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The wording on your Dreamday Wedding Invitations is a crucial part of your invitation, as this is how you are going to inform your guests of the important information they need to help celebrate your special wedding day with you. How you choose the wording on your Wedding Invitations will completely depend upon your own circumstances,your Wedding Invitation designs and will be totally individual to you and your family situation. You need, firstly, to establish whose names will appear as hosting the wedding and issuing the invitations. Will it be the Brides parents alone hosting and paying for the wedding, or are both the bride’s parents and the groom’s parents sharing the costs equally? Are the Bride and Groom paying for and hosting their own wedding? Do you need to consider a widowed, separated or remarried parent, or parents with different surnames? Would you like to mention a deceased parent or step parent?  Other examples are available for viewing in other articles on our website. DreamDay invitations allow the bride and groom complete flexibility with their wording options via on exclusive online editing system which can be altered to suit any situation. Following is an example of traditional style Invitation wording that can be used if the Bride’s parents only are hosting the wedding event.

Mr and Mrs Frank Bates request the pleasure of the company of Noelene and George Miller at the marriage of their daughter Samantha Evelyn to Jason Henry McDonald to be held at 4.30pm at St.Annes Anglican Church 38 St George’s Rd Terrigal, NSW on Saturday 25th September, 2010 and afterwards at Forest Glen Reception Centre 225 St Georges Rd Terrigal, NSW

Dress: Black Tie R.S.V.P. please by 25th August, 2010 26 City Ave, Sydney, 2000

If however the Groom’s are also sharing costs with the Brides’ parents they can also be added to the wording by entering under the Bride’s parents names as follows,

Mr and Mrs Frank Bates together with Mr and Mrs William McDonald request the pleasure of the company of…

If the Groom’s parents are primarily paying for and hosting the wedding the order of names is simply switched around to suit. Of course the line “request the pleasure of the company of”  can be changed and altered for any mood to any number of polite phrases as follows,

•    ‘cordially invite…’ •    ‘request the honour of the presence of…’ •    ‘guest name’ are invited to share in the celebration of the matrimony of…’ •    ‘would love ‘guest name’ to be a part of the celebration…’ •    ‘ask ‘guest name’ to join us for the union of…’ •    ‘invite ‘guest name’  to share in the joy of the marriage of…’ •    ‘ask ‘guest name’ to be present at the ceremony uniting…’ •    ‘invite ‘guest name’ to be with us at the wedding of…’ •    ‘invite ‘guest name’  to witness the nuptials of…’ •    ‘please join our families on the occasion of the marriage of…’ •    ‘are proud to invite…’

At DreamDay invitations it is easy to choose a phrase and wording style that fits your situation perfectly. Whether you wish to follow with traditional wordings, or be a little more whimsical, your invitation wording should reflect your personality and give your guest an indication of the style of event you are planning.

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