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  • Calligraphy Wedding Invitations

    Using a handwritten script font just screams luxury wedding invitations and whether you’re an artist or not, you know you can’t go wrong with a stunning calligraphy wedding invitation design. Perfectly suited for a wide variety of wedding themes from vintage and Great Gatsby to even contemporary weddings for that extra touch of ‘va voom’, there’s no denying that calligraphy wedding invites bring an incredibly personal and creative touch to your big day - here’s how you can go about designing these beauties.

    Calligraphy Wedding Invitations | DreamDay Invitations

    What are Calligraphy Wedding Invitations?

    Calligraphy style wedding invitations refer to wedding invitation designs that incorporate intricate, decorative handwriting or printed decorative lettering that have been used for centuries.

    An art form that not just everybody can pull off properly, you would need to hire a professional calligrapher to hand-write your wedding stationery which is often a costly affair that many couples can’t afford - so how do you have calligraphy wedding invites for a more affordable price?

    Printed Calligraphy Wedding Stationery

    We completely understand that for most couples, the more affordable route is always important when it comes to planning a wedding, so that’s exactly why we think digitally printed calligraphy designs are a faster, cheaper and thus, better option to handwritten calligraphy.

    DreamDay Invitations offers a range of decorative, script fonts that will transform your wedding stationery suite with a regal, elegant touch, so why not take a look and use one of our beautiful script fonts?

    Script Floral Wedding Invitations | DreamDay Invitations

    Opting for a digitally printed calligraphy wedding invitations gives you full control over the design process letting you customise the design to be exactly the way you envisioned it. Opt to increase or reduce the size of specific sections of the text, while still keeping the decorative script font and even customise the colours to truly make the design your own. You will be able to look through an electronic proof or even order a printed sample to make sure that everything ie how you want it before approving it to go to print - these are all advantages you don’t have with opting to have a calligrapher hand-write your wedding invitations for you.


    To take your calligraphy scripted wedding invitations to the next level, DreamDay Invitations lets you combine your wedding calligraphy font with a beautiful foil available in silver, gold or copper. You can also for script fonts in white ink for your wedding invitations which is a trendy new design style offered on coloured or kraft cardstock.

    White Ink Wedding Invitations | DreamDay Invitations
  • Our Top 5 Favourite Winter Wedding Invite Designs


    While planning a winter wedding may seem like a daunting task with everything from wedding venues through to flowers, table decor etc being so much easier to put together for a summer wedding, choosing a winter wedding invitation design makes up for all that! There’s so many different unique wedding invitation designs that you could select for a winter wedding and here’s just a few of our favourites!

    Photograph for Winter Wedding Invitations

    Photo Winter Wedding Invitations

    Unique and such great momentos, we love the idea of customising your wedding invitations to feature photos.You can be as creative as you like when selecting pictures for your wedding invitations, but capturing the magic of winter with pictures of the two of you making snow angels, skiing or even just sipping on a steaming cuppa are some of our favourites. However, if you’ve decided on an unique wedding location away in the snowy hills, consider customising your pictures to include a sneak peak at the location in all its glory!

    Winter Wedding Invitation Colour Palettes

    Popular colour combinations for a winter wedding include both icy blue blended with shades of grey, metallic silver and white as accent colours or even a more warm colour palette featuring rustic wood tones, reds, burgundies and deep browns; all resplendent of a warm fire inside a log cabin.

    Winter Wedding Invitations

    Unique Winter Elements for Wedding Invitations

    The trick is to keep the winter themed design elements to a minimum and not go overdo it to avoid making your winter wedding invitation designs cliche. Choose a few design elements that capture your winter wedding theme perfectly and include them in all parts of your wedding from the wedding invitations through to the wedding decor for continuity. Elegant illustrations of snowflakes or pine-cones combined with a cool blue palette really sets the stage for the chic elegance of a traditional winter wedding, while an artistic capture of two sets of skies with initials in the snow is more suitable for a quirky, fun couple

    Winter Wedding Invitations | Pine Cones
  • Spotlight - Lauren & Steven

    Lauren & Steven were on the hunt for some beautiful order of service booklets for their wedding ceremony and they came to the right place! Take a look at the finished product below. Thank you to Lauren & Steven for providing us these amazing photos taken by Lara Hotz Photography!!

    It was an absolute pleasure to design and print your order of service booklets for your special day.


    Note: The ribbon was not supplied by DreamDay. This was a special touch added by the couple.

    Design: Vintage Rose


    LaurenSteven2 LaurenSteven
  • Wedding Colours by Meaning

    Putting together a wedding theme is no easy task; in fact, picking out the perfect colour for various elements of the wedding is an important factor. The look and styling of the wedding invitations and stationery, bridesmaids’ dresses, florals, and more is inspired by the colour you choose for your wedding. You can choose one focal colour, two complementing or contrasting wedding colours, or more!

    If you love the idea of the wedding being themed after colour and it’s meanings or love incorporating symbolism into your life, then you may find this blog post interesting. This week, we look at wedding colours by meaning. Let’s look at the favoured wedding colours and their meanings, and our wedding inspiration boards that we have put together to complement them!


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours White

    White signifies innocence, purity, and cleanliness. It also symbolises new beginnings and is one of the most traditionally favoured colours to use for your wedding theme. An all white wedding looks like a dream, especially when done up with a selection of flowers accompanied by sheer drapery.


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours Yellow

    Many of us associated yellow with cheer, and it’s true, because it does symbolise happiness along with energy and wisdom! Lighter shades are preferred and recommended when choosing this colour for weddings as it also reflects freshness!


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours Orange

    If you are brimming with creativity or love spice, orange is for you! It’s said to symbolise vitality and strength. It’s a beautiful colour when paired against white, and a favourite for autumn. You can easily incorporate fruits and flowers into the wedding them such as with wedding centrepieces, bouquets and even feature them in your wedding invitations and stationery.


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours Red

    A bolder hue and one that symbolises strength, vitality, and health, it also represents power and passion. As a wedding colour, red is favoured greatly as you can put to use beautiful red roses. It is perfect for a nighttime wedding reception with a modern look, which would lovely against candlelight!


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours Pink

    There are so many shades of pink, and we love them all! This colour symbolises love and beauty, and is a perfect choice for a wedding, especially in lighter pastel shades.


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours purple

    You cannot go wrong with the colour of royalty. Using purple in your wedding adds a regal touch, with a touch of whimsy and creativity.


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours Blue

    Blue symbolises peace, tranquillity, and compassion. Qualities that one looks in a life partner! Why not celebrate it in your wedding in various shades of blue, choosing between light, aqua, and dark! Blue is often a favourite for beach weddings and could be the perfect “something blue” for your wedding day! We love the idea of using accessories to accent the colour!


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours Green

    If you want your wedding to symbolise harmony and hope, then green is perfect! Olive or emerald is extremely popular choices of colour for your wedding theme! It is perfect for this year’s trend, with foliage and flora being ever so popular. We love the idea of incorporating succulents into everything!


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours Brown

    Brown represents stability, and is a great choice of wedding colour for a rustic style. If you are hosting your wedding during autumn, you can add a harvest twist to it too! Incorporate wood finishes and accents to bring an earthiness to the look!


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours Gray

    Choosing grey as your wedding colour shows sophistication, and rightly so, as it symbolises maturity. It’s a perfect choice for a modern wedding theme!


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours Black

    Black is a timeless classic and a very chic choice of wedding colour. Whilst beautiful, it may not be the best choice for the conventional bride! For brides who would love the idea, black bridesmaid dresses is the rave!

    Image Credit: weddingideasbycolor, pinterest, wedbook, fabmood, newlovetimes, weddingchicks

  • Reception Lounge Ideas

    Your wedding day is the beginning of a lifetime of love and fun, so why not use the same theme in your wedding’s design. By including unique styles and designs in your wedding reception, you will be able to make sure that you, your family, and friends can all enjoy the big day! One modern way of adding a unique style to your wedding reception is by having a lounge. This is ideal when you are planning on having a cocktail reception or cocktail hour before dinner. We have put together a few reception lounge ideas that we love for your wedding inspiration!

    You can put together your reception lounge based on the wedding style and theme. If you have chosen an elegant and sophisticated theme, the choice of furniture and materials may reflect that polished look. If you are looking at hosting a more casual wedding, then using rustic furniture and materials as well as choices of styling may be inspired accordingly. We have considered all these factors when we found these great reception lounge ideas and inspirations for your wedding day!

    Elegant Reception Lounge Ideas

    Reception Lounge Ideas Outdoor Canopy Sheer Curtains Chandelier Lighting

    Reception Lounge Ideas Outdoor Canopy Sheer Curtains

    We love the idea of setting a canopy with sheer curtains for that romantic feel. The above reception lounge exudes class and sophistication with its white ambience matched with soft coloured wood. The pattern on the inside of the canopy, the white sheer curtains, and the chandelier accessory creates a beautiful and soft look that is ideal! By having warm white bulbs used for the chandelier, you can match it to the candlelit effect from the candles on the lounge tables!

    Reception Lounge Ideas Modern Style

    We love the above for its modern appeal and choice of styling with pops of colour!

    Casual Lounge Reception Ideas

    Reception Lounge Ideas Bales of Hay

    This outdoor lounge area is fun and cost effective, as you will only require bales of hay, blankets, throw pillows, poles, and lighting to put it together. Ideal for an outdoor wedding on a clear day, it can be perfectly timed for the sunset. However, it is important that the candles come with covers so that the hay does not catch on fire! Putting safety first is important to ensure a fun time!

    Reception Lounge Ideas Bales of Hay Barn

    Elegant Garden Lounge Ideas

    Reception Lounge Ideas Outdoor

    Reception Lounge Ideas Outdoor Mismatched Furniture

    If you are hosting your wedding reception in a large garden that is dotted with trees, the above look is perfect! Choose elegant French style chairs under trees with hanging candle votives for a romantic feel. By mismatching the chairs, you can aim for a rustic elegant style. Your choice of tables for staging the lounge area is also an important factor to tie everything into the wedding style. The following include some vintage to rustic table styles that are ideal!

    Accessorising your Lounge Reception

    Reception Lounge Ideas wooden spool Tables

    You can pair wooden spools with bales of hay for a rustic lounge reception. Even a table made out of wooden shipping palettes would be ideal too!

    Reception Lounge Ideas Suitcase Tables

    Reception Lounge Ideas Elegant Vintage Style

    Accessorise your lounge with vintage suitcases for an old world touch.

    Image Credits: Pinterest, Intimate Weddings

  • Bridal Veil Styles for Your Wedding Day

    The perfect bridal veil can complement the perfect wedding dress. This week we look at the various wedding veil styles that brides have chosen in the past along with some great bridal veil styles and inspirations that may be perfect for you. For many brides, putting on the veil completes the entire look and is the final touch to the whole ensemble. Deciding on a veil style can be as important as picking out the perfect wedding dress.

    Firstly, why is a veil worn? It’s a traditional custom that originated in Europe. It is also considered a reference to the bride’s innocence and is often worn by first time brides. The lifting of the veil can be done in two instances; either where the father lifts the veil and present his daughter to the groom, or when the groom lifts the veil symbolically referring to the consummation of the marriage.

    Whilst bridal veils are still very popular, the way you accessorise them is up to your personal style. You can use floral or diamante crowns and even jewelled hair accessories to complete your look. Here are the most popular bridal veil styles!

    The Cathedral Veil

    Picture dated 29 July 1981 of Diana, Princess of Wales, in her wedding dress. Princess Diana died of a lunge haemorrhage early 31 August 1997 in Paris after surgery following a high-speed car crash in which her companion Egyptian millionaire Dodi el-Fayed was also killed. (Photo credit should read /AFP/Getty Images)cathedral-veil-with-lace





    The most regal of bridal veils and often worn by monarchs, a cathedral veil is traditionally 120cm in length but can be longer. The most traditional of bridal veil styles it complements traditional wedding dresses that also have trains. Cathedral veils are also worn with a blusher veil that matches the design and is usually mid length compared to the height of the bride.


    The Chapel Veil






    The chapel veil is slightly shorter than the cathedral veil where it is often the same length or slightly longer than the brides’ wedding dress. Similarly, the chapel veil can be worn with a blusher veil. The chapel veils are chosen for its elegant and sophistication. You can either opt to have an embellished edge especially if you have chosen lace or opt for the simplistic design of the fabric you have chosen (such as tulle).

    The Fingertip Veil




    The fingertip veil draws its name from the fact that its length is measured from the bride’s head to her fingertip. It can be worn in various ways and accessories, and not to mention trimmed with embellishments or simply left as is with a trimmed hem. It’s an ideal choice for brides who want to opt out of the long length but still carry off the elegance of a beautiful veil.

    The Birdcage Veil



    This type of veil carries a vintage look and it is ideal for brides who would rather not wear a veil longer than their shoulders. Made from netting, the length of the birdcage veil can vary between either covering the nose or the chin. There are many ways to wear with veil such as from the front or the side and adding embellishments and accessories is recommended too. Many brides love opting for a birdcage veil especially if they are fond of 1920s style!

    The Blusher Veil



    A blusher veil is what the bride will wear to cover her face while walking down the aisle. In terms of length, it usually reaches the bride’s elbows but you can also opt for a shorter style at shoulder length too. The bride can choose to either wear only a blusher veil or couple it with a cathedral or chapel veil.

    The Drop Bridal Veil





    The drop veil is one of the easiest to wear and remove as well, as it is a circular fabric that can be embellished if you wish. It is simply draped over the bride’s head and you need not use a hair comb to fix it to your hair. However, you can style it with a jewelled headband or crown or even a floral crown. Princess Grace and Kate Middleton both wore drop veils. The now Duchess of Cambridge wore it over her crown by fixing it to its back so that when lifted it was still secured (and would not fly away).

    Image Credit: HuffPost, Pinterest, Cloudfront, AliCDN, Bridal Musings, Etsy, WedBook, Shopify, Light in the Box Blog, OneWed, NotOntheHighStreet, HouseofJonleiAtelier

  • Stunning Wedding Decor

    Planning a wedding consists of many things, but overall, it is the decor that helps make an impact and convey your wedding vision. It is not just about the floral centrepieces anymore. You have many things to consider if you have chosen a separate venue for your ceremony and reception. This is especially true since they will need decorating. Another fact you should consider is that how you choose to decorate your wedding day also depends on the venues. You can make them stand out with some unique statement pieces. This week, we have curated some stunning wedding decor looks that we hope will inspire you to include in your wedding day.


    Wedding Altars

    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Rustic Altar


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Rustic Floral Altar


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Floral Altar Inspiration


    We love the above altars for the use of natural items and reclaimed wood mixed with drapery, greenery, and lush flora.


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor nautical inspired Altar


    The above altar is a great way to incorporate a love of the seas with the hanging vintage ship wheel that is perfectly accompanied by the beautiful seaside view and driftwood material.


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Floral Vines Altar


    The above arch is great because you also get to frame the view as the couples say their vows.


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Floral Wall


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Floral Wall Altar


    Floral walls have become very popular as of late (some say since Kim’s and Kanye’s wedding). The above are some ways in which you can create a statement using floral walls.


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Floral Altar


    The use of drapery indoors is ideal for separation between spaces and the above does it well with vines and delicate blush pink hues to create a feminine aesthetic.


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Altar Streamers


    One of our favourites, the use of varying colours and lengths of drapery creates an almost ethereal feel to the wedding altar that is enhanced by the candlelit aisle.


    Wedding Seating Table Arrangements and Escort Cards

    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Floral Framed Seating Chart


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Floral Seating Chart


    The balance of greenery, flora, and fruits further accents the above wooden frames with its intricate finishing. They make for great focal statement pieces as the guests arrive at the wedding reception.


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Hanging Escort Card


    These hanging watercolour escort cards are a great for a focal wall where guests can glance at as they head towards the wedding reception.


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Escort Card Tiles


    Intricate personalised escorts cards such as these make for great wedding bombonieres too! Aren’t they just so lovely?


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Gatsby Seating Chart


    This stunning printed wedding seating table offers insight how easily you can create something beautiful and unique with the help of your wedding stationery vendor. DreamDay Invitations can create such a look with ease!


    Wedding Tables, Lounges, and Tents

    If you love the outdoors, but want to offer your guests the comfort of being dry (especially if bad weather is a possibility), tents and marquees are ideal. However, the way you style them also matters.


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor White Lounge Tent


    With an elegant and stylish lounge (also with a tent), you can envision a true white wedding. It’s really breathtaking.


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Lounge


    This lounge though casual is quite beautifully laid out with intricate accent pieces and comfortable rugs.


    Image Credits: Ashlee Taylor, Brides, Carla Atley, C Baron Photography, Nelsons, Christianne Taylor Weddings, Ashley Kelemen, DIania McGregor Photography, Walls Todd Events, Roni Fluers, Boris Zaretsky Photography, Steve Steinhardt, Natalie Shelton, Michele M Waite, Adriana Klas, Jessica Burke

  • Putting together Your Wedding Planning Binder

    What every bride who wants a dream day wedding should know is that there is a LOT of wedding planning that will go down before the big day. This is in order for everything to go off smoothly without a hitch on the day you are hitched. It will include everything you want to, need to, and should do before, during, and after the big day. Think of this as your wedding planning bible, the grounding source of sanity while wedding planning takes you through the ups and downs of putting the perfect day all together. We did a bit of research and found out from various sources what you need for your binder, what exactly you should include in your wedding planning binder, and how you should go about managing it.


    Wedding Planning Book


    Essentially your wedding planning binder should include what your inspirations are, as well as include what you have finalised on (your wedding look-book, if you will).  You may also include all the financials, and not to mention the ever important assignments and to-do lists/checklists!

    There are a few essentials that you need, but also some optional items (which we believe can be extremely helpful to have). You will need the following.


    Wedding Planning Binder Cover


    A Three-Ring Folder/Binder:  This folder or binder should be sturdy and the size should reflect the type of wedding you are planning to have. A formal wedding may require more planning, therefore opt for a bigger size to accommodate more pages.


    Wedding Planning Binder Stationery Supplies


    Dividers, Clear Pockets, Re-sealable Bags, Tabs, Clear Protector Sheets, and Business Card Holders: These will be essential in making sure you are organised by knowing how to divvy up the areas accordingly. You should make sure you document the samples, changes, and choices, to be able to have all your vendor information in one place. You may use the re-sealable bags to include vendors receipts/payments and other bits and bobs for your reference.


    Wedding Planning Binder Printables


    Printouts of calendars, guest lists, worksheets, contracts, correspondence, thank you lists and more: Having these included in the wedding planning binder will allow you to have it in a central location. By having your guest list written down, you can use it for reference when planning various things from your wedding invitations, to seating charts, plans, and even thank you cards. There are various free printables available for your reference that can be edited on your computer to personalise them accordingly. Check out the following sources for such printables:


    Real Simple




    Wedding Planning Post Its


    Reinforcement stickers, tabbed post-its and other accessories: The likes of reinforcement stickers will help the punched holes not give away to wear and tear, as well as the use of Post Its to help manage important sections and even with various notes such as to help with seating plans.


    Image Credit: Pinterest, Blogspot

  • Wedding Brunch Inspiration

    Weddings are what you make them out to be; it is your day after all. You can add a twist to your wedding affair by changing up the times a little, especially if you’re a morning person by considering a brunch wedding reception. They are just perfect; with natural lighting that isn’t too harsh and ideal for pictures, not to mention the variety of options you get by choosing a wedding brunch!  If you really love your mornings, you can even catch the sunrise for your wedding ceremony! We’ve put together some delightful options as wedding brunch inspiration ideas for you to consider having for your wedding day; one that is personal, scrumptious and not to mention really smashing!

    Coffee Bar (to kick-start the morning)

    Wedding Brunch Tea Coffee Bar Cart

    This would be a thoughtful gesture to the wedding guests, especially if you are having a sunrise wedding ceremony. Set up a coffee bar with your favourite roasts/blends, and don’t forget the details such as sugar, cream, stirrers. Make sure to include tea for those who love a good blend of hot or ice tea.

    Image Credit: ChicagoNow

    Your Brunch Buffet Spread


    Everyone loves a good breakfast spread, so go crazy with it. Some of the newest brunch food trends include frittatas that are light but filling, grilled vegetables, smoked food items (smoked salmon, tuna bacon, and salmon bacon), grilled chicken wraps and open sandwich choices. A popular sight at wedding brunches include food stations for the likes of crepes,  French toast, omelettes and pancakes, allowing your wedding guests to pick and choose the ingredients, toppings and syrups.

    Image Credit: INaturalCatering

    A Cereal Bar for the Young (and not so Young)

    Wedding Brunch Cereal

    For those who just HAVE to have their cereal, whether it is for the little ones or those who love their Fruity Cheerios, a cereal bar is a great idea! Put them in glass containers to let the playfulness show through and don’t forget the milk, and breakfast fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and more.

    Image Credit: The Frosted Petticoat

    A Waffle Wedding Cake

                                             alternative wedding offbeat morning early sunrise breakfast brunch hike hiking rustic pink purple yellow orange elope elopement small unique bride groom centerpiece centerpieces buffet

    Keep the brunch spirit going with a delicious stacked and tiered tower of waffles as the wedding cake. As a twist to the unique brunch wedding reception, the bride and groom opt to pour maple syrup over the waffle wedding cake part of the wedding cake cutting ceremony.

    Image Credit: The Frosted Petticoat

    Happy Hour

    Wedding Brunch Mimosa Happy Hour

    If you’re planning on a sunrise wedding ceremony, apart from the coffee cart also offer your guests some spirited refreshments with a 6am happy hour to keep the Mimosas, Bloody Marys and perhaps even some Irish Coffee cocktails too.

    Image Credit: TheLittleWhiteDress

  • DIY Tips for Dressing Up your Wedding, Invitations & More

    Wedding planning couldn't be easier when it comes to wedding invitations, stationery and ways to elevate the overall look of your wedding in terms of presentation when dealing with a reputed wedding invites store. Shopping online for quality cards for the invites for the wedding, on the day stationery for both the ceremony and reception, as well as items for after the wedding too will be a breeze. Whilst the online invitations collection is vast and has many options in terms of colour, shape & sizing, sometimes you just want to or need to go the extra mile and add your own personal look. We've put together some DIY tips on how to dress up wedding invites and stationery!

                                            DreamDay Invitations Embellished Wedding Stationery

    One of the easiest ways to present your invites with a classy twist would be to use an invitation box, either in a paper quality or in clear PVC. The former style leaves a sense of mystery whereas the clear box lets you peak at the contents inside and offers excitement. You can include fancy tissue paper to add a layer of mystery, building up anticipation. Some even opt to add a ribbon band or even a customised printed belly band too. The decision is yours - a sample arrangement of the various styles you're thinking of having laid out side by side in its entirety will help you make a more informed decision.

    Ribbons, buckles, specialty paper, cluster brooches and other embellishments are other great ways to spruce up a wedding invite. The choice of ribbon (type, colour, texture and size) and the placement matters. Put together a few samples in different styles and collaborations with buckles or brooches to assess which works better.

    Bring specialty paper into the loop by playing with layers. Since there are many paper qualities available for the cards it's always a good idea to have samples sent to you to find the best type of specialty paper that will go with the colour, texture and look of the paper used in the invite. When you have selected layered wedding invitations, you can select the number of layers and how you plan on mixing the types of papers as well as whether you want to add a ribbon accessory in between a layer too.

                                                           DreamDay Invitations Layered Wedding Invitations Designs

    If you love the idea of adding small details to your wedding in just about everything you plan on including, that is perfectly fine. Here are some ideas for you to do; - If you're adding cluster brooches to wedding details such as the invite, you can also incorporate it into the shoes, boutonnieres, bouquets and more.

    - If you're having a night-time wedding ceremony, add ribbon and a sparkler to an order of service.

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