Wedding Invitation Verse and Wording Ideas - 3 or 4 lines

Wedding invitations wouldn’t be the same without the emotion filled eloquent verses that shine like a light, telling our love to all who will read it. Love verse’s and quotes have been used for as long as history has been recorded and there are many, many time tested, and expressive verse’s that will portray perfectly our sentiments on wedding invitations and stationery.

Icon of Love Everlasting Orchid Sweethearts

Pictured above are Dreamday Invitations Wedding Invitations in 'Icon of Love', 'Everlasting Orchid', and 'Sweethearts'.

DreamDay Invitations designs have created  to allow you to add verses of your choice, whether in 1 line, up to 8 lines (depending on the design chosen). Choose something that expresses your feelings personally, whether it has been written many times through the ages or you come up with you very own short poem, make sure it is from your heart and indicative of your feelings and beliefs. Here is short list from DreamDay of suggested, 3 or 4 line verse’s, which can be included in many of their wedding invitations designs.

•    Like a Flower that springs from the earth, so our love in us was born.

•    Let this be our destiny, to love, to live, to begin each new day together.

•    A hand to hold forever more through life's journey.

•    Love is like a smile, Love is like a song, Love is a great emotion, Love keeps us going strong.

•    As our marriage brings new meaning to Love, so our love brings new meaning to life.

•    The more Love is shared, the more quickly it grows.

•    A celebration of Love.

•    Love doesn't make the world go round, Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

•    I do believe that God above, created us for each to Love.

•   Two lives united in friendship, two friends united in love, One love united in Christ.

•   Our Wedding Day.

•    The most beautiful things in life cannot been seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.

•    Love Fills the moment, and the moment begins eternity, Love fills a lifetime, and a lifetime begins this hour.

•    We now join hands, and with our hands, our hearts.

•    Love is like a smile, Love is like a song, Love is a great emotion, Love keeps us going strong.

•    This day I will marry my friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, Love.

•    We'll share with each other one love, one dream, and one heart.

•    We love with a love, that is more than love.

•    The petals of a flower are symbolic of the way, that our love grows, more and more, with each and everyday.

These are samples only to give you ideas. We encourage you to modify the words to fit your personality and style, or use another verse altogether to suit your own individual situation.

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