Wedding Inspiration for Autumn Wedding Invitations and More

When seasons change, it's a beautiful time. The colours are something we all remember in our minds quite prominently. It's the same all around, really whether it's the seasons or somewhere you've been or a wedding event you have attended. That's why choosing your wedding invitations, decor and other aspects of a wedding affair is very important and largely dependent on the colour(s) you choose.


When it comes to autumn, what we see around us are the leaves changing colour; the beautiful greens, oranges and reds, the touches of gold and hints of yellow. This wedding inspiration board would be ideal if you want to be inspired by autumn in a literal sense.


However, that's not all you can be inspired by. It could be the flowers you'd see during the time (such as Violets and Delphiniums), the general golden tone of the scenery, the special sheen that floats down through the clouds, and the earthiness of the ground are beautiful places where inspiration can dawn.   With the season changing around the corner, we've put together some wedding inspirations and accompanying wedding invitations styles that follow this year's autumn colour trends courtesy of Pantone. Let's dive in, shall we?


Shades of Violet & Aubergine

Whether it's the lovely shade of violet or deep shade of aubergine, purple in itself is beautiful. In this wedding inspiration you can see how romantic it can be, whether it's a day time wedding or a night time. Opt for some beautiful white and aubergine hued orchids if you are having a destination wedding, or even a wedding invitation that features a beautiful birdcage and illustrated with violet accents.



Navy Blue

Bold and regal, this colour has a way of making a statement, one that is elegant and shines through to stand out against the rest. Having "something blue" is a tradition, so make this your little touch. Use it paired with white or silver (such as antique silver) for an elegant accompaniment. This wedding inspiration is testament to that.




Mocca Brown

Earthy and elegant, it exudes autumn in every tinge. Whether you want it to be elegant or country chic you can come up with a beautiful look with this shade of Mocca for your wedding invitations, decor and more. This wedding inspiration can show you how well!



Other colours that are trending this year for autumn include Gold Fusion, Antique Silver, Burnt Sienna, Vivacious Pink, Mid Blue and Deep Lichen Green. Take a gander at our collection of quality wedding invitations and stationery items with these colours in mind when planning your big day.

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