Wedding Invitations Simple But Elegant

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding invitations for your big day, you've probably searched for inspirations from deep within you to pages of every trendy bridal magazine that you can get a hold of.  No matter the trends out there, there's always one style that never goes out of fashion. This is especially true when it comes to a wedding and that is simplistic elegance. When you choose wedding invitations that are simple but elegant, you are making a statement that says, "I know exactly what I want, I see the beauty in the simpler things as they are elegant".  We've put together a few wedding invitations designs that evoke that quality and could very well be the perfect wedding invitation for your dream-wedding day!



All White Wedding Invitations

Luxury white wedding invitations

There's something about an all-white wedding that really says so much in all its simplicity and, of course, elegance. From the white wedding dress, flowers, wedding invitations and stationery with the bride (and the groom) emerging as the star(s), it'll be a beauty to behold. If that's the look you are going for, then choose a beautiful white wedding invitation too. Stick to the colour palette (of white and soft tones to complement it) and add interesting ways of spicing things up. This could be with the text in a complementing tone, to special treatments used for the designs you've chosen to stand out such as with embossing or metallic/foil printing.

Ivory Wedding Invitations

Ivory Wedding Invitations

The best complement to white is ivory, because of the sheer delicateness of this colour and tone. It's the next favourite choice of wedding colour if white isn't the star and it's loved by many. You can choose ivory for your wedding invitations, from the colour of the designs or text, to the paper it's being printed on (Ivory Shimmer is quite the ideal choice of paper), to the embellishments and trims you choose, there are many ways in which you can definitely make a statement. Adding a beautiful ivory lace or satin ribbon embellishment can really do wonders to the design you choose for your elegant wedding invitations.



Elegant Flourishes & Patterns

Elegant Pattern Wedding Invitations

Just because you are choosing simplistic elegance doesn't mean you can't opt for a little 'flourish' and 'pattern' in your life. Add a touch of colour into your white wedding invitations with a beautiful flourished design that reaches from a corner to the centre, or a regal damask print that is perfection alongside the scripted text you have carefully picked out. They will be the final touch that makes your elegant wedding invitation truly yours.

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