Wedding Invitation Wording – Bride and Groom Inviting

The wording on your Wedding Invitations is a crucial part of the invitation and it is generally considered etiquette to name the hosting party  first. For example, are the Bride and Groom only paying for, and hosting their own wedding? In this case, traditionally only the Bride and Groom names will be mentioned on the invitation.

DreamDay invitations has many examples of wordings to use on their wedding invitations.

Such as this example that follows,

Samantha Evelyn Bates And Jason Henry McDonald request the pleasure of the company of Noelene and George Miller on the occasion of their marriage to be celebrated at 4.30pm at St.Annes Anglican Church 38 St George’s Rd Terrigal, NSW on Saturday 25th September, 2010 and afterwards at Forest Glen Reception Centre 225 St Georges Rd Terrigal, NSW

Dress: Black Tie R.S.V.P. please by 25th August, 2010 26 City Ave, Sydney, 2000

Sentimental Moments Angelic Moments Silk Pom Pom Always Charmed

Pictured above are DreamDay designs 'Sentimental Moment', 'Angelic Moment', 'Silk Pom Pom' and 'Always Charmed'.

Of course you may like to mention either or both sets of parents along with the Bride and Groom names if everyone is helping to pay the bills. Such as:

Samantha Evelyn Bates and Jason Henry McDonald together with their parents Janice and Peter Bates and Joy and David McDonald would love to invite Noelene and Mark Waters to the celebration of their marriage…

Simply switch or leave out the names as required. Whether you choose to use your parents first names instead of Mr and Mrs is entirely your choice. It depends on how formal and traditional you wish to be. Ask your parents how they would like to be referred to before printing your invitations and no one will be offended. Another example of wording the invitation from the bride and groom that mentions parents who are not hosting the wedding is as follows;

Samantha Evelyn Bates daughter of Janice and Peter Bates and Jason Henry McDonald son of Joy and David McDonald cordially invite Noelene and Mark Waters to attend their wedding…

Mentioning a deceased parent is also an option as follows,

Samantha Evelyn Bates daughter of Mrs Janice Bates (and the late Mr Peter Bates) and Jason Henry McDonald cordially invite…

DreamDay Invitations has the facility to accommodate any wording style that suits the situation at hand, and by using DreamDay invitations online ordering system and editing tool, you can ensure that your personal wedding invitation wording is exactly as you desire.

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