Wedding Invitation Theme Ideas

 One of the most important steps when planning your wedding is to make sure your wedding invitations are a good reflection of your wedding theme, as they give your guests their first glimpse at what you have planned for your big day! While there are plenty of popular styles  to choose from, selecting one of the wedding invitation theme ideas listed below is a sure way to add a lavish touch to your wedding with spectacular wedding invites that's sure blow your guests away!

Great Gatsby Wedding Invitations

 Highly influenced by the popular novel Great Gatsby, this particular wedding invitation theme features exquisite designs using Art Deco inspired elements, bold fonts and funky geometric patterns. Extravagant and capturing the essence of the roaring 1920s perfectly, Great Gatsby inspired wedding invitations can be as elaborate or as casual as you want with a plethora of design elements and colours ranging from striking metallic golds to nudes and other pastel shades. If you’re looking to add an unique DIY touch to your wedding invites, get creative and customise generic invitation designs by adding a lavish brooch, pearl cluster or feathers.

Offbeat Wedding Invitation Theme

 Definitely not for the fainthearted, this funky wedding invitation theme is perfect for a couple after out-of-the-box wedding invitations that capture their extraordinary style! With such a wide variety to choose from  in this unique category of wedding invites, you’ll be spoilt for choice with designs ranging from steampunk and goth to more subtle, whimsical designs that work well for a bride after a traditional wedding invitation theme with a slight unorthodox twist. This category can be easily personalised to include artistic doodles of your favourites movie such as Star Trek or even cartoon characters that resemble the two of you.

Carnival Inspired Wedding Invitations

 A whimsical wedding invitation theme that’s synonymous with some good ol’ fashioned fun, carnival wedding invitations definitely make an impression! The perfect prelude to an unorthodox wedding celebration, customise the design of your wedding invites to hint at some fun things such as clowns, game booths and face painting  that will make an appearance at your wedding. While the red and white stripe pattern is commonly used for carnival wedding invites, feel free to play around with different shades until you find the ideal colour palette to reflect your personalities and couple style.


For a DIY angle, make your wedding invitations resemble raffle tickets that guests will need to hand in at the entrance in return for a stick of cotton candy or any other yummy treat.

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