Wedding Invitation Tips and Inspiration

There are so many different elements involved when it comes to planning a wedding, that remaining a stress-free and calm bride may seem impossible. The best way to handle your wedding task list, is to keep your eye out for tips that help you achieve the result you’re after, but with less time and budget spent on the task. Here’s some great wedding invitation tips and inspiration that covers everything from designing your wedding invitations through to wedding invitation etiquette - that’s guaranteed to simplify the invitation process for you!


Choosing Your Wedding Invitations

One of the best wedding invitation tips would be to spend sometime comparing both online wedding stationery companies and others in your area too. Consider aspects like prices, as well as the quality of wedding invitations and different offers available such as express shipping and unconditional guarantees before you choosing a wedding stationer that’ll provide you the best deal. Embossed Wedding Invitations

When ordering online wedding invitations, we always recommend that clients  purchase a sample before placing their large order. Sometimes actually seeing the invitation design and feeling the texture of the cardstock will make a big difference in your final choice.


Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Avoid having a 100 people ask you, “Where’s the wedding?” by including the location in your save the dates. This isn’t usually included in the wording, but it’s a great way to let out of town guests start planning travel and accommodation details.

Typography Wedding Invitations

While you may prefer to ignore this  wedding invitation tip, etiquette experts always advise couples to refrain from including a false start time in your wedding invitations as a way to make sure all your guests are there for your grand entrance. Keeping your guests waiting is not of good etiquette and should be avoided, as most guests know better than to arrive exactly at the time listed on the invite and usually arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes prior.


Wedding Invitation Inspiration

To compile a collection of music that your wedding guests will really enjoy and get the dance floor packed,  include an extra line on your RSVP cards for a requested song that guests can fill and send back.

monogram wedding invitations

A really cute concept for your wedding invitations is to include “your story”! With this your wedding invitations, not only serve their main purpose of providing wedding information and inviting guests to your big day, but also serves as a platform to share the couple’s journey in a creative and truly unique way.

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