Wedding Invitations Questions to Ask

Wow! You're to be married, hopefully very soon! Congratulations! We can help, especially with any questions you may have regarding your wedding invitations. It's always important to ask the right questions especially with an important event and milestone as your wedding. We've got a few popular questions that a bride and groom should be aware of when picking and sending out their wedding invitations. So, let's get to it, shall we?

Q.  When Should I Order my Wedding Invitations?

The perfect time to order your wedding invitations is once you have secured your wedding venue and a date, but we feel that you can order the DreamDay Invitations wedding invitations online as soon as you finalise your guest list as well.

With DreamDay Invitations, you need not wait for too long to get your wedding invitations in hand. We offer an online system for ordering your wedding invitations which makes it easy for you to pick out a design and further customise it. This could be with personal touches such as a monogram, a photograph or even the invitation wording and addressing information all printed onto your invite. Once you've requested the necessary customisations to your invitations for your dream day wedding, we'll proof it for you, so that when we deliver them to you, you will have a finished wedding invitation in hand and all you need to do is stick on some postage and mail them out.


Q. What is Proper Wedding Invitation Etiquette for your Invitation Wording?

There are many ways to word your wedding invitation perfectly to adhere to proper etiquette. This can be to honour the person who is hosting/paying for the big day, or following the tone you want to have in your wedding invite. For more information on how to word your wedding invitations, visit our page on Wedding Invitation Wording and Verse Examples.


Q. How Should I Address My Wedding Invitations?

When addressing your wedding invitations, whether it's on the invitation wording or on the envelopes, there are many things to consider. This can depend on the number of guests being invited per invite, the relationship of the invitees (whether they are a couple, married, a family, and so forth), the titles and various social norms. Visit our page on Wedding Invitations Etiquette for more insight.


Q. When to Mail Your Wedding Invitations?

The perfect time to send out your wedding invitations would be four to six weeks ahead of the wedding day. However, if you are having a destination wedding, or most of your guests are out of town, then be sure to send out save the date cards in advance in order for such guests to make arrangements for their attendance at your special day. At such times, sending out your wedding invitations can happen between four to two months in advance where you can include the accommodations cards along with the wedding invitations. In some cases, the accommodations and travel information cards can be sent ahead of the wedding invitation (at four months) and the wedding invitation itself at the two month mark.

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