Wedding Invitations Inspired by Elegant Imperial Designs

Have you set a wedding date and you're already looking for the perfect venue? The very next thing you need to do once you've found a venue is to sort out your guest list to send out the perfect wedding invitations. So, cross off the things to do on before you get to the wedding invitations and get to designing or choosing the perfect look for your big day.

Metallic Foiled Wedding Invitations

If your style is inspired by royalty with gilded touches, metallic looks and not to mention elegant and florid designs, then we've got some choice wedding invitations and stationery choices up our sleeves. This week, on Wedding Invitations Ideas by DreamDay Invitations, we are featuring some choice elegant imperial inspired wedding invitation designs for your dream day wedding! The new collection of beautifully done up Foil Pressed Wedding Invitations by DreamDay Invitations is an ideal choice for inspiration for an imperial themed wedding. If you want a truly unique look to your wedding invitations, stationery and accessories then choose this look!

Foiled Wedding Invitations

The new Metallic Foil Pressed Wedding Invitations collection is quite amazing, filled with breath-taking and fun wedding invite designs such as "Finally", "Into You", "Confetti", and on the other hand you also have the option of going elegant and classy with wedding invitations such as "Forever", "Bella Donna", "Vintage Love", "Crest of Love" to name a few. However, if your theme is to be inspired by imperial glamour, then the latter category would be best suited. Imperial designs look to flourishes, crown emblems, banner artworks and often intricate damask patterns or even motifs taken from it, as well as ornate lace borders. These make up various imperial designs taken from various kingdoms and empires, from Russia to China and the Britain too.

Metallic Confetti Foiled Wedding Invitation

Let's look at the "Metallic Bella Donna" wedding invitation that is a vertical 5 x 7 flat invitation card with foil printing on both sides. The front of the wedding invitation card is simple but elegant to behold. It features the names of the bride and groom, their wedding date and a lovely line that says "A Celebration of Love". Flanking the top and bottom of the names of the couple you will find a beautifully florid design that is the perfect way to highlight this particular text. If you flip the wedding invitation card to its back, there you will find the wedding invitation wording. Above and below the invitation wording, you will find the same flourish design featured on the front sans the lines.

Foiled Stamp Wedding Invitations

The great advantage of opting for these foil wedding invitations is how easy it is to customise the look to fit your personal style. Once you have picked a design that you like, the next few things you can do to personalise it includes changing the invitation wording, and the names of the bride & groom on the cover as well as the wedding date. Apart from that you can also add in guest names and address information onto the wedding invitation card and matching envelope for a nominal fee. But DreamDay Invitations goes the distance and offers you more. You can also select the type of wedding invitation paper you might like (ranging from White Shimmer, Ivory Shimmer, Textured White Linen, Kraft and Jet Black paper), as well as the type of metallic print (ranging from Gold Foil, Silver Foil, Gold Matte, Silver Matte, Rose Gold Foil, Purple Foil, Green Foil, Blue Foil and Black Foil).

Make your wedding invitations truly memorable. Find the perfect wedding invitation design at DreamDay Invitations with the brand new foil collection of wedding invites.

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