any errors. Ask your fiance, your bridesmaids and anyone else to check all the details prior to printing- you’d be surprised at what a fresh pair of eyes can spot!

  • Wedding Invitation Design

    When it comes to choosing your wedding invitations, you should aim to choose a wedding invitation design that reflects both your personalities as well as your wedding theme. While there are tons of generic wedding invitation styles to choose from, here are some of our top invitation design picks for wedding invites that are sure to stand out  and enthrall your guests!


    Pocket Wedding Invitations

    A hot favourite for us at DreamDay, we love that pocket wedding invitations are useful and convenient for presenting a lot of information in a neat and organised way - a definite ‘must have’ for a destination wedding!

    Pocket Weddig Invitations

    These pocket invitations come in a variety of wedding invitation design styles that range from trend-setting modern styles to even traditional concepts that are more suitable for a formal wedding. Push the boundaries and get creative by opting to customise your wedding invitations with personal touches such as a monogram featuring both your initials or even adding your favourite photo of the two of you complete with personalised wording.


    Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding Invitation Design

    Oh so trendy, Great Gatsby inspired wedding invitations are expected to be ultra-hot in 2014 too! This unique wedding invitation design is all about the vintage 1920s look coupled with bold art deco elements such as geometric shapes and not to mention plush and intricate embellishments that really take this style to the next level.

    Great Gatsby Wedding Invitations

    Go all out with your Gatsby wedding invites and think bold colour combinations such as black and white, or black and gold featuring a letterpress design topped off with lots of sparkles, glitz and some great embellishments such as a glitter dipped feather or a pearl cluster.


    Chalkboard Wedding Invitations

    A relatively new wedding invitation design style, chalkboard wedding invitations have become extremely popular over the last year and are expected to continue being a sort after design concept in 2014 too!

    This simple, but  trendy  invitation design can be easily customised to suit either a modern or vintage wedding theme using a variety  of font styles from calligraphy to bold typography inspired designs. Explore and use different textures for your chalkboard wedding invitations, which is  a sure way to add an unique edge to your invites.

    Chalkboard Wedding Invitations

    While chalkboard wedding invitation designs are popular, you can even opt for something more unique like chalkboard envelope seals bearing a monogram to dress up a generic white envelope with a touch of sophisticated elegance.

  • Organising Your Wedding Invitations

    There are so many things you need to consider when planning your wedding, making sure everything is organised starting with your guest lists and to whom you will be sending out wedding invitations to, to the design of your invitations, and in some instances, sending out save the date cards in advance. These are all very important, so that you have everything ready and will not miss out on any of the details when doing things in a rush.

    In this article, we share with you a timeline of how early you should work on your wedding invitations & stationery, amongst other related elements for your special day, as well as how you can go about achieving some form of organisation to the chaos wedding planning can sometimes be.

    Initial Wedding Invitations & Stationery Game Plan

    First things first, who will you be inviting to the most special day of your lives! That's one of the most important questions you will ask each other after you have settled on a date for the big day, and possibly even decided on a list of venues too. Family, extended family, friends, colleagues; you need to draft a guest list as early on during the wedding planning. It's this list that you will cut down to accommodate budget, seating availability at your venue, and so on.  If your engagement is a long one, this should be decided at least one year prior to the wedding date. Around this time, it would be best to sign up for bridal/wedding registries (the wedding gifts can be finalised at least 6 months beforehand). These details will be important and needed for your wedding invitations and accessories package, therefore keep this in mind.

    Rustic Weddin Invitations - DreamDay Invitations

    On the other hand, the only thing you really need when you send out your Save the Dates, which is usually 6 months before the wedding, would  be the date and venue, as well as a wedding invitations & stationery theme, if you are planning on tying in the save the dates into the same suite of design. Some couples opt for this option, while others opt to use a photographic save the date card (either from their engagement shoot, or a pre-wedding photo shoot) which will double up as a keepsake item of their celebrations!

    Organising your Wedding Invitations & Accessories

    By the time you come around to sending out your wedding invitations, which is usually 2 months or 6 weeks prior to your wedding, you will need to have booked the venue, finalised your guest list, registered for your bridal/wedding registry, and also sent out save the dates (especially if it's a destination wedding). By this point, you will have all the information in hand to accommodate the  arrangements for items that will be included in your wedding invitations accessories to be sent in the same wedding invitation envelope, such as the registry card, the accommodation and directions cards, you have to take care of along with the wedding invites.

    Floral Wedding Invitations - DreamDay Invitations

    When it comes to the actual wedding invitations, the way you present the information within and the theme of style and design you want to convey, you need to sit down and think about it before you actually give the go ahead to print out a certain number of invitations. One such factor would be the invitation wording. That is, if you are opting for a traditional wedding, then stick to formal wedding etiquette and select a script font for the text in a crisp manner. If it's more modern, opt for san serif fonts and even typography with wedding etiquette being kept in mind. If your wedding day is more personal and casual, then you can word your own invitation wording, with some fun and wit.

    Classic Wedding Invitations - DreamDay Invitations

    Make sure to keep the information short and sweet, and not crowd the card. Pocket wedding invitations tend to be easier for invitees, as well the bridal couple as it is more organised and just makes sense especially when you have wedding invite accessories such as the reply card, gift registry and wishing well card, directions & accommodations card to send in the invitation enclosure.

    Stay tuned in to Wedding Ideas for more insight on weddings and wedding invitations trends, tips and advice!


    DreamDay Floral Wedding Invitations Video

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  • Custom Details for Your Wedding Invitations

    Being unique is all about making a statement that reflects your personality and person tastes. When you combine yours with your fiancé's for the most important day of your lives, something truly fabulous will come out of it, provided you maintain a balance. You can do this starting with your wedding invitations, that has had personality injected into it via personal and custom details that will truly have your guests and invitees marvelling at the thought, time and effort you have put into making your special day out-of-the-box, and more importantly memorable.

    You have your pick of wedding invitations that are not only beautiful and affordable but also customisable. Whether it's the invitation wording, between the addressing and a possible wedding verse or two, you can make it truly yours for a formal or casual (and fun) twist. But that's not all. You can also customise the front cover to feature your names and even the date of the wedding!  This is a fabulous and easy way to add a customised touch to your wedding invitations, but there are other ways you can add to it too. Let's find out, shall we?


    Monograms & Motifs

    A motif is a decorative design or pattern, that can be considered a distinctive and focal feature present across various items, such as wedding stationery, where in the case of wedding stationery, it can be unveiled with the wedding invitations and featured through the RSVP cards, order of service, menu cards and also the thank you cards to name a few.

    Monogram Wedding Invitations - DreamDay Invitations

    A monogram is a motif of two or more letters (usually the initials of the bride and groom, or even the initials of the names of the bridal couple & and the new surname) usually intertwined or linked in an artistic and decorative manner, and seen through the wedding stationery.

    DIY Upgrades for Handmade Appeal

    When you are purchasing affordable yet quality wedding invitations and stationery, that are easily customisable in terms of the invitations wording, addressing, couple's names and wedding date, and not to mention allows you to add the likes of a motif or monogram design, and possibly even photography to the wedding invitations, that is quite a lot of customisation option made available to you. However if you do want to take a step further with the help of DIY upgrades, you can do so, to achieve that keepsake and handmade appeal that everyone loves.

    Consider using pearl and faux glass beads, stitching and embroidery designs, ribbons with bows or buckles, to adding thin strips of metallic tape (as borders and accent features), and envelope liners (a motif or monogram design, or even a custom photographic liner) just to name a few ideas for you.

    Adding custom details to your wedding invitations can truly allow you to stand out against all the other wedding invitations & stationery being sent in the mail each day. Set yourself apart by being thoughtful and unique in your design details and how you go about making a personalised statement with regards to your wedding day.

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