Wedding Invitations Etiquette

Weddings are all about elegance and etiquette because being an event of a lifetime it calls for the respect of the union between two people in love who have decided to enter holy matrimony. When it comes to wedding invitation etiquette there are many things to consider as well, apart from the wedding preparations as most of the etiquette components falls upon wedding invitations. For wedding invitations etiquette there are various things to consider from the wedding invitation wording, to the addressing and mailing and also the wedding invitation enclosures.

Wedding Invitation Wording

When it comes to wedding invitations etiquette, the wording that you use is important. You can either opt to keep it casual or formal, but regardless of that the proper rules of society and how you word them in a way that sticks to the traditional invitation etiquette stand. An example of standard wedding invitation wording would be;

Mr and Mrs Peter Bates

request the pleasure of the company of


at the marriage of their daughter

Samantha Evelyn


Jason George McDonald

to be held at

4:30pm at

St. Anne’s Anglican Church

38 St Georges Rd,

Terrigal, NSW


Saturday 25th September, 2010

and afterwards at

Forest Glen Reception Centre

225 St George Rd,

Terrigal, NSW


Dress: Black Tie

R.S.V.P. please by 25th Augusts, 2010

26 City Ave, Sydney 2000

This wedding invitation wording which is one made available at DreamDay Invitations on its online system allows you to sift through the options and also customise accordingly and will be proofed by professionals to ensure that etiquette is maintained.

Wedding Invitation Addressing & Mailing

When addressing your wedding invitation, etiquette would mainly involve how you address the invitees in terms of title. For example, based on the relationship status and if the couple if married whether the wife is using her husband’s last name and also on their professional titles. If they are a married couple, then the option of addressing them as ‘Mr and Mrs” is fine, but however, if the wife has a different surname or has a title different to that of the husband then her name would appear first, in the form of ‘Dr. Jane Carter and Mr. Joe Smith’.

Wedding Invitation Enclosures

When it comes down to wedding invitation enclosures, what we mean here are the wedding invitation accessories that accompany your invite to the wedding. These include the likes of the reply card, the directions and accommodations card which would include a map and also possible accommodation options for out-of-towners. This is considered good etiquette as it allows you to be considerate of people who wouldn’t normally know where to stay especially if they are not from the parts you are from.  DreamDay Invitations offers the options of pocket wedding invitations that facilitate etiquette in manner in a neat and tidy way.

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