Wedding Invitation Wording- Letter Style

DreamDay invitations has a excellent range of wording suggestions to choose from on their online website, which takes into consideration many alternate situations, and even if your wording will be unique to your situation, DreamDay invitations designs allows you compete flexibility. DreamDay’s unique online personal editing system empowers you to change any wording to completely suit yourself and every individual situation. Firstly, how would you like to compose your information? Formal and traditional style, letter style, or have a more casual approach to your wording? You will need to include all relevant information regarding all your ceremony details, including  location details, date and time the ceremony will take place, as well as reception venue, time and address details, dress code advice for guests, R.S.V.P. deadlines and reply address. Examples are available on DreamDay Invitations website. A letter style invitation is simply written as would be a personal letter, and gives a much more casual approach to your invitation. It can relay all the same information as the more traditional version, but allows the host to be more intimate and informal. DreamDay invitations have examples of a letter style invitation on their website. Example follows of a letter style wording;

Scott and Lisa Jackson 26 City Avenue Sydney NSW 2000

Dear Edward and Janice, We would be pleased to have you join us the for the marriage of our beautiful daughter Nicole Leanne to Matthew James Miller, to be held at St Johns Anglican Church, corner Church and Hunter Sts, Parramatta, on Saturday 2nd May, 2010 at 3.30pm.

Following the ceremony we will have a reception for them at Barnaby’s Riverside Restaurant, 66 Phillip St, Parramatta at 6.00pm.

We look forward to seeing you, and ask you to kindly reply by 28th September, 2009.

Dress; Smart Casual

Yours sincerely Scott and Lisa Jackson.

Of course there are many options and choices you have for wording your own wedding invitations. You can be a casual or formal as you wish to be, depending upon your own wedding situation and plans, themes and wishes, just make it personal and from your heart as your special wedding day will be the one day you will remember clearly for the rest of your life!

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