Wedding Invitation Guide

The most important day of your lives is drawing nearer. The first step for it becoming reality is selecting the date, then the venue and of course, figuring out a rough guest list. But, the first thing that makes it truly real is sending out your wedding invitations.

Our wedding invitation guide looks into the important factors of planning out your wedding and the things that your invitation for your big day should include. One thing you should know is that they set the tone for your entire wedding, from the theme, the quality and overall styling.


For most couples, the first thing they send out representing their wedding day would be the wedding invitations, while for others who are hosting the likes of a destination wedding or have chosen a venue that requires a considerable amount of travelling for the guests, then they will have to send out Save the Date cards, as part of wedding invitation etiquette. You can send these out to your guest list even 6 months in advance so that they know to keep the date free, and they can also start making arrangements to attend.  An important thing to keep in mind is that you should not invite more people than you have budgeted for assuming that they won't be able to make it, therefore make sure to keep your numbers and guests list in check at all times, whether its sending out your save the date cards or wedding invitations.

Pink Typography Wedding Invitations

A lot of brides and grooms alike often assume that their wedding invitations should incorporate the colours being used in the wedding itself. That's really not the case as you can choose or create an invitation reflecting on your wedding vision and how you feel. You can use your wedding colours if you want to, even your wedding flowers and more, but keep in mind that it isn't mandatory, because after all, it's your big day. You should go with what you feel like should be the representation of your union.

Typography Wedding Invitations

If you are wondering what your wedding invitations should include, we are here to help. Here is what we think you should definitively include in your wedding Stationary and accessories;

  • Date of the special event
  • Name of the bride and groom
  • Who the invitation is addressed to
  • Who the invitation is from
  • The location and time of the ceremony
  • The location and starting time for the reception (if they are invited to this part of the day)
  • The dress code- Be specific with this if you want to ensure people don’t, for example, dress cocktail if the invitation specifies formal.
  • RSVP details
  • Gift registry information or wishing well request


Choosing the best wedding invitations retailer for your wedding is crucial so that you get quality as well as the desired level of service. At DreamDay Invitations, we understand how important your big day is to you, so we strive to offer you the best in everything, whether its quality, pricing and even personal touches. If you browse our website and our online wedding invitations system, you will see the designs and examples of our collections and range. After you select a design, you can order a sample to see for yourself that the quality is to your liking and standard, whether it's the choice of paper or printing. Once you are ready to order according to your guest list, with a customised wedding invitation wording, as well as guest list names and addressing, we also offer proofing to make sure that there are no errors that you might have overlooked.

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