Wedding Invitation Design Inspiration

Thinking up new themes and styles for your wedding? Wondering what the latest wedding invitation designs feature? We've compiled some great wedding invitation design inspirations that are hot and trendy for you to select for your dream wedding. Whether you're opting for a classic invite design or a modern look entirely, or possibly even a beautiful fusion of styles, there are many wedding invite inspirations to choose from with the help of DreamDay Invitations.

Continuing from one of our past blog post “What is your Wedding Invitations Style and Theme”, we’ve compiled a few choice picks from the various wedding invitation styles and collections available on-line for purchase, and they have been categorised by trend.

Lace Wedding Invitation Designs

Lace wedding invitation Adding a touch of lace, whether it’s drawn out in stencil form or is included in the wedding invite as an embellishment, lace wedding invitations are ideal as it goes hand-in-hand with the bridal look. Almost always, the wedding dress will have some lace appliqué as it signifies purity, innocence and new beginnings. You could be inspired to add lace to your invite card by using a design on the print, or go as far as to have it set in foil or embossing, or simply and delicately use lace as the forerunner by featuring it as part of a layered wedding invitation style.

Embossed Wedding Invitation Designs Embossed Wedding Invitations

If you love the idea of a white wedding, you can definitely choose a simple design for your stationery. However, if you’d like to add a little “oomph” to it without it being too obvious, the best way to do so is with a subtle embossing treatment. Be it a flourish or lace design, you can have it embossed onto your wedding invitation card style as a finishing touch.

Hardcover Wedding Invitation Designs

Hardcover wedding invitations

A luxurious pick, these wedding invite designs evoke a sense of class from the moment you open up the crisp envelope or even better, the wedding invitation box. With layers of hard cardstock ranging from textured to speciality wedding paper, you can further add to the look with the help of embellishments such as satin ribbons, faux pearl and diamante clusters/buckles and not to mention lace trims, monogram labels and more.

Take some time to browse through our great collection of wedding invitations and stationery designs for your inspiration, and take note of the designs to feature in your ultimate wedding invitation look!

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